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The Easiest Ways to Get More Traffic for Your Blog

Starting a blog has become very easy, and once your blog is up and running, the next big challenge you face is to bring more traffic to your website. Using some best practices, you can increase your blog traffic to get more visitors. Before you start blogging, you should set up push notifications for your site, and they help you stay in touch with the visitors after they leave your website. You can also bring them back. 

Following are some of the easiest ways to get more blog traffic-

1. Create audience profiles to understand your target audience

Before creating content for your website blog, you should spend some time understanding the target audience and what they are trying to look for. 

One will be able to build an audience framework by answering the below questions-

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems are they facing, and will be able to solve those problems?
  • What kind of content are they looking out for?
  • How can they find the answers to their questions?

These audience profiles are known as buyer personas. If you run an online store, you ought to know how to create a buyer persona with good examples and templates.

2. Do proper keyword research for planning your content-strategy

Keyword research is a technique used by most content creators and SEO experts, and it also helps you discover the specific words and sentences that users type in the search engine. They try to find it to stumble on the content they are looking for. Beginners tend to rely on their best guesses when they create content. You should know that no one is looking for your keywords.

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The following are the advantages of doing proper keyword research-

  • Discover or locate the actual search terms people are looking for. 
  • Try finding unique content ideas for popular search terms.
  • Learn from your competitors and try to beat them with better content.
  • Create a series of articles to drive in steady traffic to your blog.

There are a myriad of keyword tools which can help you with your content strategy. You will have to enter a keyword as well as a website address. The URL could also be for a competitor’s blog, or it could also be your own website. The keyword research tool will also help you discover many new keyword ideas.

3. Make an editorial calendar

After doing the keyword research, you will come up with tons of ideas about your blogs, and sometimes a massive list of keywords could overwhelm the beginners to a point where they might give up. You should ensure this doesn’t happen and create an editorial calendar, as it will help you create and stick to the plan. 

Many people avail of Digital Marketing Agency Perth services, which provides different types of SEO services to its clients.

You should be able to organize and create a bird’s eye view of your strategy. Following are some of the tips you should follow-

  • Avoid being too hard on yourself; start with two weekly articles, and gradually increase your pace.
  • Be consistent with your publishing schedule, and ensure that you follow your calendar and publish regular content as planned.
  • Try adding notes, keyword ideas and outlines to your calendar to help you produce better-quality content.
  • Try using tags, categories and other features in your calendar application and make it even more organized.
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4. Create comprehensive and valuable content

Users and search engines look for good quality content, and for a blog, the quality piece is a broad topic covering all the details, making it extremely helpful for its users. These comprehensive articles are known as the pillar articles, and some experts may also refer to them as cornerstone articles.

These are your most important articles, and you can choose the most profitable keyword and provide as much information as possible in one long-form piece. 

You should follow the below tips when creating pillar content-

  • The Pillar content could be any type of article or blog, such as a tutorial, comparison article or opinion piece.
  • The main difference between a pillar content and other articles is that pillar articles are more comprehensive, and they also provide a piece of in-depth information.
  • Pillar articles are not time-dependent, and they are always helpful. You should keep them updated with new information and ensure they also stay on top of the search results.

5. Make your content more readable

Search engines and users tend to live longer and more comprehensive articles. However, the problem is that humans have a shorter attention span and if the content that you have uploaded is a little difficult to read or to understand. After that, they may leave without looking at all the information that you have offered.

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To solve this problem, you should make sure that your content is easy to read and one more efficient way to do this is by presenting your articles in bite-size sentences using a lot of visuals.

Following are some steps to make your content more user-friendly-

  • Incorporate smaller sentences and paragraphs. This makes the text easy to read.
  • Try to improve the topography by using readable fonts and plenty of line spacing.
  • Check the readability score of your content and by the help of some online tools, you can also stumble upon tons of other online readability checkers.
  • Make use of images, videos and screenshots which makes your content highly engaging.

6. Apply SEO basics to your website

SEO helps your website make search engine friendly and anyone can do SEO for their own websites by making a proper strategy. 

7. Learn to write great headlines

When users find your content, the first thing they see is your article headline, and a catchy blog post will get you more clicks. You should learn how to write better titles for the blog posts which capture user attention and get more clicks. Blogging experts have been doing research on the headlines for a long time, and you can also benefit from their findings. A good headline is the one which includes a call to action, and it helps you generate more leads.

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