Yogis Guide to Meditation for Beginners

Meditation has been put to use by ancient yoga masters and spiritual seekers to connect with the divine. With time, numerous research and studies have proven a host of benefits this ancient yogic technique offers to the practitioner.

Do you think about kickstarting a meditation practice only to be left confused? Don’t worry! This guide will help you adapt a meditation habit into your life with ease.

First, let us understand what meditation is.

Meditation – A Brief Introduction

Put simply, meditation for beginners is the art of relaxing your mind and bringing it to a state of calm. This ancient practice offers you a plethora of benefits like mental clarity and calmness. In the long run, meditation helps you manage anger and minimize stress. For that reason, you can also play games here 메이저놀이터 and relax your mind and body.

That is not all! Daily meditation provides you a host of benefits which include:

Improves Mental Clarity & Focus

Being mindful and focused on the present moment has its perks. You can focus on the task at hand without worrying about its result or previous failures. Meditation helps you overcome the incessant chatting of your mind, kill the negative self-talk and become more confident.

In the long run, this ancient art helps you disconnect from the external world and focus on the internal being which is you.

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Improved Self-Awareness

Yes! It is true that meditation helps you gain control of emotions and feelings. You come to know how your body reacts in a situation and what it is capable of. Similar to the physical practice of yoga, meditation helps you establish a stronger bond between the body and mind.

With improved self-awareness you can focus in the present moment and not worry about the bygone past or distant future. You should look for a certified meditation retreat in India to learn this ancient yogic technique under expert’s guidance.

Helps the Mind Relax

According to numerous scientific studies, meditation for beginners has been shown to activate the brain’s relaxation response system. It has been proven through change in the heart’s rate, metabolism and brain chemistry to help the mind relax.

It is this relaxation which helps you beat insomnia in the long run and sleep peacefully at night like a baby.

However, for you to experience these life-changing benefits it is necessary for you to do this practice the right way. Let us hear what meditation experts have to offer.

How to Meditate

To enjoy the benefits which meditation offers to your mind and body, meditation experts have come up with a few simple tips.

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Go Airplane Mode

The first step to meditate without any distraction is to take care of any digital devices in the vicinity. Meditation experts recommend that you put the smartphone on airplane mode and the laptop on hybernation mode. This ensures you are not distracted for the duration of the meditation session.

Wear Light Clothing

Loose and breathable clothing helps your body focus solely on bringing the mind to a calm state. Moreover, you are able to sit for longer periods and breath more easily. Enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification to learn this ancient art of meditation from the experts.

Focus on Breathing

Meditation for beginners works best when you combine it with deep breathing exercises. Breathing is what connects your mind and body. With time, it helps your mind enter a peaceful and calm state during the meditation session.

If reading about meditation is your thing! Meditation experts have a few suggestion for the same.

Books on Meditation for Beginners

Reading up on some meditation-related literature helps you understand the nuances of meditation and also know about its other forms.

The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation – Thich Nhat Hanh

No matter whether you are sitting, walking in the park, or just breathing: you should do everything with focus and concentration. The key focus of this book is awareness and self-examination. It provides you useful and practical tips to learn the art of instrospection.

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10% Happier – Dan Davis

Inspired by an incident in the author’s life when he had a panic attack on live television, this book is a guide for those skeptical about meditation for beginners. It provides an in-depth look at the different forms of meditation with scientific studies and statistics. You can enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification program to understand and practice meditation.

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind – Shunryu Suzuki

This is a compilation of the teachings of Shunryu Suzuki and is amongst the most beloved Zen books. If you want to know what Zen meditation is all about, do get this book. It provides you lessons in meditation postures, proper breathing, and moves further to the perception of non-duality and everything else.


Meditation maybe an ancient art but it is still relevant in today’s over-stimulated world where it is hard to get one moment of peace. You should refer to this guide on meditation to understand everything about this powerful yoga technique. Also, you can book a certified meditation retreat in India to get a first-hand experience of meditation.

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