Tips For Buying Diamond Jewellery In UK For Beginners

Wondering what’s beauty? It’s the quality that gives pleasure to our senses and state of being. Intricate Jewellery has the power to enhance the beauty of women and when they deck up with jewelry, they feel confident and complete.

Among all the types of jewelleries the beauty of a diamond is considered to be the best and admired by all. Women crave to possess diamond jewelleries which steal the spotlight wherever they go. Considering it as a status symbol, as the pure element of beauty, as an asset, if we dive back in time, we can find that diamonds were not affordable and only the creamy section of the society used to own it. But the present scenario is completely different.

diamond jewellery

Now with the growing popularity of lab-created diamonds which are almost similar to the naturally occurring ones has become the preference for many for their availability, affordability. It has the sparkling quality and beauty similar to natural diamonds, thus occupying a special place in the jewellery market. These days many prefer diamond pieces of jewelry for special events like weddings, anniversaries, engagements or to gift someone to make them feel special. As many are opting for lab created diamond rings as engagement or wedding rings, planning diamond rings for such occasions has slowly grown to become a trend.

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Buying diamond jewellery needs proper research and detailed planning before selecting the right one that suits you the best. You can consider the following points before you step into a diamond shop.

For buying any diamond accessories we should focus on the 4 ‘c’s of diamond quality that are:

1. Cut

The proportion, symmetry and polish are determined by the cut of a diamond. The right cut enhances the beauty of a diamond. A better cut enhances the spark of a dazzling diamond.

2. Colour

Colour is the most important aspect to be considered while choosing a diamond. We know the fact that hues can add colors to life but this does not stand true for diamonds. Colourless diamonds are considered to be the best and are precious as they make a difference in the price and quality.

3. Clarity

Lesser the inclusion and imperfection better is the quality.

4. Carat

Carat means how big and what is the weight of the diamond. Carat depends on the other 3 c’s mentioned above.

  • Plan for the occasion: for which occasion you are planning to buy diamond.
  • Diamond for whom: The 4 c’s depends on for whom you are buying.
  • Pocket friendly: planning to buy a diamond for someone! It’s important to keep a track on your pocket which means always smartly plan a diamond according to your budget.
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Check the Certification

Before buying check on the authenticity of those diamonds. The diamonds that are certified by the agencies like IGI, SGL and GIA are considered to be good.

After going through the entire guiding points, if you are still not sure how to go about then get connected to an expert who can guide you well in this aspect.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering how to make ‘her’ feel special, better explore some Europe travel places, take her there for a tour and compliment it by buying a diamond accessory, an iconic gift from Antwerp’s diamond district to celebrate unforgettable and joyful moments. Then just see the glow on her face which cannot be any less than the glowing sparkle of the diamond.

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