Can you take the abortion pill if you are 4 months pregnant?

In addition to “Islamization” and “gender madness”, abortion is the third major topic in which there are links between ultra-conservative, often Christian, and right-wing extremist milieus. But how does this alliance come about ? What is the motivation of the right-wing extremist milieu to appropriately exploit the issue of abortion for themselves? And by what means does this happen? A question arouse at Abortion tablets in Dubai

A “welcoming culture” for children

A welcoming culture for children. This expression can be found again and again in the election manifestos and speeches by conservative to right-wing politicians. But what actually sounds very good quickly turns out to be hypocritical . After all, the welcoming culture relates primarily to unborn children. Once the children are born, the party programs of AfD and Co. look meager with appropriate proposals. Effective youth welfare, expand child protection, more support for educational and care institutions, all of this receives little attention. Suggestions on how to deal with children who deviate from what is call the social norm also leave something to be desire.

Control over your own body

Anti-abortionists are probably not only interest in protecting unborn life, but also in control of the female body. This is obvious in view of their generally misogynous attitude. Pregnant women should not be able to deal with pregnancy and abortion in a self-determine manner. Above all, this denies those affect the ability to make independent and mature decisions at the time at Abortion tablets in Dubai.

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The reasons of right-wing anti-abortionists

One motivation is therefore to massively curtail people who can get pregnant in their sexuality and freedom. But the right milieu also has other motivations. Some are open to the fact that “German” women would have to have more children in order to maintain the “ German population” . Access to abortion would be counterproductive. Another part probably wants to win voters among the child friends and present themselves as loving and child-friendly.

Abortions from the perspective of those affected

Ideological arguments ignore the fact that pregnant women can  very well judge independently whether an abortion is right for them personally. In addition to protecting the unborn life, anti-abortionists are said to also care about the mental health of those affect. However, they cannot substantiate their claims that abortions have negative psychological consequences and are immensely stressful. Instead, a new study has brought to light the opposite. Over 95% of all participants would have rate the abortion perform at Abortion tablets in Dubai they experience after five years either positively or neutrally. This clearly indicates that pregnant women are clearly able to make the right and right decision for themselves.

Abortions and intersectionality?

We should of course not forget the fact that abortion in general is a very hot topic. This can lead to friction and discrepancies even within feminist circles. In fact, some feminists are also critical of an excessive relaxation of the existing abortion laws. In contrast to ultra-conservative and right-wing movements, they are not concern with interfering with the self-determination of pregnant women. Some are much more likely to have a different concern, particularly with regard to intersectionality. They fear that easier access to abortions could lead to higher abortions, including babies with milder disabilities. This would create a selection. says Abortion tablets in Dubai

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What should we do?

such arguments should also be take into account and take seriously in the abortion debate. They take a fresh look at the ethical dilemma that the abortion issue brings with it. The response of the ultra-conservative and right-wing circles to this concern of demonizing abortion and wanting to maintain the ban is by no means productive. Rather, one should conduct a respectful discourse on an equal footing. There, the pregnant woman’s right to self-determination is to be take into account equally as ethical aspects. For more about counselling visit us at Get abortion pills in Dubai

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