Netgear Router Power LED Keeps Blinking? Here’s How to Fix It!

Millions set up Netgear wireless routers in their homes to enjoy a seamless internet connection. However, like other technical devices, Netgear routers are also prone to various issues. One of the most common issue experienced by users is the Netgear router blinking power LED. If you are also searching for a reliable solution to fix the issue, then walk through this article. Here, you will see a list of Netgear router troubleshooting tips that will help you fix the issue within a matter of minutes. So, read on.

Fixed: Netgear Router Power LED Keeps Blinking

  1. Reboot Your Netgear Router

The power LED on your Netgear WiFi router might be blinking due to a minor bug with your device. Thankfully, minor bugs can be resolved by executing the most simple troubleshooting hack i.e. by rebooting the router.

To reboot your Netgear router, first of all, disconnect all the WiFi client devices connected to its network. Now, unplug your Netgear wireless router from the electrical socket and let it rest for a while. Thereafter, plug your WiFi device back into the electrical socket and turn it on. If the power LED is still blinking, move to the next troubleshooting tip.

  1. Check the Power Outlet

Have you plugged your Netgear WiFi router into an active electrical outlet? Probably not. Looks like the electrical socket into which your WiFi device is plugged is damaged and not supplying a fluctuation-free electricity. Therefore, consider plugging your Netgear router into another one.

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Note: If your area suffers power outages, you can also use a UPS in order to ensure a fluctuation-free electricity supply.

  1. Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

If your Netgear router and modem aren’t connected properly, it can also result in the blinking power LED issue. To rectify the issue, check if the Ethernet cable connected to your WiFi devices is worn out. If it is, replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

Besides, make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the ports of the Netgear router and the modem.

  1. Update the Firmware

Another reason behind the blinking power LED issue with the Netgear router is an outdated firmware version. So, to fix the issue, perform Netgear router firmware update as soon as possible.

Given below are the steps to update the firmware of the Netgear WiFi router:

  • Launch a web browser on your computer.

  • Download the firmware file for your Netgear wireless router and save it at the most convenient location on your computer.

  • Once done, open a new tab on the web browser and type the default web address of the Netgear router into the address bar.

  • Press the Enter key.

  • Now, fill in the default admin details into the required fields.

  • Click the Log In button.

  • On the BASIC Home screen, click the Settings menu and look for the Firmware Update option.

  • Now, upload the firmware file you’ve downloaded on your computer and let your device get updated.
  1. Reset and Reconfigure
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If none of the aforementioned hacks bring you success, then the last resort you’ve left with is the factory default reset of the Netgear router. Resetting the router will restore it to the factory default settings and resolve the blinking power LED issue.

Have a walk through the following steps to reset your Netgear router:

  • Make sure that your Netgear wireless router is getting an enough power supply.

  • Look for the Reset button on your router and press it using a toothpick.

  • As soon as you release the button, your Netgear router will get restored to the factory default settings.

Now, set up your Netgear router from scratch by accessing the routerlogin page.

Wrapping Up

This was all about what to do if the power LED on your Netgear router keeps blinking. Wrapping up with the hope that you will be able to fix the issue you were facing with ease and bring your device to its normal state.

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