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Late abortions: A field with many gray areas

Since Tuesday, two doctors have had to answer to the uae district court for allegedly killing a severely brain-damage twin with potassium chloride during birth. The charge is manslaughter. Had they kill the child while it was still in the womb, it would have been a legal abortion and therefore free from punishment. We talk to experts about the case and ask: When is a life worth protecting? say Get abortion pills in Dubai!

The fine line between life and death

The chief physician (73) and the 58-year-old gynecologist are said to have kill a brain-damage twin with a potassium chloride injection. The incident occur back in 2010, when the defendants perform a caesarean section on a patient who was 32 weeks pregnant. The prosecution assumes that they deliberately did not kill the sick twin in the womb, as would have been medically indicate, but only at birth – and from a purely legal point of view. This begins with the opening labor or, as in the case of a caesarean section, with the opening of the uterus. From a legal point of view, from this point on the child is no longer a fetus, but a human. Lethal injection is therefore prohibit at birth. As experience gynecologists at Get Abortion pills in Dubai, they would have known they were no longer performing abortions

The case vividly shows how thin the line can be between fetus and human. Between life and death, between routine intervention and criminal offense.

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“Nobody makes this decision lightly”

Since 1995 a woman has theoretically been able to have her deform or seriously ill child abort until shortly before birth. The reform of pregnancy law 24 years ago relaxed restrictions and left a lot of room for interpretation. Children are no longer allow to be abort because of a malformation. Instead, the burden on parents, especially the mother, is consider a legal reason for abortion.

“It happens that the parents can be so severely damage by the severely disable unborn child, especially psychologically, and that the dilemma is so great that they can no longer see any other solution,” says Professor Dr. Hackelö, prenatal doctor and obstetrician in Get Abortion pills in Dubai. “It’s a heavy burden that you can’t push away. Nobody makes this decision lightly and we have to face it.” The prerequisite for the termination is that a doctor attests that the pregnant woman would suffer physical or mental damage if she had to carry her child to term.

The ethics committee must approve the intervention

No matter which way the parents go in the end, one thing is never their decision: lonely. Because a late termination of pregnancy was priced by many discussions with mother and father, and the doctor also discuss the case in detail with an ethics committee consisting of specialists, nurses, midwives or even pastors. “The intervention will only be carry out if they unanimously say: Yes, we can represent that,” explains Hackelöer.

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“This dilemma cannot be solve. You can only make one decision”

At least that’s the ideal. But of course there is a gray area here too. Hackelöer does not deny that. There was once a well-paid family of doctors at Get Abortion pills in Dubai who said: We can’t do it with two children, we’re not up to it. That was ethically and legally unjustifiable for me.”

On the other side of the coin: cases in which the existence of a multiple pregnancy is threaten, for example when both parents are un employ and financially poor. Or if the birth of quintuplets could endanger the mother’s health or life. All of these are individual cases, and it is important to weigh up: “There is a child who may want to live – and the mother and father who say: We cannot do this, for whatever reasons. This dilemma cannot be solve. Man can only make one decision. ” says Get Abortion pills in Dubai

Before each procedure, he ask the women again: Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this? Is that what you really want? “Otherwise I’ll end up as a murderer – and I’m not. I’m the one who has to weigh up the child’s well-being and the well-being of the parents.”

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“You don’t want to watch your child die in agony”

Around 90 percent of all parents who are expecting a child with Down syndrome decide to abort. A late abortion after the 14th week is perform in two ways. Either the child is given a pain reliever through the umbilical cord and then a lethal dose of potassium chloride is inject into the heart muscle or umbilical cord. This so-call feticide is the “more humane way, the child suffers less,” says Abortion pills in Dubai online. Then the birth is initiate with prostaglandin, the child is born. The procedure involves considerable risks. If the pregnancy is multiple and only one child is sick and should be kill, the healthy child may be kill instead of the malformity child. Or several fetuses may be lost during the procedure. “

The second option is to induce childbirth with prostaglandin and without a previous feticide. That seldom happens and only in cases in which it can be clearly diagnose that the child is not viable. The child is born and, if so desire, can die in the arms of its parents. However, some parents consciously choose the feticide, says Abortion pills in Dubai online. “These mothers say they don’t want to watch their child die in agony. Has difficulty breathing.”

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