Benefits Of Electronic Price Tags

SOLUM electronic shelf label

Using Electronic price tags allows retailers to save paper and time, align with online price changes faster, and reduce margin error significantly.

If you are involved in a business that sells products and goods in a store, you probably are aware that setting a clear pricing system is of essential importance for you and the benefit of your customers. Therefore, quality shelf labels and tags must be part of your inventory so that you can provide all the important information to your customers in a clean, organized and descriptive way. Here is how shelf labels and tags can help your business.

retailers to save paper and time, align with online price changes faster, and reduce margin error significantly.

Benefits of Electronic Shelf Labels and How ESLs Work

Improved Productivity

to spend large amounts of time on a task that most find boring. ESLs allow you to improve your staff allocation and use your employees to do what matters—engage and serve your shoppers.

Mobile Product Information

Today’s shoppers expect more information about products. Is it gluten free, vegan, organic, lactose free, local, fresh or CO2? Recipes? History and information about the producer? Country of origin? Cold chain intact? How can the package be recycled? Let us show you how an electronic shelf labels system can help!

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Price Optimization

Price optimization algorithms allow you to adjust the prices your shoppers pay based on buying practices, supplier prices, and more. ESLs allow you to make immediate price changes based on recommendations from your big data system to boost revenue and growth and enhance profit margins.

Clear Information on Pricing

By using shelf labels and tags you provide the customer with an opportunity to consider buying the product by deciding whether the price suits them or not. In, fact, putting a price next to the product that you sell minimizes the necessity to wait in queues in front of the cash point to ask for the price, or to look for the shop assistant to tell you about the product.

Access to Environmental Data

Some ESL devices even have sensors to detect additional information, such as temperature, and warn you when your refrigeration levels reach threatening levels. This allows you to fix the problem before it results in spoiled products and reduced profit margin.

Price Agility

Pricing changes are often time critical, but with paper tags and thousands of products to update, it can be challenging if not impossible to complete this task effectively. ESLs allow your team to update prices and promos on any number of products in just a few seconds.

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Time-Saving, ROI

The integration of a POS management system with an electronic label management system can significantly improve a store’s Return On Investment (ROI) but would be even more powerful when integrated within a sales network.

Electronic Shelf Label

SOLUM electronic shelf label is an industry leader in electronic price tags that continues to create innovations to improve the retail experience.

  • Ten years of battery life – take advantage of Newton’s features for as long as a decade.
  • Faster update speed – 8-10 times faster than other electronic price tags!
  • Display more information – flip up to 7 pages to access more data about the product.
  • 7 LED colors – Newton’s battery life allows more possibility of heavy usage of LEDs.
  • Two programmable buttons – allow for more efficient task execution.
  • NFC capability – perform mobile payments.
  • IP67 – even the tiniest dust particles won’t be able to penetrate it!
  • Customizable design – incorporate your company’s colors, patterns, and logo

If you want to switch to electronic shelf tags, our ESL experts are always available to discuss with you the capabilities of our products and services.

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