MyAssignmenthelp or Samedayessay – Which is the Best?

Before choosing any academic writing service, there are a few questions whose answers you should seek. Take two similar kinds of academic writing service providers and compare them based on the following questions. Let us take two such websites – and, and let us find out what the past users reviewed about them.

1. How Good Is The Quality Of The Delivered Content?

My Assignment help reviews: The assignments produced by the assignment writers, according to the reviews, are professionally written and packed with valuable resources. The students achieved exceptional ratings thanks to well-structured essays with proofs to back up their views and non-plagiarized writing. The write-ups are entirely error-free and a pleasure to read.

Same Day Essay Reviews: According to the website’s reviews, the standard of the tasks provided by this website’s professionals is poor. There have been several instances where pupils have received copies that are riddled with errors. They’ve even gotten their hands on plagiarised content, and fabricated plagiarism reports.

2. How Fast Do They Deliver?

My Assignment help reviews: According to the testimonials on this website, the professionals are almost never delayed in providing the projects, and they usually deliver them ahead of schedule.

Same Day Essay Reviews: According to the ratings on this website, there have been cases of missed deadlines and fake deliveries. In some cases, the students who had got their assignments on time found out that they had received an entirely different and wrong order. 

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3. How Much Affordable Are The Services?

My Assignment help reviews: The rates of the services of this website are pretty low, and according to the reviewers, there are no hidden costs or extra charges added at the end. The charges are pretty affordable for the students, making the demand for this website rise higher. The website also offers impressive discounts almost throughout the year.

Same Day Essay Reviews: Some reviewers complained about hidden costs and taxes added when placing the order. The initial prices are also not transparent, and the past users also stated that they had to pay for the reworks.

On answering each of the vital questions based on the reviews of these websites, it is found that  is the most eligible one to be termed as the best academic writing service provider of the recent era. That is the probable reason the past users of this website have awarded this website as the No. 1 in the industry. 

Wide range of Services

While talking about reliable “academic writing services”,- what is the first thing that pops up into your mind? It is the versatility of their services. My Assignment help is like a “one man army” writing Service Company where you will get more than 100+ assignments to help from professionals and experts. The website is fully dedicated to helping global students around the world. On the contrary, Samedayessay doesn’t have a huge list of services like My Assignment help. You will also enjoy their customised services and proofreading services. From essays to writing lab reports to bibliography, everything is just one click away at My Assignment help.

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Global Ratings

Right now, ratings and reviews are the inevitable part of being live on the internet. The rating is considered proof of the quality of people’s services from an organisation. Same Day Essay has a low rating on various review sites. The average rating of this site is 2.7/5, which is low. 

On the other side, the ratings of Same Day Essay are 4.9 out of 5. The average rating of this website is 4.8 out of 9.

The overall count of commentators is more than 50,000+. The ratings clearly show the popularity of the website amongst the students. 

Deadline history

To get high scores in assignments, you must deliver your paper on time. Many clients who have availed of the services of Same Day Essay said that they had received low marks due to missing deadlines. Some students even never receive their assignments, and their service management team is always rude to them. Same Day Essay doesn’t have any return or refund policy.  

On the other hand, My Assignment help is popular for its on-time delivery service. Students keep availing of their services due to strict professional behaviour. They don’t have any history of missing deadlines. They always prioritise the schedule of their clients. No reviews said that delivered late or delivered ever. 

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Author Bio: Ricky hardy is a review analyst at He has done his Ph.D. in English from The Australian University. He is also a part-time academic expert and provides specialised assignment help to the students on request.

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