All you want to recognize approximately Devkund Waterfall Trek


Need to explore a mystery, quiet place faraway from the hustle and bustle of the city? Embark on one of the maximum popular day treks in Maharashtra, the Devkund Waterfall trek. It’s miles a hidden gem of nature, located inside the middle of a dense forest, also called Devkund.

It is placed in Bira village close to Korad in Raigad district, Maharashtra. Tamhini Ghat – located near a mountain pass on the ridge of the Sayadri Mountains in Maharashtra. Tamkhini Ghat is well-known for its captivating landscapes of significant valleys, dense forests, and some of the maximum lovely waterfalls, riverbeds, and lakes.

Approximately Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund is a unprecedented waterfall in Maharashtra. A lovely amalgamation of three waterfalls, this waterfall is assumed to be the supply of the Kundalika River. The Devkund Waterfall Trek is about 2700 ft in elevation. Devkund additionally referred to as the ‘bathing lake of the gods’, this mystical waterfall has a few mythological importance and is considered sacred by using locals. Some of the lovely walks together with Tamhini Ghats, Andharban are placed on this location.

The waterfall tumbles over the rocky floor in effective jets and flows instantly right into a natural pool of turquoise water. The clean waterfall flows all 12 months round, making him one of the few perennial waterfalls in Maharashtra. 

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The Devkund Waterfall Trek is approximately 170km from Mumbai and 110km from Pune. The force to the base village takes about 7 hours from Mumbai and about five hours from Pune. Effortlessly handy thru the Mumbai-Pune limited-access highway.

Devkund the gap to the waterfall is about 5-6 km per side. Consists of 4 hours of mild difficulty trek. The trekking path is commonly flat, with a three hundred-foot gentle climb at the give up of the path. The course to the secluded waterfall is enchanting, meandering through lush jungles, bubbling rivers, small hamlets, and mountain valleys.

Soak your feet in cool water for a natural uplifting treatment. While the sun hits the stunning blue water, you will recognize you have located your paradise. It’s a pristine area, like a scene from a fairy tale, so get prepared to capture a few terrific Instagram-worth snaps.

Trek info:

Height: 2,seven-hundred ft

Trek course: Jungle path 

Duration: 3 km

Trek Time: June to December

Distance from Mumbai: 130 km

From Pune: almost 100 km

Distance from Lonavala: Almost 83 km

Occasion charges:

Mumbai: 1500/-

Pune: 1300/-

Base Village: 799/-

The way to reach?

Devkund Waterfall Trek is one hundred seventy km far from Mumbai and a hundred and ten km away from Pune. The package offers at ease pick out-up & drop-off service to the bottom village- Bhira, which may be availed on the choice of precise package alternatives.

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From Mumbai, the direction might be:

Mumbai-Chembur-Vashi-Pune parkway-Khalapur-Pali-Bhira.

From Pune, the route would be:

Pune-Kothrud-Bhugaon-Pirangut-Mulshi-Tamhini Ghat-Bhira

First-rate Time to visit Devkund Waterfalls

The best time to visit the Devkund Waterfall Trek is throughout the monsoon season. The temperature is on the decrease aspect and the atmosphere is perfect for a day trip. The Waterfall strikes satisfactory between July and August as there’s heavy rainfall.

Matters to carry during your trek

Bags packed in an awesome hiking sack, heavy rains are expected in the monsoon, so % your things properly

Raincoat / Poncho / Wind cheater (keep away from umbrella simplest for monsoon)

Complete the spare set of extra garments, & socks 

Water bottle (2 liters) 

Non-public drug treatments if any

Put on secure clothes at some stage in treks (full sleeves)

Correct trekking/sports shoes (chappals, sandals, floaters no longer accepted at some stage in trek)

Strength bank for cell charging, as many locations, don’t have an power connection

Identity evidence (need to)

Personal hygiene package.

Mild Snacks – Dry fruits, chocolate, and biscuits.

Why is Devkund well-known?

Devkund is a completely stunning non secular and vacationer vacation spot in Orissa. It’s far located in the Mayurbanji district. Devkund is well-known for its hilltop waterfalls. Devkund manner the bath of gods and goddesses.

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Why visit Devkund Waterfall Trek

Maximum stunning Waterfall in Maharashtra

Playing the herbal pool below the waterfalls

Travelling the Tamhini Ghat

The water pool underneath the Devkund Waterfall has crystal clean bluish-inexperienced water has crystal clean bluish-inexperienced water.

Exploring the dense wooded area.

Cost for Devkund Waterfall Trek

The starting point for the Devkund waterfall hike is the village of Patnus. A local says he costs one hundred rupees per man or woman for the entrance fee to Devkund Waterfall.

Price without shipping: Rs. 799/- per character

Price with shipping: Rs. 1499/- in keeping with man or woman


Devkund Waterfall is a super getaway for folks that want to escape the hustle and bustle of chaotic metropolis existence and for individuals who want to explore Mumbai’s great treks. In search of best waterfalls hidden inside the jungle and unknown to the sector, you could be a part of Treks and Trails of India and go to Devkund Waterfalls close to Bira village. He considered one of India’s maximum stunning waterfalls, Devkund Falls is a touch regarded and unexplored waterfall in Maharashtra.

In case you cannot prevent exploring this waterfall, ebook your ticket now.

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