Yoga Alliance Certification: A Guide For Beginners

Are you new to the yoga world? If yes, you should be aware of how Yoga Alliance plays an integral role in your life. From enhancing your practice to genuine yoga knowledge, the Yoga Alliance has everything for you. So, without wasting any time, let’s have a brief glimpse at different aspects of Yoga Alliance certification.

This article covers what is Yoga Alliance, the benefits of the Yoga Alliance, different RYT courses, and much more. So, make sure you read the article till the very end to enhance your knowledge.

Yoga Alliance: Introduction

The Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization that is based in the US. Furthermore, the Yoga Alliance is responsible for the distribution of true yoga knowledge.

Also, the Yoga Alliance has an online directory that has a list of registered yoga teachers and schools. Moreover, yoga schools registered with the Yoga Alliance need to offer basic facilities to yoga practitioners.

Yoga teachers registered with the Yoga Alliance also get a platform that offers them more online visibility. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both yoga teachers and schools.

Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

Here are some of the major benefits of having a Yoga Alliance certification. Keep them out.

Become a Yoga Alliance Member

One of the major benefits of earning a Yoga Alliance certification is that you become a member of the Yoga Alliance. That means you get a spot in the online directory maintained for registered yoga teachers.

Hence, you become eligible for all the discounts, perks, and other benefits once you have the certification. Moreover, you get the priority when any vacancy is there for a yoga teacher. It opens a world of opportunities before you so that you grow abundantly.

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Genuine Clients’ List

As a yoga teacher, the biggest fear is that you get non-serious students. That means your time and dedication will get wasted since you are not sure when the students will discontinue their practice. So, to keep such things at bay, the Yoga Alliance certification helps you a lot.

You get access to an online registry that provides you with a list of genuine clients. Hence, you can rest assured to have students who are genuine, hard-working, and dedicated to yoga practice. Furthermore, it ensures you know you are investing your time in the right people.

True Yoga Knowledge

The invasion of the western world has completely transitioned the art of yoga. From a spiritual practice, it has become a mere physical workout. Moreover, people in the west are just obsessed with practicing complex yoga poses.

That is not the case when you enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification course. From physical to mental, you explore every dimension of yoga. Moreover, it further helps you take your yoga practice into the realm of spirituality. Hence, you earn true yoga knowledge and then preach true aspects of yoga.

Access to Online Workshops

One of the best things about the Yoga Alliance certification is that you get access to online workshops. That gives you the power to practice and learn yoga from anywhere and anytime. In short, even if you are not free at a particular moment, you can still learn yoga.

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Moreover, having access to online workshops help you get your doubts cleared. You get to learn yoga under the guidance of yoga masters. Thus, it helps you learn new things daily without sacrificing your personal life.

Better Online Visibility

Online visibility plays a vital role in everyone’s life. In case you want to become a yoga teacher, you get a perfect platform to have a successful career. Higher visibility means you will be represented by the Yoga Alliance as the best yoga teacher in your locality.

Hence, the Yoga Alliance helps you at every step to have the best yoga journey. It enhances your face value as a yoga teacher in the yoga world. Thus, you get a perfect start to your career with the Yoga Alliance certification.

Access to Yoga Material

Yoga material includes yoga blankets, blocks, bolsters, mats, straps, yoga books, and ancient manuscripts. You learn how to use various yoga props while practicing yoga. Hence, the Yoga Alliance certification gives you access to use the yoga material.

Joining a Yoga Alliance certification course ensures you master the art of using yoga props. This makes your yoga practice easier. Moreover, using yoga material keeps you safe from various injuries over time.

Perks, Discounts, & Offers

Yoga Alliance is an organization with worldwide recognition. Not only yoga teachers but also yoga practitioners get priority in the yoga world when you have the Yoga Alliance certification. You get various discounts and perks for your services.

Furthermore, you even get the opportunities to collaborate with numerous brands, yoga apparel businesses, and online retailers. Joining hands with all these brands gives you greater exposure that gives a boost to your career.

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Different RYT Certifications

Here are some of the best RYT certifications that you should be aware of if you want to have a perfect start for your yoga journey.

RYT 200

For beginners, getting started with yoga practice could be difficult. Therefore, to make it easier, you should enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher training course. On the completion of this, you become eligible to apply for the RYT 200 certification.

RYT 300

As an experienced yoga practitioner, you might not want to start from scratch. Thus, to save your time, a 300 hour yoga teacher training course is perfect for you. This helps you earn RYT 300 certification over time.

RYT 500

One of the advanced Yoga Alliance certifications is the RYT 500. It helps you seek a spiritual path along with mastering every other dimension of yoga. Hence, you should join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course to earn RYT 500.

Wrap Up

The Yoga Alliance certification ensures you unleash the full potential of yoga as a yoga trainer. Moreover, you must possess genuine yoga knowledge so that you preach true yoga knowledge. Furthermore, you also enjoy various offers that accompany the certification.

In short, you get to enjoy and explore every dimension of yoga the moment you earn a Yoga Alliance certification. Also, it lightens your path that boosts your overall journey.

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