Make Sure You Follow These Etiquettes While Smoking Hookah

Hookah smoking is not part of the millennial culture, contrary to popular perceptions. In fact you might be surprised to know that it has been a part of Middle Eastern culture since centuries. However, the ways of enjoying hookah have evolved over the decades. Nowadays, almost every major city has a plethora of hookah lounges offering the best tobacco flavors that hookah connoisseurs love to enjoy. Shisha in Dubai is particularly popular. After all, few activities guarantee the same level of relaxation and pleasure. If you indulge in hookah smoking regularly, you must keep in mind certain etiquettes that will promise you a nice smoking session as well as make the experience of others around you better too! 

The fundamental thing is to maintain basic courtesy and politeness in your approach. Since shisha smoking is a social activity, you cannot be selfish about it. On the contrary, you need to think about the comfort and needs of everyone around. 

Hookah etiquette refers to a set of rules that delineates the expected or is considered to be acceptable behavior while smoking hookah, especially in a group. These conform to the principles and customs/traditions governing a society, a community, or a group, and are hence important to abide by. Though they are not much talked about, that doesn’t mean hookah smoking is devoid of any code of conduct. 

Etiquette 1

Hookah culture does not support blowing smoke on somebody’s face. Besides violating hookah rules, you may also end up spreading germs. It is considered a highly unethical practice, even if done in jest. You never know if your friend sees it as impolite and insensitive. Why waste someone else’s experience of smoking premium shisha online?

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Etiquette 2

You must consider the length of the hose when smoking a hookah with multiple hoses. Have the courtesy to wait patiently until someone else is done. By pulling at the same time, drawing water will be a challenge. Pulling simultaneously may also overheat the container. Even if you’re doing this to dissuade others from smoking premium shisha online, it is not acceptable. 

Etiquette 3

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you have to make sure that your mouthpiece does not touch the ground. The portion of the hose that you will put inside your mouth should not come into contact with the floor. 

Etiquette 4

In the world of shisha smoking, it is generally followed that shisha smokers rotate the shisha hose clockwise. In many parts of the world, it is considered to be rude if a shisha smoker takes the shisha from you and passes it to the person sitting next. 

Etiquette 5

When it comes to deciding the hookah flavor, hosts are expected to allow their guests to take the call. It goes without saying that you should avoid a flavor if you know someone might not like it. Selecting a flavor for a group without considering their preferences and tastes is downright rude. It is all the more disrespectful if you’ve invited them for a hookah party and yet not taking into account their choice of flavor. 

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Etiquette 6

Good hygiene is an often-ignored, but highly important aspect of hookah smoking. For starters, it is always a good idea to use a mouthwash tip, but make sure you don’t share it with others. If you’re sick, you should avoid smoking around other people. Sharing a mouthpiece might lead to the spread of bacteria. 

Etiquette 7

As far as passing the house is concerned, you should use your right hand. This is a standard practice for smoking hookah. In many countries, the left hand is considered unclean. You surely wouldn’t want to offend or displease your guests right? If you’re the guest, you should stick to this too, as your host might be particular about this. 

Etiquette 8

Typically the first person who sets up the hookah gets to smoke it first. You can then pass it on to the coal handler, so that he/she can take care of the ensuing steps. This will be followed by a complete rotation of the hookah. Participants generally get 3-5 minutes to smoke each hookah. 

Etiquette 9

According to some traditions, the hookah should just be kept on the ground, and not on chairs or tables. As a regular smoker, you should be aware of this as some people may consider it offensive to keep the hookah on an elevated surface. This, however, is more of a custom than a law. Or, to put it in other words, a convention rather than a rule. Most hookah lounges comply with these customary practices, though some may choose to ignore them. 

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Etiquette 10

Using hookah tongs is well within the etiquette of hookah smoking; so the next time you need to knock the ash off and keep the coal warm, simply use the tongs to tap the charcoal lightly. It won’t raise eyebrows or make you come off as an ignorant hookah smoker. 

Etiquette 11

Not known to many, smoking cigarettes as an accompaniment to hookah is not considered to be a part of the hookah culture. Though several hookah bars permit tobacco-smoking, they usually discourage cigarette-smoking. Also keep an eye out for ashtrays; if you don’t spot them around, there’s a high chance that the hookah bar/lounge does not allow cigarettes. It is advisable to check with the staff members to confirm whether or not smoking is prohibited. 

If you want to be treated with respect, there are some hookah smoking etiquettes you should follow without any exception. Social manners are a part and parcel of any activity, especially when it is enjoyed in a group and often in a public setting. By complying with these etiquettes, you will also be confident enough to smoke hookah in the presence of others. Why present a bad picture of yourself by flouting simple etiquettes that are quite easy to follow? They ensure a certain level of hygiene, propriety and discipline even in the act of hookah smoking, without of course, taking away the fun part of it.

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