Is Your Linksys Extender Password Not Working? Let’s Fix It!

Are you fed up with the ‘Linksys extender password not working issue? If the answer is yes, then you’ve landed on the right post. Here, we have summed up various tips and tricks that will help you fix the issue with ease. Continue reading.

Fixed: Linksys Extender Password Not Working

  1. Use the Correct Password

Users often commit the mistake of typing the wrong Linksys default password while logging in to their extenders. Probably, you’re also following the same path.

But, don’t worry! You can fix the issue easily. You only have to enter the Linksys extender default password carefully. The reason is that the extender’s password is case-sensitive. A typo can prevent you from logging in to your device. Also, turn the Caps Lock key on your keyboard off while typing the Linksys range extender’s password.

  1. Have Access to a Fast Internet Connection

Are you using a blazing-fast internet connection while performing Linksys extender login? Chances are that your internet connection is working at a snail’s pace that is preventing you from logging in to your extender.

To get rid of the issue, ensure that the connection between your Linksys range extender and the router is stable. If you’ve connected them wirelessly, then use an Ethernet cable. In case you’ve already used an Ethernet cable, ensure that it is not damaged.

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Quick Tip: An internet issue can also occur from the end of your Internet Service Provider. So, if the connection between your WiFi devices is fine, then contact your ISP and inquire about the same. If the issue is from his end, ask him to fix it as soon as possible.

  1. Keep WiFi Interference Away

Another reason why you are facing the ‘Linksys extender password not working’ issue might be interference of its WiFi signals. FYI, things like microwave ovens, cordless phones, refrigerators, mirrors, fish tanks, aluminium studs, metal doors, baby monitors, etc. have a tendency to deviate your extender’s WiFi signals. So, make sure to keep your Linksys range extender away from such things.

In addition, place your Linksys device away from corners and concrete walls as they might dampen your extender’s performance.

  1. Use the Changed Password

Did you change the login password of your Linksys extender? If the answer is yes, then keep in mind that the Linksys default password won’t be effective if you’ve changed it to something else.

So, ensure that you are using the new password to log in to your range extender. Also, enter the password in the exact manner as it was initially set.

  1. Reset the Linksys Extender
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Did you forget the login password? If you did, then it is time to make use of the password recovery feature. However, it works only if you’ve enabled it during the Linksys range extender setup process. If you forget to do so, then, unluckily you’ve to reset your Linksys range extender. But, the good news is that it will surely fix the issue you’re currently facing as it is the ultimate hack. So, wait no more, and proceed to the steps to restore your Linksys extender to factory default settings.

To reset your Linksys range extender, ensure that it is getting a fluctuation-free power supply from the electrical socket. Once assured, find the Reset button and press it using a pin-like object. This action will restore your Linksys extender to factory default settings. Now, reconfigure your extender by accessing the web-based setup page.

In the Nutshell

Did you get success in resolving the Linksys extender password not working issue? Looks like this post has worked wonders for you. If you got success in logging in to your Linksys range extender with the help of the aforementioned tips, then don’t forget to leave a word of appreciation in the comment section.

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