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The Best Video Editing Mobile Apps Right Now

Sometimes, it feels like the most powerful mobile video editing applications are locked and secured.

No more secrets!

From creating seamless TikTok transitions to creating those viral memes, we’re presenting the best video editing applications for mobile devices for creating professional-looking videos, exactly like professionals.

8 of the Best Mobile Video Editing Apps

  1. LumaFusion
  2. VSCO
  3. In short
  4. Splice
  5. VideoLeap
  6. Kinemaster
  7. caput
  8. Prequel

#1: LumaFusion to Easily Sync Reels

Have you ever wondered how top creators effortlessly integrate their audio? It’s not about memorizing or guesswork. it’s via applications for editing videos on mobile devices such as LumaFusion.

It’s been described as “the most powerful multi-track buymalaysianfollowers video editor ever created for mobile devices,” you are likely to find the most common tools, including dimensions, speed, trim and audio edits.

Some of the more sophisticated options, like the ability to combine audio, video, and images in one frame, and also a mixer for live tracks makes LumaFusion stand apart from other players.

Here at Later, We use LumaFushion to sync the Instagram Reels audio. It’s simple and quick to use, and comes with additional tools that help us create the highest quality possible video!

“Honestly, LumaFusion is amazing. It allows you to be precise with trimming and it gives it an audiogram that reflects music so that you can tell when it is time to play and it is easy to sync Reels in this manner,” says Mel.

By using LumaFusion you can seamlessly transfer with up to 12 sources of your camera as well as many audio tracks!

Price: $29.99/year. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Join later today to schedule and plan every one of your TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter posts on one simple platform — it’s completely free!

#2: VSCO for Creating Montages

While VSCO has been a long-time favorite for Instagram editing photos, but did you know that they’ve launched a an awesome new feature that allows collage-style videos?

Check out The VSCO Montage feature.

This less well-known tool allows you to layer multiple images and videos directly out of your roll camera to make distinctive “scenes”.

It doesn’t matter if you want to pay tribute to a birthday or showcase your latest clothes, VSCO’s video tool for creating videos can definitely add the spark to your video story telling.

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Price: Free 7-day trial and then $19.99/year. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

#3: InShot to Resize Videos

InShot is the true MVP in the field of mobile video editing applications.

You can not only trim speeds, trim, or apply filters to your video, however, InShot can also be used for scaling your footage to fit dimensions for social media.

“Inshot is a great tool to alter how your videos are viewed. If you’re required to make several different cuts to accommodate various sizes, it can save us minutes,” shares Later’s Social Media Manager, Mel McKechnie.

For instance, Instagram Stories are 9:16 however if you’re making an Instagram video for only the feed you’re creating, then you might need to trim it into a square ratio instead.

It takes a lot of effort to capture different sizes, and editing footage to suit specific dimensions of frames can be a tedious task , however, not when you use InShot.

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

#4: Splice for Epic Clip Transitions

If you are looking to edit short- and long-form videos, Splice is a perfect choice.

From simple extraction of audio to adding text to it, Splice is among our top apps due to its wide range of tools for enhancing video.

But what is our top Splice feature? Its ability to make the middle of a transition.

No matter if you’re recording a trendy spin or navigating through several scenes, Splice can help make your TikTok transition virtually invisibly.

Splice provides a range of transition options, including crossfade, swipe over, blend to black or blue, which allows you to seamlessly conceal your cut from the next video.

And even better? With their most recent update, Splice added graphs that make keyframe transitions smoother, with precision and precision you say WOW!!

If you’re hoping to master your next multi-clip sequence You must include Splice in the rotation of your video editing software.

Price: Free 7-day trial and then $2.99/week. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Do you want to know how to make video content that is professional? Take a look at the queen of transitions herself Valeria Lipovetsky. She will share her tricks in the following video:

#5: VideoLeap for Video Memes

It’s true that video memes are the rule of the game in the world of videos that are viral.

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They’re the hottest tickets in town, and with good reason.

“Video memes add more context to your joke and allow you to go a little deeper. They also keep your audience on the post for longer, as they wait for the next piece of relatability,” Mel. Mel.

Take a look at our most recent meme creationthat has racked up more than 100K views (and growing! ):

Utilizing the app for mobile video editing, VideoLeap, you can quickly add an extra layer (say PNG text) to the footage you already have. You can then move the added layer the location you prefer, cut the edges, and even stop or begin with the help of VideoLeap’s clever tracking feature.

“It’s a total game-changer!” Shares Mel.

Simple to use it allows you to cut, mix and combine video clips , transforming your imagination into unforgettable memes.

With a variety of features for making movies that range from innovative filters to the editing of sound, cinematic effects and additional, VideoLeap produces professional-level special effects that’ll make you add “video editor” to your resume.

Price: Free. Then starting at $5.99/month. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

#6: Kinemaster for Easy Green Screen

The effect of a bright green screen cannot be beaten. There is a variety of applications (including TikTok) that make this editing possible but one of our favorites is Kinemaster.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to give more context for your storytime or take your audience to another world, Kinemaster lets you upload as well as shoot and create engaging content. No large-scale budget is needed.

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Plan and schedule your Instagram posts in one place using Later. Sign up today and get started today — and for no cost!

#7: CutCap for a Smooth Bounce Effect

CapCut is a different all-in-one mobile video editing program that has every bell and whistle.

With flawless filters and a vast music library, and the most popular fonts and stickers — CapCut lets users express themselves creatively all via their mobile devices.

If we’re real, we’re using CapCut to create a unidirectional bounce effect.

You can see that bounce is one of those functions that appear to be complex, but with CapCut’s simple abilities, this feature is actually quite simple.

Upload your video, select the sound, cut the project in order to include the animation component, and voilà, you’ve made some bounce.

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You might want to add the idea of bounce in the next TikTok and Reels videos to help make it more lively. It’s tiny tweaks that make an immense difference!

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

#8: Prequel for Aesthetic Overlays

Are you sitting down? Because we’ve got some big news. The key to making eye-catching video content is to use an overlay.

With the Prequel application, you’ll get access to all of your requirements for overlays.

Video content is now equally popular, as if not better like photo content it’s essential that your videos are in keeping with your overall style and fashion.

In enhancing your content by adding an attractive Click Here overlay, you are able to create a visually pleasing story while also adding the appearance of razzle shine.

It comes with more than 800 filters and effects and easy-to-use designs, Prequel can be your ideal choice to create stunning video overlays that are pre-set in just two clicks.

Additionally, you can alter things like sharpness, brightness, contrast, and more using the video editor. It’s a win-win!

Price: Free. Compatibility: iOS and Android.

Now that you’ve made your masterpiece It’s time to begin making a plan of how to post it for all your brand new and enhanced videos.

With more than 1 billion users on a monthly basis (and growing!) TikTok can be the ideal platform to show off your content, while reaching new audiences and greatly increasing the amount of engagement.

Fortunately, with Today’s TikTok Scheduler tool you won’t have to worry about adding social media activity to your plate (we swear! ).

It is possible to plan all of your TikTok posts in conjunction with your other social media channels to reduce your workload and save tons of time.When it’s time to send out your post, everything you need delivered directly to your smartphone!

If you’re looking to create the brand’s reputation, advertise your product, or even educate your audience videos with an outstanding edit is the best method of generating participation and gain more followers.

With a well-planned posting strategyand improved footage, you’ll be able to get more people to view your content and build your community in no time

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