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Best Call-to-Actions (CTAs) To Use for Higher Web Traffic!

Entering a saturated market in today’s time is daunting. The competition is at an all-time high and newcomers are coming in prepared. It takes more than just an idea to start an online business.  

You need the right tools, resources, and of course a good internet connection that doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket. EarthLink internet prices are impressive and all you have to do is get in touch with EarthLink customer service to get on a plan!

The right tools paired with unwavering dedication and commitment can boost web traffic by a huge margin. But it’s all easier said than done. You have to oversee multiple factors before you decide to build your marketing strategy. Is your website aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate? Does it confuse visitors? Are the instructions clear enough? Are you sharing relevant web content? Does it have the potential to make money?

If you’re looking for ways to boost web traffic, we’ve got just the right pick for you. Use call-to-actions! CTAs are super effective and powerful. These tiny buzz words make all the difference in the world and the right CTAs can do wonder for your click-through rates!

To help you understand how CTAs work, let’s give you a brief overview!

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The Definition of a Call to Action

A call to action is a phrase of words that triggers a response from web visitors. It redirects them to particular web pages to generate a conversion path. You can create a conversion path that they can follow effectively. Call to action buzz words hold a lot of potential in tweaking visitors on your web page.

CTAs are designed to trigger the web visitor to take a particular action that leads them to a conversion path. It can either be to sign up for a newsletter, create an account, view files and documents, and more. The buttons should grab attention and create a sense of urgency in the user.

It should look aesthetic and sharp like it has a huge impact on the visitor’s experience and should stand out from the rest of the elements on the web page, so using bigger sizes, contrasting colors and sharp images can do wonders for better CTA performance.

To help you create the most effective call to action, we’ve come up with a few examples you can use to trigger instant reactions! Check them out below:

  • Try It For Free

‘Buy’ and ‘order’ are two words that put a lot of pressure on the user.  You don’t want them to feel obligated. Use the word ‘try’ instead. It relaxes them from the pressure to make decisions they don’t want to and enjoy the freedom to explore and look around. You’re not risking anything by asking visitors to try something for free! And who doesn’t like free stuff?

  • Log In With Facebook/Google
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Nobody likes filling out long forms and wasting time. They don’t want to go through all that hassle when registering for anything. The best thing to do is simplify the onboarding process by giving them the option to sign up via a Google or Facebook account. This way you won’t lose potential customers because of long forms.

  • Let’s Start

A website should be clear and concise. It should include clear instructions so the user knows what to do next. This short and sweet CTA is warm and welcoming. It assures the user of the next step and invites them instead of forcing them to browse your website.

  • Sign up for a Free Trial Version Now

Signing up for a free trial version now creates a sense of urgency with the word now in it. It pushes the user to take an instant action to avoid missing out on a great experience before the times out. It’s short and tempting!

Bottom Line

CTAs are effective and promising. The CTAs we shared are universal, and pretty much work for every niche website. Just make sure to use them the right way! Avoid using confusing and vague words which confuse the user about what is next! Pick CTAs that are short, sweet, and create a sense of urgency!

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