The 5 Best Email Marketing Software of 2021

Email Marketing is growing and being invested by businesses. Let’s learn about the best email marketing software today.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing software that makes it easy to share your advertising campaigns with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers on your email list at the same time. 

Besides, Mailchimp also provides detailed and accurate statistics and data analysis on the results of email marketing campaigns so that you can adjust, improve, and improve efficiency in the future.

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  • Clear and coherent reporting.
  • Free mass storage plan up to 2500 recipients and send 12000 emails/30 days.
  • The interface is intuitive, clear, and user-friendly, and very easy to use.
  • Compatible with 3rd party services and compatible with many software.
  • Good support for the field of e-commerce, especially in CRM (customer relationship management).
  • Committed by reputable businesses and conscientious founders.
  • Support A/B testing for broadcast emails with high efficiency.
  •  The support tools in Mailchimp are used a lot to support email marketing campaigns or in the field of E-commerce.
  • Support effective testing email campaign A/B testing for broadcast emails.
  •  Provide free beautiful, impressive, and professional email templates.
  • Capable of storing large amounts of information, customer data files, email templates… of the business
  •  Diversity of Mailchimp email marketing service packages with many different price packages, suitable for many objects such as businesses or individuals.

2. Benchmark

Benchmark or Benchmarking in economics is a management technique aimed at improving the performance of a business. This technique will be used to compare the performance status between different organizations with similar field activities, or between different departments in the same organization or enterprise.

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Benchmarking is a continuous method of evaluating and improving products, services, and habits to achieve a leading position in an industry or field. This approach is also defined as a best practice in keeping the business running at its best. 

Benchmarking can compare similar business practices without having to consider whether the output is different or the output is difficult to compute. 


  • Easy to understand and use.
  • If done properly, it is a low-cost operation that yields huge profits.
  • Bring creative ideas to the company.
  • Gives you insight into how other companies organize their activities and processes.
  • Increase your cost awareness and performance level relative to your competitors.
  • Facilitate collaboration between teams, units, and departments.

3. Aweber

AWeber is an email management software suitable for businesses and small shops with limited human resources who cannot spend much time on email marketing campaigns.

AWeber’s pricing starts at around $20/month for a list of 500 customers. And of course, you also have many discount codes, coupons included, and especially, you will have 30 days to try the product for free before deciding to take out your wallet to pay.


  • Easy to sign up and when you sign up you get a 30-day trial
  • Friendly interface, highly aesthetic
  • Like Mailchimp, Aweber can save drafts and schedules but no templates
  • It is possible to store multiple customer lists and you can keep track of them.
  • Create a follower list automatically. You can create a rule for Aweber to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe a person
  • Manage and add followers easily and organize them into logical lists.
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4. Webmail

Webmail is a system that provides email services (receiving mail, sending mail, filtering email) through a website on the Internet. Gmail, AOL mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, … are typical examples of basic webmail-enabled email services.

Webmail is becoming more and more essential and popular than email clients in most businesses, due to the convenience of webmail: users can directly access email online even when they are far away from the office or on the go. during vacation. Webmail brings convenience and comfort to users/business owners. Remember that Webmail is completely different from Email Client.

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  • Ease of use: The webMail interface provides very basic and not too different from today’s email management applications.
  • Backup: One of the indispensable features of a business email client. This feature reduces the risk of user data loss or data loss problems during use.
  • Popularity: With the benefits that WebMail brings, it is not surprising that the popularity of these applications is increasing day by day.
  • No need to use a computer: WebMail allows users to access from any location. As long as there is an internet connection and can be used on many different types of devices.
  • Searchability: Easily search emails by keyword. Very convenient when the number of emails becomes too large.
  • Storage limit: If compared with services on the market today, WebMail especially has the advantage of storage limit when providing a large amount of free storage.
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5. Bizfly

BizFly is one of the effective tools of Engagement Campaign that Admicro provides for businesses. BizFly Chat immediately changes the form of communication with customers on any digital platform, helping businesses save a lot of time and money in managing communication.


  • Website speed up.
  • Website optimization: Automatically optimize, compress and reduce image file size, CSS, javascript, help increase file download speed, and speed up the entire website.
  • Reduce the original server load: Image files, CSS, javascript … are cached in the server cluster of BizFly Cloud CDN, reducing more than 80% of the bandwidth on your origin server.
  • User-friendly interface: Dashboard helps you to exercise full server administration rights (initialization, deletion, reboot, configuration changes, hard drive additions, and removals, …) and monitor the status graph of the entire server
  • Integration with Google Apps (G Suite): Google Apps offers a wide range of built-in collaboration tools, which are already used by many companies, partners, and customers around the world. 
  • Cost-effective: Cloud computing requires less infrastructure and costs less maintenance, minimizing upgrade costs as well as deployment costs. 


Above is an article about the top 5  best email marketing software in 2021. The above tools will help your marketing strategy be more effective. Do not forget to use discount codes and coupons included to save when using the tool.

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