20 Research Topic Ideas for Nursing Dissertation in 2023

Before you pass out from your nursing college, you have to submit a quality dissertation. It is a document that shows your learning and expertise in nursing. However, do you know what is the most difficult task when writing a nursing dissertation? Yes, it is the selection of a topic or an idea. Choosing the best topic is the most important task, but many students fail to do so. They either choose topics that are too broad or choose something very narrow and focused.

Keeping this in view, we will list down the 20 research topics for the nursing dissertation. Know that the topics that we are going to discuss are going to be hot topics in 2023. So, pay special attention to all the topics. Along with the topics, you will also find nursing dissertation writing guidelines. So, let’s get started with the topic.

Top 20 nursing dissertation topics in 2023

If you have picked the nursing field as your major, you are most likely aware of how challenging this field is. Along with tons of coursework, you also have to select a topic and write a dissertation on it. However, a list of the top 19 topics is as follows:

  1. The effect of antibiotics on the immune system of children
  2. The effects of second-hand smoke inhalation on the lungs
  3. A role of genetic factors in diabetes in children
  4. How to diagnose and manage respiratory problems in children
  5. A study on the prevention strategies for childhood obesity
  6. A study on the analysis of the causes of depression in youth
  7. Studying the effect of culture on nursing practices
  8. A detailed look at the anxiety disorders treatment strategies
  9. Analysing the difference in the diets of healthy and non-healthy people
  10. The benefits of collaborative nursing
  11. Analysing different treatment methods for acne in women
  12. How to increase the fertility of women
  13. How do cultural differences affect the health of women
  14. Analysing the effects of cosmetic dermatology on females
  15. Different measures to prevent pregnancy during sexual intercourse
  16. Studying the effects and causes of bipolar disorder in humans
  17.  Analysing the major reasons for stress in the life of police officers
  18. How does the practice of abortion affect the body of a woman
  19. A detailed discussion on the major causes of obesity
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Top writing guidelines to compose an effective nursing dissertation

After reading the information above, you now have the list of 19 top topics you can choose from. Supposing that you have selected the topic for your nursing dissertation, it is now time to discuss the writing guidelines. Thus, a brief description of all the guidelines is as follows:

1. Understand the requirements

The first and most important guideline is that you must understand the requirements of your dissertation. Teachers mostly send a document of the requirement to students. In that document, there is information about the word count required, preferred writing style, etc. Hence, study the requirements and write the dissertation accordingly.

2. Perform extensive research

Research is the most crucial phase in writing an effective nursing dissertation. It is the phase in which you collect credible information that relates to your dissertation topic. When you are researching, make sure that you only take information from credible sources. Some credible sources are ResearchGate, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar.

3. Follow the structure

In most parts of the world, a standard dissertation writing structure is followed. Therefore, you must follow the standard structure. The standard structure of a nursing dissertation has five chapters, i.e., introduction, literature review, methodology, results & discussion, and conclusion. Make sure that your dissertation is in this format.

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4. Develop a writing plan

Planning is of utmost importance in a nursing dissertation. An effective plan does not allow you to get off track when you are writing the dissertation in actuality. It keeps you reminding what to write next. Hence, develop a plan to write an effective dissertation. However, if you cannot, do not hesitate to hire dissertation writing services.

5. Start writing the dissertation

Lastly, after doing all the steps mentioned above, you should start writing the dissertation. Start it with a clear and impactful introduction that can grab the attention of the reader. After that, take a survey of the existing literature in your field and write about it. All in all, write each chapter of the dissertation well.


To sum up, choosing a nursing dissertation topic is not an easy task. However, you can choose any topic from the ones we have mentioned above. Also, pay close attention to the dissertation writing guidelines discussed above. They are the keys to the door to your nursing degree. Thus, select a topic from the ones given above and write the dissertation by following the guidelines.

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