What is a Hotel Voucher?What is a Hotel Voucher?

still, you deal with a lot of words that you typically don’t understand, for illustration, If you’re used to travelling.

One of those unknown words that you may haven’t understood is the word “ hostel testimonial ”, which is normal, since it’s a veritably specific word belonging to travel vocabulary.

What’s a hostel Voucher

The answer to “ what is a hostel testimonial ” is “ a evidence of room reservation in hostel. ” It contains information similar as the guest’s name, appearance date, duration of stay and the room reserved. Others might include the accommodation package and the type of service reserved.

On utmost occasions, the hostel testimonial is a printout of the online virtual booking, attesting payment or amenability to pay. still, the price and mode of payment are generally neglected from the testimonial. With internet penetration far and wide in the world, getting hostel validations is easy, indeed if you’re travelling from one country to another.

How to Get a Hotel Voucher

Go to your favorite hostel’s website and look for the “ book a reservation ”section.However, hunt for hospices online in your destination, If you don’t have a favorite hostel in mind. Confirm if they’ve a hostel testimonial as part of the reservation process.

Fill in your details; names as they appear of passport, age and country of origin. List every person you intend to go with; partner and child with gutschein rabatt. elect from the list given the type of accommodation and enter your card details.

After payment, the system generates a hostel testimonial, which acts as a damage for services requested and the mode of reservation. It substantially comes in your dispatch as a document or some as a textbook communication.

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still, before reserving, confirm the installations and the hostel type. Some hospices are grown-ups- only, thereby proscribing children under 16 times.

Advantages of a Hotel Voucher

evidence that you have reserved the hostel. It’s a list protestation between the hostel and the caller, detailing the type of service, room number, name of the caller and date of appearance. Some hospices indeed choose to chauffer their callers from the field to the hostel.

Reduces the cancellation rate – once you finish the reservation process and pay, everything is set for the trip. You can not have indispensable plans, which reduces the cancellation rate.

Avail finances to the hostel to prepare for your appearance – once the finances hit the hostel’s account, they hit the ground running to prepare everything when you check in. They make all the necessary medications, especially if you bear a special diet.

Validations help with budget leaves. You can plan for every spin or trip over a period of time. Once you pay for the hostel testimonial, it gives you time to plan for other conditioning or places you need to go while on holiday .

Catalonia hospices with Hotel validations

This chain of hospices in Spain and Spanish homes provides the stylish hospitality to both transnational and original callers. From the Spanish seacoast, down to the Canary islets and far West to the Caribbean, callers can bespeak hospices and hospitality services online.

still, you stand a chance of getting a good reduction, If you bespeak beforehand. The before you are, the better. And, what’s most important, utmost of the Catalonia hospices have a Hotel Voucher system, similar as Catalonia Punta Del Rey( Canary Islands) and Catalonia Barcelona Plaza, they all use the Hotel Voucher system to manage their callers too.

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Do you want to know more Catalonia hospices with this system enforced? If you feel attracted to the breath of the ocean and pristine waters, also your stylish choice is the Hotel Catalonia Ses Estaques( Ibiza). It’s coming to the ocean and it has been designed for excursionists to dissociate from the diurnal routine and just chill out and enjoy the islet of Ibiza.

still, you have surly chosen different lodgment in different metropolises of the world, If you’re one of those people who travel a lot and in other words you tend to excursion. One of the common words we ’ve always heard in this case is Hotel Voucher. In this composition we ’re going to explain you the meaning of a Hotel Voucher. Join us in Travital.

Vouchers Promotions

Hotel Voucher means the evidence of room reservation in hostel and it’s some information like the name of guest, the date of entering and exiting and information about the hostel and the type of apartments and services. It’s a evidence that shows the guest has completely paid the price of room but you ca n’t see the price in that.

still, when you reserve a room in a hostel online and pay the cost by using internet, a payment damage will be submitted to you, If we want to explain further simply. This damage is that Hotel Voucher which can be got throughout different ways. For illustration you can get it from hostel event directly or you can get it online from your reservation website. The considerable point is that the word on this damage should be exactly according to your passport.

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When you get this damage you should submit it to hostel event on time as this damage is the evidence of your reservation.

In some countries which are a member of Schengen you have to submit the reservation damage first in order to get visa.

Voucher is a ‘ pasteboard ’ given to a guest for a specific repaid service( accommodation in a hostel) handheld out by a trip agency. As a form of a ‘ damage ’ the rubberneck can also claim the service he paid for.


hostel validations are generally used when a hostel booking has been made through a 3rd party( not directly at the hostel), as substantiation that the rubberneck is listed as a guest at the hostel and that his reservation has been paid for. After finalising a reserving the trip agent( or OTA) gives sends the customer a Voucher hempamed angebote. This testimonial is also to be presented to the hostel at the time of check in.

Validations are veritably common in the trip assiduity, frequently they’re used when a rubberneck purchases a stint( the testimonial indicates that certain stint factors have been reimbursed). validations are also changed for stint factors like lodgment , refections, sightseeing, tickets,etc. during the factual trip. The testimonial allows hospices to collect payments from the trip agent beforehand without charging it to the client.

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