Guide to Yoga Inversions

Yoga is the ancient art that helps unite your body, mind, and spirit. The numerous techniques and practices in this spiritual art help you unite with the universal consciousness. One of these are yoga inversions.

Yoga inversions includes the various asanas which helps improve your flexibility, circulation, energy, and self-esteem.

Let us now take a look at what yoga inversions are.

Yoga Inversions – A Brief Intro

Yoga inversions are a category of yoga asanas which place your head below the heart and hip. The word inversion signifies inverting your body from its normal upright position. Any yoga asana which keeps the heart higher from the ground than your head is yoga inversion. You can sign up for a Yoga instructor certificate to understand and practice yoga inversions.

Some of the common yoga inversion poses include Downward-Facing Dog, Legs Up the Wall, and Headstand. Daily practice of these helps release tension, increase circulation, and energy levels in your body.

Needless to say, yoga inversions offer some major health benefits.

Health Benefits of Yoga Inversions

Given below are four major benefits of yoga inversions.

Improves Circulation

Daily practice of yoga inversions has shown positive results in improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to provide oxygen and nutrients to your entire body. Inversions are beneficial as these stimulate the venous blood flow from the heart from where it is sent to the lungs for reoxygenation. In the long run, this lowers the heart rate and allows better intake of oxygen into the blood.

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Improves Flexibility & Strength

Daily yoga practice has shown a positive impact on the body’s flexibility and strength in people of all age groups. Inversions yoga poses are a great way for you to develop awareness and the strength to hold your body in a stretched position against the force of gravity.

In the long run, this increases your body’s muscular strength. You can also enroll in the yoga instructor certificate to learn more about these powerful yoga asanas.

Reduces Pain & Swelling

Specific yoga inversions like Legs Up the Wall helps reduce in your lower limbs by improving lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic system helps your body get rid of all waste and byproducts and maintains fluid balance.

The inversion yoga asanas utilize the pull of gravity with gentle body movement to improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation away from the limbs and towards the heart. This is what keeps you away from pain, discomfort, and swelling.

Increases Energy Levels

Yoga inversions can also increase your level of alertness and energy in the body. The increase in oxygen and nutrient intake during the inversions improves alertness and minimizes fatigue. Moreover, it also helps in the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Enrolling in the yoga instructor certificate helps you learn yoga inversions under the guidance of yoga gurus.

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Yes! These are the major benefits of practicing yoga inversions daily. However, like other forms of exercise, there is always a slight measure of risk.

What Are the Risks Associated With Yoga Inversions?

There is no doubt that yoga inversions are highly beneficial for your health. However, there are times when doing these asanas is not worth it. It includes a specific portion of the population.

Those suffering from joint problems, neck or back injuries, or similar health issues should not practice yoga inversions.

Also, since yoga inversions require you to lower the head than the heart, it causes blood to rush to your face. Therefore, if you suffer from glaucoma, high blood pressure, or other circulatory issues do not practice yoga inversions.

During pregnancy, you should avoid practicing yoga inversions like Headstand and Shoulder Stand. Joining the yoga instructor certificate would help you understand which yoga inversions you should practice during pregnancy.

Less intensive yoga poses which include four points of contact (both hands and feet on the ground) like Downward-Facing Dog are safe for pregnant women. The only concern is you should not have any pregnancy-related complications or pre-existing conditions.

Finally, make sure you start with a few simple and low intensity moves when just starting out as a beginner with yoga inversions. Visit an in-person yoga class with a certified instructor to ensure you practice every yoga asana with safety.

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Want to know how to practice yoga inversions without risking an injury? You should enroll in a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga instructor certificate to learn and practice these asanas under safe guidance.

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