How to Verify the Authenticity of an ISO Certification?

ISO Certification may be a trademark of quality within the world today. they provide us foremost specifications for products, services, and systems, to confirm quality, safety, and efficiency.

However, in business, there are countless pretend organizations that are providing fake certifications. the shoppers get hold of a certificate that isn’t even authentic. The certificates issued for ISO 9001 certifications and ISO Certification alternative system standards became simply a bit of paper that is being written and given to the organizations with no audit/verification if the system is being enforced or not. These activities are done by a few certification bodies licensed by IAF/Non-IAF board. These few folks have ruined the worth of those marvelous management system standards. The people dealing with this variety of certificate fools the people in varied ways. To avoid such fraud, check the credibility of your certificate.

ISO Certification Issued Bodies

See, ISO certificates are issued by the certification bodies & these certification bodies are approved by ISO restrictive agencies & offer them the right to issue ISO 9001 certificates at the side of distinctive certification no. on no-hit completion of the audit.

  • Just in case you’re having any doubt about the originality of the certificate, you’ll reach intent on your CB & validate your certification no. in their records.
  • Just in case of any longer doubt, you can directly contact the ISO restrictive body that’s dominant in your CB.
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Most of the time, if your CB is real then you’ll hardly have that sort of issue.

So how to check the authenticity of your certification body and your ISO certification?

  1. Check if your certificate has a certification emblem (e.g. JAS-ANZ, DAC, NABCB.Etc.) and an IAF mark.
  2. Check if the certification body is licensed. certification provides the freelance confirmation of competency. to search out associate accredited certification bodies, visit the International certification Forum at

The IAF is the world association of Conformity Assessment certification Bodies and alternative bodies inquisitive about conformity assessment within the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel, and other similar programs of conformity assessment. Its primary operation is to develop one worldwide program of conformity assessment that reduces the danger for businesses and its customers by reassuring them that accredited certificates could also be relied upon. certification assures users of the competence and nonpartisanship of the body accredited.

  1. Check the standing of the certificate on the registrar’s website (accreditation body). you’ll conjointly decide on the certification body directly and raise them to verify that they need to be issued such a certificate.

ISO Certificate may be a valuable possession to the organization and it ought to be earned by correct implementation of the system. Nevertheless, there are varied implications of employing a pretend certificate. It ruins your image within the market which leads to a loss of business.

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ISO certificates should function as proof that you simply have created and placed into place an ISO Management System that complies with the relevant reference standards.

Do Fake ISO Certificates exist?

While not a doubt, sure. China is the world leader in dishonest certificates, per a brand new associate analysis on fake ISO certification.

Per the research, there are four totally different varieties of false certifications:

  1. Counterfeit ISO Certificate Verification is issued once an organization fabricates a certificate entirely out of nullity mistreatment Photoshop or alternative image redaction tools.
  2. Unlicenced ISO Certificates are the foremost rife style of the solid document in Australia when an unaccredited third party conducts an audit and problems a certificate.
  3. The associate organization might have designed an ISO system, however, if it’s not nevertheless been placed into use, it has no impact on how business is conducted.
  4. An organization that has used another organization’s management system to get certification is claimed to possess a paper-based ISO.

The accrediting body or certification body registration had to be checked in the past to ascertain whether or not the ISO certificate was valid. thanks to the certification and certification agencies’ sporadic publication of registers, this was oft difficult.

The International certification Forum (IAF) has simply discharged worldwide information for certified management system certifications referred to as foregone conclusion Search in a trial to combat the event of false certificates.

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However does one check a real ISO certificate? there’s no central register of ISO certificates. the simplest thanks to verify credibility is to ascertain with the registrar whose name is shown on the certificate. Some registrars provide a web operation of their certificates. We will help you to get ISO Certification online in India.

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