Bhandardara camping: nice tenting Gateway in Maharashtra


Camping in Maharashtra is a completely practical hobby because it offers brilliant tenting possibilities to escape the monotonous hustle and bustle of the city. Full of the magic of stunning rolling landscapes, it gives adequate insurance for tenting adjacent to beaches and lakes. Day camp or in a single day camp. They can also be adventurous enough to camp in caves. Bhandardara camping can be easily custom designed to fit your budget, time, and in which you would really like to satisfy.

Do you opt for nature to interior? Do you like to live inside the wild and get an adrenaline rush? Could you like to play guitar next to the campfire around the campfire? Then there may be an excellent campsite in Maharashtra if you want to take your breath away.

Bandardhara Camp 

Place: Marshet Village, close to Lake Arthur

Natural beauty it’s far an appealing traveler vacation spot for its scenic beauty and surrounding sights together with outstanding hills, waterfalls, and landmarks consisting of Wilson Dam and Lake Arthur. Camping at Lake Bandadhara contributes to an amazingly relaxing experience for you and your loved ones.

The campground offers nature enthusiasts the opportunity to live at one of the place’s maximum beautiful and popular campgrounds and picnic spots. Be mesmerized by way of the boundless splendor of the Western Ghats with this superb fun tenting session at Yigatpuri.


1. Take a tranquil boat trip and discover the beauty of the lake at sunset. 

2. In the evening you may have a barbecue with your buddies and play fun games with precise music.

3. Campfire

4. Camping

5. Woodland go to to fireflies

6. Boating

Points of interest close to the campsite:

Pabalgad citadel – 1.3 km

Bandardar Dam – 2.2 km

Ratangad citadel – 19.Eight km

Sandang Valley – 29.0 km

The way to get there? 

Placed about a hundred seventy five km from Pune, non-public transport makes it without difficulty handy.

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By using Public delivery: The campsite is 4.8 miles (7.9 km) from Bandadhara city middle.  The lodge is ready 60 km from Kasala educate Station and 41.2 km from Igatpuri teach Station.

By means of teach: Trains are also available from Pune. You may travel by way of Pune Manmad express and get off at Igatpuri. From Igatpuri, you could attain Bhandardara through taxi or government delivery bus.

Trains are a great and inexpensive approach of shipping to attain Bandardhara. Bandardhara does not have a teach station and Igatpuri is the only nearest train station at a distance of forty five km from Bandardhara. Many bullet trains are to be had to attain Igatpuri from Mumbai and Pune.

From Mumbai to Bandardhara camping

Mumbai to Bandardhara is 165 km. You can take an immediate educate from Mumbai to Igatpuri as Igatpuri is the closest railway station to Bhandardara. From there, rent a personal vehicle or taxi to attain your destination.

There is additionally his MSRTC bus provider from Mumbai. In case you take a bus, you’ll arrive at Igatpuri in less than 2 hours. Again, take a taxi or neighborhood transport to attain the Bandadhara lake campsite.

Pune to Bandardhara tenting

Pune to Bandardhara tenting is ready 175 km and takes approximately 5 hours. For a handy and hassle-free experience, it’s far encouraged to select the road route from Pune to Bandara.

Highlights of Bandardhara Camp

The campground is located near Lake Arthur and surrounded by using lush plants at Marshet Village, a have to-see destination.

Enjoy Quiet Boat activities 

Experience the tranquility of your surroundings and panoramic perspectives of the lake at sunset.

Sit around the campfire for a first rate evening, and listen to live music.

Bandardhara Lakeside camping

Bandardhara Jungle Camp is a completely well-known hobby that people take part in. The supply of campground is near Lake Arthur. The complete tenting and trekking experience reaches tremendous heights in the splendor that unfolds every minute. Jungle trails provide campers and trekkers quiet walks and secure hill climbs, presenting beautiful views of the region.

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Bandadhara Lakeside Camp is the maximum famous area wherein many New Age vacationers collect to find out the splendor of nature. The city is also surrounded through numerous attractions including waterfalls, hillsides, Wilson Dam, and Lake Arthur. Further, the Bandardhara region gives many sports together with water rides, woodland visits, and sightseeing.

The exceptional time to go to Bandardhara

Bandardhara Camp bundle is from June to September when vacationers can enjoy the greenery here. At this time of yr, Bandara is in complete swing and permits you to revel in nature at its excellent. The weather is cool and breezy, with temperatures between 20 and 30 levels. Summer time right here is quite warm, mainly he in March, April, and might.

At this factor, summer season ushers within the waterfall’s dry season, so the enjoy turns into much less exciting. Even the winter season from October to February is the exceptional time to camp at Lake Bandadhara. At some stage in this time, you don’t ought to worry approximately the scorching solar. Consequently, the best months for tenting in Bandardhara are from June to February.

The first-rate season for camping might be the colder months. January is the high-quality month, although it is important to guard towards the bloodless, iciness tenting is very precious for taking part in nature and the weather. 

Matters needed for camping in Bandardhara

You need to hold more water.

Campers ought to have the energy to complete hiking tasks, so strength bars are beneficial. Otherwise, dried fruits are suitable for boosting your power for the adventure. 

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It’s also critical to hold a bag of Glucon D. Bandardhara is located inside the darkest a part of Maharashtra, so a powerful flashlight with a sufficient deliver of dependable batteries is a must.

The backpack you need to deliver have to be spacious.

You have to carry a hat and sunscreen.

Bring essential medicines consistent with your fitness circumstance.

A primary resource kit is likewise critical.

You must additionally deliver legitimate identity.

Put on complete-sleeve T-her shirts and comfy sweatpants to protect towards immoderate warmth and insects.

Raincoats and belongings dry when it rains.

What must be considered whilst tenting in Bandardhara camping?

Bandardhara tenting is one of the maximum famous activities in Maharashtra. However, there are sure safety issues that need to be considered before committing to it.

In case you are camping alone, you need to be very cautious along with your belongings. Be specifically cautious on busy weekends.

Bathing inside the lake at night time is illegitimate because of the risk of hitting stones in the dark. 

The trek may be difficult for novices. Consequently, they are recommended no longer to go on my own. A excursion guide is virtually optimal.

Monsoon trekking may be hard because the terrain may be tough and slippery. It’s far encouraged to wear suitable footwear for your safety.

If exploring some of the waterfalls, exercising severe caution and convey medical components as they can be rocky.


Agree that those campsites near Pune are already supplying you with wanderlust. So start planning your journey to Maharashtra these days and gear up. Forget about the ones destinations, breathe easy air, revel in breathtaking surroundings, and enjoy a nice camp. Campfire beneath the celebs today. What different campsites close to Pune might you want to list?

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