Eight Breathtaking Ajman Tourist Places In UAE

The cliché goes that good things come in little packages. The Emirate of Ajman, which is approximately 260 square kilometres in size, is no exception. There are several fantastic Ajman tourist places to visit, despite being overshadowed by major cities like Dubai (the capital). Continue reading to learn about some top sites to visit in Ajman, which will provide you with an insight into the region’s beauty and lifestyle.

08 Beautiful Ajman Tourist Place to Visit Must

The best of Ajman tourist places should be at the top of any traveller’s bucket list when visiting the UAE.

Etisalat Tower

Etisalat Tower, a 17-story skyscraper capped with a massive sphere, is another attraction listed under Ajman tourist places. It is distinguished from other high-rises by mosque-style embellishments. The emirate’s progress is highlighted by the blue and pink hues, as well as the modern architecture. Have fun exploring this magnificent skyscraper.

Ajman Dhow Yard

Visit the Dhow Yard to learn about how dhows influenced trading in the coastal city. It’s one of the top ten Ajman tourist places. Master artisans can be seen at work creating dhows with skills and equipment from the past. They also make racing dhows out of fibreglass. Are you excited? YES! Rent A Car Ajman, can take you there on your exclusive trip. 

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Ajman National Museum

When visiting Ajman Fort, don’t miss the Ajman National Museum, which displays trade history, irrigation systems, of the city. It’s one of the most interesting spots to visit in Ajman, especially for history buffs. Ajman Fort is also one of the most important name in Ajman tourist places list. The 18th-century structure is located in the heart of the capital and served as the ruling family’s house until 1970. It has undergone various restorations and presently serves as the home of the Ajman Museum.

Al Zorah Natural Reserve

Nature is rarely found in the desert, yet Al Zorah Natural Reserve allows you to appreciate it. Pink flamingos and mangroves are the centrepieces of this Ajman tourist attraction, and you’ll forget you’re in the desert for a time. Bring a pair of binoculars to witness the nearly 60 kinds of birds that may be seen here. It is one of the best locations to take children in Ajman. 

Al Murabba Watch Tower

Al Murabba Watchtower is an iconic milestone and a reflection of the city’s seafaring past. It should be on your checklist of Ajman tourist places and attractions. It was erected to safeguard the city in the 1930s and was rebuilt in 2000. Likewise, it is now a popular tourist destination in Ajman.

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Ajman Marina

Ajman Marina, a kilometer-long palm-lined promenade, is one of the Ajman tourist places and newest constructions. It’s one of the best spots to go for a night stroll in Ajman before resting at one of the many cafés and restaurants. Enjoy a romantic stroll alongside your partner and a delectable dinner here.

Well, if you are fond of, then Dreamland Aqua Park is also an option to visit with your children’s


Take a break from touring and travel to Masfout, a little enclave encircled by the Hajar Mountains that is said to be ideal for hiking. The rocky terrain is ideal for mountain biking and picnicking. Masfout Castle is located on the northern boundary of the park. Although the 19th-century fortification just has two chambers and a gate, it was intended to keep intruders out of the area.

Ajman Corniche

The Corniche, which overlooks the Arabian Gulf, has four kilometers of cafes, restaurants, and entertainment. When you want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the coast, it’s one of the greatest spots to visit in Ajman with your family. Make a point of visiting on a weekend when there are activities and locals gather for picnics and barbecues. 

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