6 top BFCM Sales Tips for Your Cell Phone Repair Store

The best time of the year, apart from Christmas, is Thanksgiving. But it’s because of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. It’s the busiest time of the year as people are actively looking for discounts, and to add on, Cyber Monday catches the attention of tech savvies and children the most. For that, you should be geared up with your equipment and cell phone store POS software to facilitate your customers. This smashing holiday of the year is your ticket to straightaway profit. So let the people thank the lord and spend tension-free this holiday season with your amazing deals for their cell phone accessories and repaired devices.

Are you ready to get the attention of your customers and gain maximum sales this BFCM season?

Let’s give you some mind-boggling tips to increase your business’ sales.

Prepare Yourself for the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday sales have always been top-charted regardless of the pandemic. The only difference was the medium. Instead of brick-and-mortar sales, online sales have increased excessively in the past consecutive years. There are the same expectations this year. So you should have your repair shop software ready for the heavy flow of tickets. It’s up to you how you can leverage the huge demands of your customers. To be prepared, check your stocks and communicate with your suppliers about the stock needs during rush hours. Have a backup plan in case of a stock-out situation so that you can facilitate your customers easily. You have to keep ahead of your competition to make your place in the market and to make your customers loyal to you. Shoppers start planning for these holiday sales in July. They are fully prepared with their list, so why not you? Hence a sound plan and preparation can help you acquire mad profits, customer acquisition, and recognition.

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Create A Sense of Urgency

Urgency and FOMO are the biggest and proven psychological triggers to attract customers. Therefore create interesting content that intensely focuses on curiosity, like teaser videos and pre-sales posts. You can display these teasers on your POS software so that customers can not unseen them and have the urge to buy them. To create interesting content, you need to understand the customer persona, like what their needs are and what kind of things they prefer. For instance, to cherish the holiday season spirit, people like to purchase from small businesses to support them, whether online or offline. So you can target such an audience and make content accordingly. On the other hand, some are brand freaks, so design your content according to their psyche. For example, hold a countdown or provide a limited-time offer/product.

Start Your Sales Early

Plan early and start early, like in October, right after Halloween. You might have seen your local grocery stores like Target and Costco displaying Thanksgiving, BFCM sales, and Christmas sales right beside Halloween. That means people start buying way early than you think, so it’s better to start early sales. You can do early bird discounts to promote your sales. Retarget your customers by sending them promotional messages via Cell Phone Store POS Software to give a glimpse of your early sales. Revamp your store and website according to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to let your customers know that your sales have officially begun. 

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Give Irresistible Deals

The most important thing is making a discount strategy. You know everyone will be giving exclusive discounts and offers to make the most out of Black Friday. Free shipping, gift cards, and buy-one-get-one-free will be common among all the stores. Do that along with other amazing deals such as deal-of-the-day and hourly deals. You can manage all this in your Repair Shop Software since accessories are always the hot-selling items in the sales. Why not give them one-dollar offers? An accessory for a dollar! Or spend a dollar and get a chance to win cool gadgets and accessories. Do spin the wheel on your website and in your store to let customers win exciting stuff. The more they buy, the more chances they get to win the spin. In addition, give them gift cards and store credits so that they will buy from you afterward. Extend the voucher expiry time so that it can be used after the holiday season as well.

Provide Customer Satisfaction

Customers require the same satisfaction regardless of the holiday season. Although it’s the most crowded season, still customer satisfaction should be your top priority because they will remember. Send your customer every discount information through emails and messages. Use POS Software to send automated messages to the whole lot to make the work easier for you.

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Engage with Social Media

Social media is the guru of all sales and customer acquisition because people spend the major of their life online, scrolling. Post your products and offers on Facebook and Instagram. Make reels and stories and hold a competition for your social media audience, giving them a chance to win exciting gifts. Associate with a charity program and promote this on your pages to encourage your audience to serve in the cause. For instance, 10% of your profits will go to charity. You can pitch in social media influencers too. Create a buzz before launching your deals and schedule posts and notifications for your audience. You can use Cell Phone Store POS Software to manage your social media posts and comments.

With all these exciting tips, you are now well-equipped to devour this Black Friday Cyber Monday. So what’s the delay?

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