The 10 Best Sets Of Knives For Professional Or Home Use More Complete

The knife is one of the utensils that cannot be missing in any kitchen, as it is essential for the handling and processing of food. Their choice requires a certain rigor, having to consider the size of the knives, the design, the manufacturing material, their ease of cleaning, plus and the strength of the blade. And if they include accessories to store them, even better. The Zwilling Twin Gourmet knife set is an interesting option, which has 7 pieces of different sizes, designed for each cutting task that must be carried out and including good resistance, thanks to its quality manufacture. Another interesting proposal is the Home Hero HH7KS set, which includes 5 professional quality knives and great ergonomics. In addition, the purchase also adds a sharpener, an indispensable accessory that positively complements the experience of using the package.

What is the best knife set?

It is not just choosing a good brand, since sometimes one from Renaware or Oster might not be as useful as that affordable one from Royalty Line, or any brand, that does have the knives you need. The important thing is to choose a set with a chef’s knife, all-purpose, Santoku, serrated for the bread, and a small one for peeling.

In addition, they must be made of stainless steel, non-slip handles, and a durable edge.

1. Chef knife set

Not only is it a set of knives, but it also includes several quite interesting accessories such as scissors, sharpener, peeler, 12-wire whisk, and a transport bag. Apart from this, it includes a 25 cm chef’s knife, another 15 cm, a 7.5 cm peeler, and a 16 cm universal pitter.

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In terms of construction, the knives are full-bodied and made of stainless steel to ensure durability and quality.

2. Edition Knife Set

If you are looking for a complete set of knives to do everything in the kitchen, this model from our comparison will be a great choice. It has 6 knives: a large kitchen knife of 21 cm, another of 15 cm, one for the bread of 20 cm, another 10 cm peeler, a 19 m Santoku, and the 16 cm boner.

Apart from this, it includes a 23 cm sharpener and an apron to help you in the kitchen. It has a magnetic wall mount.

3. Hecef’s Knife Set

We reach the end of the comparison with this set of knives with a stainless steel blade and non-stick, as well as non-slip wooden handles and that also includes covers to store each knife correctly, avoiding possible accidental cuts or injuries and helping them to maintain the edge.

The set includes a kitchen knife, a bread knife, a Santoku, a multipurpose knife, and the smallest peeler. They are dishwasher safe and can be combined with a magnetic holder.

4. Victorinox Knife Set

We are used to the famous Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, but the truth is that they also make very good quality knives. In this case, it is a set of 6 units of knives for peeling, mincing, slicing, or dicing with serrated edges.

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They are made with stainless steel and have a non-slip handle to give you a safe and comfortable grip even if your hands are wet.

5. Navaris kitchen knife set

Your best option is if you are looking for a set of quality kitchen knives but without leaving your salary. This kit contains 5 knives made with stainless steel blades and a plastic handle. These are chef’s knives, another for bread, and smaller peelers.

In turn, it includes a peeler with a ceramic blade that will undoubtedly remain operational for a long time. They are not dishwasher safe.

6. Ankway Knife Set

With a very attractive design, these ceramic knives in black finish combine great with modern design kitchens. The set includes a chef’s knife, a multipurpose knife, a fruit knife, and a peeling knife, in addition to the addition of bringing a ceramic peeler for potatoes, carrots, and more.

The handle is made of ABS and non-slip TPR, plus a storage box and sheath for each knife are included.

7. Ross Henery’s Japanese Knife Set

This set consists of Japanese-style knives made of high carbon stainless steel, hand sharpened, and rigorously balanced. Includes cook, cut-off and, fillet, bread, butcher, boning, and skinning. They are extremely sharp, well balanced, and very well crafted.

They are full-length and are accompanied by a 10-inch carving fork and 12-inch steel sharpening.

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8. Riviera de Arcos ham knife set

This kit is everything you need to prepare your ham at home and become a master ham maker. It has a flexible 25 cm ham knife, a 13 cm boner, a 15 cm cook, a 23 cm sharpener, and a sheath for easy storage. They are made of stainless steel and cut and slice very well.

It even includes an apron to be a professional.

9. Zwilling Twin Pollux Knife Set

Zwilling is one of those brands specialized in quality knives, just what we get with this set of 5 knives and kitchen scissors. The knives included are the ham holder, kitchen, universal, for bread, and another for chopping. It is also worth noting that the set comes with a pair of scissors for poultry, nuts, and more. They are made of stainless steel and have an ergonomic handle.

10. HomeHero Knife Set

These are 5 non-stick laser-finished stainless steel knives, which also come with a fairly modern transparent acrylic support and a two-stage sharpener to keep the edge as easy as possible. The included knives are chef, bread, carver, multipurpose, and the small one for chopping. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

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