The 4 Best Woocommerce Plugins to Improve Your Online Store’s Built-In Functionality

Woocommerce Plugins to Improve Your Online Store

Are you looking for WooCommerce plugins to improve your e-store functionality? Then keep reading this blog to find the right answers to your questions. With the increasing demand for online shopping, a large number of eCommerce stores are opened every year. Choosing the right platform for creating an online store is a top priority for them; from Shopify to Magento, eCommerce sellers have a multitude of options for creating their online store. But they all want a platform that is simple and user-friendly, super flexible, and allows them to grow their business.

WooCommerce for WordPress is definitely one of the most popular eCommerce plugins for young eCommerce entrepreneurs because of its great functionality and flexibility. And there are plenty of WooCommerce plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of your eCommerce store.

So, in this blog, we have tried to list the top 4 WooCommerce plugins that can help you grow your eCommerce business by leaps and bounds. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, don’t we need to understand what WooCommerce is and why it is a favorite among emerging eCommerce entrepreneurs?

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the best open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress and is used by small and large businesses to create and manage their online stores.

WooCommerce is by far the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress due to its flexibility and core features such as inventory and tax management, secure payment gateway, order tracking, shipping updates, and much more.

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Currently, more than 27 million entrepreneurs use this popular plugin to manage their online businesses. And the most important feature of WooCommerce is that it represents a great value for entrepreneurs from an SEO perspective.

1) Woocommerce invoice and packing list pdf

Businesses need invoices and packing lists for different purposes, but creating them easily in WooCommerce is a bit difficult. That’s why most people prefer to use the WooCommerce invoice and packing list pdf plugin.

This plugin allows you to automatically attach PDF invoices to your emails. You also get special options to create and print packing slips, in large quantities or per unit. B2B online merchants prefer this plugin, as it allows them to easily send invoices to customers. The basic plugin is free, but the pro version is paid.


  • After installation, it is possible to print invoices and packing lists in PDF format for all current and past orders.
  • The plugin offers multiple languages, so people from all over the world can use the plugin without any problems.
  • All invoices are classified.
  • This plugin was designed to create packing lists and invoices for single or large quantities.
  • It is possible to send an email with the invoice attached.
  • The Pro version offers some additional features, like sending the packing list directly to the printer and using premium templates.

2) Wishlist (Woocommerce Wishlist)

The YITH WooCommece wishlist is actually a list of favorites, as often found in well-known e-commerce stores like Amazon. This plugin is integrated with WooCommerce and allows for a smooth transition. Customers can come back later, find their favorite products and buy them.

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This provides a more pleasant interface for your customers and increases your sales. The basic version of the plugin is free, but additional features are available for an additional fee. This plugin is mainly. Used by big brands known for its wishlist functionality.


  • This plugin has the potential to increase your sales by reminding your customers of their past interests.
  • This plugin allows you to create a wish list for a particular event.
  • Users can share their wish lists on social networks.
  • The plugin allows you to create and name multiple lists.
  • You can easily display an add button to your wishlist at a specific location on your site.
  • You can customize the format of your wishlist.

3) Custom Product Tabs in Woocommerce

This plugin allows you to delete product pages with connected tabs. It helps you add tabs for descriptions, features, reviews, etc. The tabs you add to your store can be. Used for different types of content such as videos, texts, images, etc. You can easily manage your tabs in the WordPress editor, without having to program. The plugin is available for free.


  • A simple installation allows you to add simple tabs to your product pages.
  • You can edit your tabs with the standard WordPress editor.
  • This plugin allows you to save some tabs and insert them into other product pages.
  • In these tabs, you can use shortcodes, images and other elements.
  • This plugin is fully compatible with WPML.
  • These tabs can be exported along with the product data.
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4) WooCommerce Customizer

The WooCommerce Customizer allows you to extend the customizable settings of WooCommerce. These customization options are available in WooCommerce, but you need to adapt the code for them to work. That’s where the WooCommerce Customizer plugin comes in, making these tasks easier with visual adaptations. This plugin allows you to make advanced customizations, such as changing the number of products on each page or changing the login text, without the need for a developer. This plugin is free to use.


  • Visual editing settings for those who don’t know the code.
  • You can change the sales symbol, Add-to-Cart text and coupons on the checkout page.
  • We offer a series of installable extensions.
  • Many features and extensions available for free

Final considerations

These four WooCommerce plugins all have very different functions. So it’s best to start by properly evaluating your goals and challenges, and then choosing the option that’s best for your business. You can also contact a reputed E-commerce web development company in Lahore, which offers quality WooCommerce development services, and take direction from them.

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