Who Is An Ophthalmologist And What Are His/her Roles?

An eye specialist plays an important role in helping you maintain the health of your eye. A healthy vision is essential to do daily activities smoothly. Without proper vision, you might fail to work, drive, play, or even recognise your loved ones. Thus, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist for a routine check, even if you have or don’t have an eye condition. In this article, we will discuss all ophthalmologists. You can read about what they do and then book an online doctor consultation with an ophthalmologist in Pune if require. 

What is an Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is an eye care specialist who is experienced and trained in diagnosing and treating vision and eye conditions. They can provide total eye care, including eye evaluations, vision services, and medical and surgical eye care. Further, they also treat visual complications and diseases that are caused due to other illnesses, such as diabetes. If you’re experiencing problems in your eye or vision, book an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Pune

Ophthalmologists differ from opticians and optometrists in their levels of training and what they can diagnose and treat. The responsibilities of an ophthalmologist are:

  • They assess and evaluate patients to make a diagnosis.
  • They treat conditions considering the medical and psychological aspects of patient care.
  • They work as a part of a team that includes orthoptists, optometrists, nurses and with other medical professionals such as ENT (ear, nose, throat), neurologists, paediatricians, surgeons, and geneticists if require. 
  • They carry out eye surgeries using up-to-date technologies. 
  • They provide reassurance and advice to patients and their family members.
  • They educate patients on their conditions. 
  • They can prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • They spread awareness about health and disease prevention activities. 
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What Roles does an Ophthalmologist in Pune Play in your Eye Care?

Some ways in which an ophthalmologist can help you are: 

Routine check-ups to evaluate your eye

It would be best if you got your eyes routinely check to make sure you aren’t developing an eye condition. Since most eye conditions do not present symptoms initially, they are caught at a later stage and will require complex treatment methods. 

Most check-ups will begin with your ophthalmologist in Pune asking questions about your eyes. It can include questions like:

  • Are you facing any issues with your vision and eye? 
  • How long have you had these problems?
  • If any factor increases or decreases your eye problems? 

Provide specialise treatment for eye conditions

Here are some conditions that an ophthalmologist can provide specialise treatments are: 

  • Amblyopia: It is also known as lazy eye. It occurs during infancy or childhood when one eye becomes weaker than the other. Your ophthalmologist will treat amblyopia using glasses or an eye patch. 
  • Age-related macular degeneration: This is an age-relate issue that prevents people from seeing directly what’s in front of them.
  • Posterior Vitreous detachment (PVD): You may see flashes of light or floaters in this condition. It is an age-relate disorder. 
  • Astigmatism: You will experience blurr vision. Your ophthalmologist can suggest laser surgery to treat astigmatism. 
  • Farsightedness: It is also known as hyperopia. Farsight people can see things clearly far away but have trouble seeing things closer to them. Your ophthalmologist will treat this using prescription glasses or even LASIK surgery.
  • Diabetes-relate retinopathy: It is cause due to high blood sugar levels that can cause complications. It weakens the blood vessels in your retina. 
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Perform Complex eye surgeries to treat eye conditions

Your ophthalmologist in Pune will first try to treat your eye condition with medication and other therapies. However, if require, they can perform surgeries for treatment too. Some common surgeries an ophthalmologist can do are:

  1. Cataract surgery: Your ophthalmologist will use tiny tools to remove the cloudy lens that forms in cataracts and replace it with an artificial lens.
  2. Laser in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK):  It is a type of laser surgery in which a laser is use to change the shape of the cornea to treat myopia, hyperopia, and blurr vision. 

Can refer tests based on your conditions

Some tests your ophthalmologist in Pune may do to evaluate your eye are: 

  • Visual acuity test: You will be ask to read from a Snellen chart with lines of random letters that become smaller in size as your test progresses. 
  • Peripheral vision test: You will be ask to look into a machine and notify when you see points of light.
  • Fundus check: You will be administer eye drops that will dilate your eye, and then the ophthalmologist will check the structures at the back of your eye. 
  • Glaucoma test: In this test, your eyes will be place in front of a lens that emits puffs of air. This will enable your ophthalmologist to check for glaucoma.
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Maintaining a healthy vision is necessary for you to be able to perform your tasks with efficiency. Thus, you must visit an ophthalmologist routinely. They will help you take care of your vision and eye health. So, use Bajaj Finserv Health to book an online doctor consultation with an ophthalmologist in Pune or visit an ophthalmologist in a clinic near you. 

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