Step-by-step Instructions on How to Draw a Cartoon Moose Easily

How to Draw a Cartoon Moose. Moose are among the most incredible creatures of nature. They make it not only for their large dimensions but also for their unique visual characteristics and complex horns.

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This unique aspect has made them popular to be represented in various works of art, from drawings to paintings and sculptures.

You can create your work of Alci art by facing this guide on how to draw a cartoon Moose!

This guide has 8 easy steps to show how fun and easy it can be to create that awesome portrait.

How to Draw a Cartoon Moose

Step 1

In this guide, we will depict the head of a smiling Alce, starting with the outlines of the head and face.

Although this is a cartoon representation and will therefore be a bit of an exaggeration, it is faithful to the general shape of an Alce’s head and face.

First, use some curved lines for the hairy top part of the head. Therefore, these turn into a long, curved line for the facial face.

Finally, we will use long and thin shapes for large nostrils before surrounding them with the end of the muzzle.

This includes a curved line for the smiling mouth, and after the design, we can move on to passage 2.

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Step 2

Now we will add some details of the face and the rest of the mouth in this passage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon moose.

First, we will fill in Full Black’s nostrils to give them more depth.

You will then see that we have added many small curved lines in the teeth outlines to show where they separate.

Finally, outline the bottom of the mouth to finish it off so we can move on.

Step 3

In this passage of the guide, we will add even more facial features to the design of the cartoons.

First, draw an oval shape for the eye area and add a curved line underneath. The pupil is laid out as a smaller black oval with some small white shapes above it.

Once outlined, we’ll use curved lines with pointed tips for the faded hair, similar to Alce’s face. That’s all there is to do for this step, so let’s move on to passage 4!

Step 4

This guide passage gives you space to create your variations if you like! We’ll get there soon, but first, let’s draw the ear for this alce.

The ear is smooth and rounded but then has jagged edges on the bottom edge to make it look hairier.

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Add other curved lines on the interior to show the inner part of the ear.

So we’re going to draw the base of the neck. This is where you can change things up a bit if you like. The neck is designed as a section that ends, almost as if this head were on a trophy.

You could draw it as we did or expand it to show more of the neck and body. It’s up to you to decide!

Step 5

The ALCI are famous for their distinctive horns, and we will draw them in this passage of our guide on how to draw a cartoon moose.

Those horns may be complicated. So please do your best to copy our reference image as best as possible. There is a long curved line on the left with smaller rounded shapes on the right.

If it appears like our example, let’s move on to the next step!

Step 6

We will finish the first horn you started in the previous step before facing the final details in the next step.

The top half of the horns are made up of many smaller and thinner shapes instead of longer curved lines, as is the base. So it’s time to move on to those final details!

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Step 7

Now you are ready to finish the latest details of this design of the Alce Cartone! First, we will draw the second horn.

Draw A Cartoon Moose

You’ve already drawn one, so this second should be much easier! So we drew smaller curved lines on the face and neck for greater consistency.

You can also add more details or ideas! We’ve mentioned lengthening the neck and showing a larger body part, but what else can you think of?

Step 8

In our reference image, we showed you just one of the many ways you can color this alce.

Cartoon moose drawing

We have used different clear shades of brown for the head, neck, and horns, but you can also opt for an additional or alternative color.

Your Cartoon Moose Drawing is Finished!

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