Not many would know the agile medium-breed dog that existed somewhere in Japan until about seven years ago! Dogecoin came to market with the Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed of dog. 

This article will tell you who is the best man between Shiba Inu and Doge.


Doge was developed by Billy Markus, Oregon, and Jackson Palmer. Introduced as a joke, but who would have thought it would become so important in the cryptocurrency world. It is also used by retailers to receive payments anywhere in the world!

The meme coin was launched in December 2013. There were more than a million visitors to the official website in one month. It started for $ 0.006. Today the coin is up more than 5000% in 2021. 

Fundamental Analysis 

Dogecoin is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency. The project started on December 6, 2013 It uses its blockchain and is widely supported by many wallets and exchanges. 

The main use case is to make payments and it has also recently been used as a tip to reward people on social networks with small tokens. Interactions.DOGE was designed to be easy to use and is now said to have a higher rate of inflation. 

Dogecoins are inflationary currencies, while bitcoins are deflationary currencies, this is because bitcoins have a limit on the number of coins that are produced and used for mining. 

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On the other hand, Dogecoin has no such limits and therefore it is inflationary which contributes to your Advantage at. But is the Dogecoin increasing? Yes? So how high can you climb? Read below to understand its price in 2022 and beyond

Conversely, if a bearish trap is sunk, trading could resume at $ 0.21 in 2022 with a similar trend.

 The fact that Dogecoin is easy to get has always kept Altcoin in the foreground.

 Also this year the most popular crypto. Exchanges like Gemini and eToro listed DOGE, which made the price skyrocket. If the coin gets listed on other family exchanges next year, DOGE’s price could rise again, reaching $ 2,382 by the end of 2022. 

With buying and selling pressures, the average price of Dogecoin can be close to $ 1,639. On the other hand, the fact that digital currency doesn’t have a lot of value hurts Dogecoin. 

Many believe that it is just speculation and if that belief is left unchanged, the price could fall to $ 0.474.5 Years of Dogecoin Price Prediction A FOMO surge with Elon Musk towards Dogecoin could cause the price to hit a high of $ 7,833 in the next five years, on the other hand in the coming years if aspects of crypto like Zero-wagering rewards and poor functionality affect the market, then its price could go down. around $ 4,123 

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Shiba Inu.

 As a native token and the first token in the network, SHIB works with the Ethereum blockchain, unlike Dogecoin, which works with a technology similar to Bitcoin. 

To facilitate trading and exchange, the tokens are designed as fungible tokens like ERC20. Working on the Ethereum network is a definite way of creating and issuing smart contracts on the blockchain.

 Fundamental analysis 

After SHIB, the network registered the next token called LEASH. fungible form like the token above. When the token was released, the keys were burned and the token currently has a fixed supply of 100,000. 

Those who keep the coin liquid receive special rewards, says the network! The network is a project under development and is very secure as it is operated by Ethereum. 

With Ethereum planning to move from the PoW to the PoS consensus mechanism, we can expect Shiba Inu to have some of the benefits of this transition.!

The altcoin has been listed on various exchanges to make trading increased liquidity easier – exchanges like WazirX, Uniswap, Kucoin, Binance, and many more! As one of the more cautious exchanges, Coinbase Pro listed Shiba Inu. from June 17th, if liquidity is found! Price Prediction Shiba Inu Price Prediction for 2022 If this year closes at full speed, SHIB trading could start in 2022 with a bullish price value t $ 0.000018. 

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But given the volatility issues, if the price drops to lows, the price could lose momentum as it enters the next year, with the result that the SHIB price may go back to $ 0 in 2022.000006. When the dex of the network is started and runs perfectly

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