NCDES And How To Qualify For Unemployment Benefits in North Carolina

What’s NCDES?

The NCDES matches workers with jobs. The state’s unemployment insurance program matches workers with jobs. It has been a year since the COVID-19 affected North Carolina, and this number will continue to rise exponentially in the coming days. However, the Division of Employment Security is taking immediate action to help those affected by the disaster. Currently, approximately 370,000 people in North Carolina have filed applications for assistance with unemployment benefits. The DES is currently processing around $10 million in unemployment claims every week.

Steps To Get The Benefits

Receive the notice

The state of North Carolina’s unemployment benefits program has been under siege for over a year. A few days ago, a Greensboro woman named Renee Skudra received a letter from NCDES demanding that she repay nearly $23,000 in unemployment benefits. Her attorney, Seth Cohen, got calls from people across the state seeking help. He told WBTV that the program has reversed a “redetermination” decision and will not require her to pay back the money.

Fill in information

After receiving the notice, the last and base period employers must complete an Online Request for Information from Employer (Form NCUI 500AB) within 10 days. The notice also contains information on when the employee can request that their benefits not be charged. Experience-rated employers may also request non-charging of their employees’ benefits. DES staff will provide instructions on how to submit such requests. In most cases, the process takes a few months but can be extended if the employer meets the deadlines.

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Download specialized app

The North Carolina Division of Employment Security has launched an app for current unemployment insurance claimants. This app will help current unemployed claimants submit their weekly certifications. The app also lets them check their payment status, view important documents, and more. The NCDES hopes that this will reduce the number of fraudulent claims and make the unemployment benefits system more efficient. This app is available for iOS and Android devices. The app also enables users to check the status of their unemployment benefits through the state’s automated payment system.

Conduct a research

To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must conduct a rigorous job search. To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must make three contacts each week with various employers. You must keep a record of these contacts. One of the three weekly job contacts may be completed by attending an approved reemployment activity. And remember to file for an appeal with the state if you do not find a job within a few weeks. If you are a resident of North Carolina, submitting your application is easy.


The Call Center of NCDES

The NCDES also has an employer call center. This center helps employers with their claims by answering phone calls and collecting data. The Customer Call Center helps claimants file for benefits. They also assist employers with processing and answering claims. The DES is responsible for the state’s unemployment insurance program and the claims it receives. If you are a claimant, the NCDES can provide you with the required information to verify your eligibility.

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Although the division of unemployment assistance is the most important state department for unemployment benefits, it is also the most difficult. With an unprecedented number of claims, the DES had to delay the processing of new claims. As a result, it has added additional staff and is focusing on processing new claims. During this time, the North Carolina Department of Commerce is preparing to send out payments retroactively to eligible residents. This should happen in September.

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