The Benefits Of Using ESL Technology In Your Retail Business

It is without doubt that electronic shelf labels have a lot of benefits. Modern electronic shelf labels make use of e-paper displays and radio communication to display a whole lot more information than just the price. They can also integrate with other modern retail devices, such as foot traffic counters, digital signs as well as camera surveillance, and allow you to gain a wealth of insight into the performance of your store.  Provided that you choose the ESL brand, you will have a lot of benefits to enjoy.

One of the benefits of using electronic shelf labels is that they show more information. With more modern ESL technology, each label can display more information. show a whole more information than just the price of the product that you are selling.. either add this information to the main label or you can print a QR code that can be used for accessing additional information through your store’s website or app. Plus, QR code marketing can help boost your sales.

 If you get digital labels from the best ESL brands, they can also help with tracking customer movement and patterns. You can install movement sensors in every electronic label at a cheaper rate.  By doing so, you will be able to track all customer movement as well as traffic around your store. The electronic label will provide you with virtual heat map of your retail space. When you understand your in-store traffic in detail, it can assist with product placement, displays and promotional areas, aisle layout, and much more.

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If you are looking for ways to improve operations and profitability in your retail business, one of the things you should consider doing is using the smart price tag technology. This new style of in-store pricing has been around since the early 90s. The smart labels are a dynamic and intuitive replacement of the paper labels. The following are some of the ways that they can help you. 

First of all, the smart labels are more accurate and can help save employees time. It is easier to edit electronic pricing, and it is always more accurate. You employees will no longer have to waste a lot of time making hundreds of small changes in your store. Since makes changes to product manually is tedious, it means that there will inevitably be mistakes in pricing information in your store. 

If you offer products in your store at the price that they are listed instead of the actual price, just a small mistake can prove to be very costly in the end.  With the smart price tag technology, changes can be made en masse from the back end, and mistakes can be fixed very quickly rather than requiring manual changes that leave room for the same thing happening again in future.  Your staff’s time will be better spent helping customers and not tending to product labels.

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Another benefit of using smart price tags is that they will help save paper and plastic.  If you still use paper labels, it means that you have to print new labels every time a price change is made or there is need to replace a beat up label.  You will not need to go through this trouble when you switch to smart labels because you will only buy them once.

When it comes to the things that you can do in order to improve the profitability of your retail business, using the electronic shelf label system is among the things that you should consider doing. A lot of retail businesses are already making use of these labels and benefitting greatly out of them. They can help you materially cut retail labor costs and improve your profit margins. In this article, we look at some of the benefits that you will get from using these labels.

One of the things that the electronic shelf labels can do is lead to decreased inventory shrinkage. One of the problems with paper labels is that they can easily be moved or fall off easily. Because the electronic labels are affixed more securely to the shelf edge, it is very easy to spot inventory stock outs and also ensure better compliance to the planogram. This means that products can be replaced or discounted before they expire, something that will help avoid customer complaints and reduce inventory shrinkage.

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Another important benefit that you are doing to get from using the electronic shelf label system is access to environmental data.  Some electronic labeling devices have sensors for detecting additional information, for instance temperature, and provide a warning when the refrigeration levels reach dangerous levels. This makes it possible for you to fix the problem before products become spoilt and the profit margin becomes affected.

Finally, there is a customer service aspect. According to a study that was done by KPMG , 64 percent of shoppers believe that a store that makes use of the electronic shelf label system  provides better customer service compared to those without these technology.  So if you start using ESLs, you might attract more customers to your store

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