Termination of pregnancy by Get Abortion pills in Dubai


One only feels a foreign body that should be remove. The other thinks after the termination: That was murder. Three women tell what it’s like to terminate a pregnancy.

The legal basis of abortions is currently being discuss again in the Bundestag. We therefore dedicate a focus to Abortion pills in Dubai to this topic .

Sophia want to terminate her pregnancy with pills, but they didn’t work. Nora describes the pain during her suction. And Carmen compares the termination with a wisdom tooth operation, the growing child in her body with a parasite.

When we start our focus on abortion, we also aske our readers to tell us about their experiences with the topic by doctor from Abortion pills in Dubai . We receive hundreds of messages. One aspect that women repeatedly describe was the physical and psychological experience of an abortion. We reproduce these experiences at this point.


There are two forms of abortion: instrumental and medicinal. The woman chooses the method herself. One of the deciding factors is whether women want to actively experience the abortion – as is the case when taking the Abortion pills in Dubai.

Some of the experiences describe here are exceptional. The women’s impressions are subjective. The vast majority of abortions take place without complications – as with any medical procedure, however, it can also happen here. We have select descriptions that show how intimate and how physically and psychologically stressful an un want pregnancy and its termination can be.

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We also ask the sexual medicine specialist and therapist Katharina Rohmert at Abortion pills in Dubai what happens if the patient is abort, what physical complaints can occur and where they come from. She explains what the women experience and how common these experiences are. Rohmert gives psychoanalytically orient counseling and sex medicine consultation hours at Pro Familia. She explains why the physical experiences during an abortion are so different from one another. We change the names of these women.

Sofia: “Now she is dying in my womb.

I took a pill to terminate the pregnancy. That meant I had to start my own abortion. Taking the pill in secret was scary. Very shy. For many days. I kept thinking: now she was dying in my womb. In secret. Because I couldn’t tell anyone. I remember that it last a week in total. On Friday afternoon, the long-await hemorrhage occur, which would cause the embryo to be reject.

Romert: “To have a medical abortion, a woman takes three pills containing the active ingredient mifepristone.

Then a tissue hormone, prostaglandin, has to be taken as a tablet or insert as a suppository. The first causes the pregnancy to be terminate, and the hormones ensure that Sometimes women prefer to stay in the practice to take the first tablet and wait until the first bleeding starts, or they go for a walk and then come back when they are not in the practice with the other women Especially anxious women decide that way. Others say they prefer to take the tablets in the familiar surroundings at home with their own bathroom, because they feel more comfortable there. “

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When the bleeding start, I called the doctor treating me because it was so bad. He told me to come back on Monday. On the weekend I drove 200 km to a party to which I was invite. I only went to the toilet there. Every time I saw the clot blood, I ask myself: Has the embryo been reject? I was so scare and couldn’t tell the truth to anyone.

Rohmert: “In the event of a drug abortion There may be more bleeding than with an instrumental one, because the tissue has to be reject, which has already been remove during an operation. The bleeding is similar to a menstrual period but is heavier and longer. Most women can tell and the bleeding is limit. When women worry, it is often a matter of perception. After all, women bleed once a month and know what it’s like and what is a lot and what is not. But it can happen that women who are more use to weak periods perceive it as much stronger and more unusual than women who bleed a lot anyway. It is therefore very important for women to be inform beforehand by their doctor about what is normal and when to worry. Then you should call the doctor

I was back home on Sunday evening, where I lost consciousness. An ambulance took me to the hospital, where I could finally tell everything. I was told that my hemoglobin was very low because I had lost so much blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood. Because the oxygen level was so low, I pass out. But the embryo had not yet been reject. Only when I was lying on the operating table, where a scraping was made afterwards, did he leave. I then stay in the hospital for a few more days.

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Rohnert: “Women should see a gynecologist at Abortion counselling center twelve to fourteen days after the abortion. It can happen that he still discovers remains of the mucous membrane, but that is really rare. Women often worry that an abortion might not work. To 96 to 98 Percent it works. This is a very high degree of certainty for medical treatments. It is rare, but can happen that the hemoglobin value drops sharply due to blood loss. Especially in women who already have a low hemoglobin value. If it drops, it helps to drink a lot. Most of the time it works again. Even with severe blood loss due to the abortion, taking medication or even a blood transfusion is almost never necessary.

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