In the World of AI: The Jobs that can’t be automated

Elon Musk revealed that he is exposed to the most advanced AI and has seen how intelligent it could be. And concludes there is no doubt that Robots will be able to do everything better than humans. Just take the basic example of the advancement of computers. We can see that the world has made more progress in the last decade than it has done in the last thousand years. Currently, almost every industry has employed automation for their work. Now students from all across the globe are more interested in getting the most advanced education. Being a premium transcript service provider, we receive queries from many students regarding certificates attestation and transcript certificates that they have to present in the foreign institution where they want to study advanced AI and machine learning. But in the race of getting everything automated, few jobs can’t be replaced by automation.

Let me ask you a question, would you like a robot to do your root canal surgery? Or would you like an AI machine as a psychiatrist to cure your depression? Well, you must have got an idea that not all jobs are meant for AI, no matter how advanced they become. So if you are someone who wants to do works that are solely meant for humans, then this post is for you. Here are a few jobs that can’t be automated:

  • Lawyer – AI can learn all the theories available in the book of laws. It can study all the cases. But fighting a case involves a lot of emotion and acumen that is not possible for robots at the moment. So if you like to argue, you can definitely go for it without any fear of being replaced by AI.
  • Politicians – Leading a country requires connecting with people mentally, emotionally, and physically. Politicians work with a huge sense of responsibility that AI lacks. Moreover, you won’t like yourself to be led by a robot who can’t decide what is best for you. An AI can make decisions based on past events, but if there are new circumstances, the country will fall.
  • Artists – Art is again something where a lot of emotions are involved. Whether you want to paint, dance, sing, or act, you need to put in your emotions and aggression. Art is a means to connect with people and thankfully AI cannot connect with people through art.
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  • Managers – Just like a human operator is required to manage all the robots in any manufacturing plant, a manager is also required to efficiently manage the work processes in any company. What if you are working in a company where your boss is a robot? Will its scolding or praises mean anything to you? No, right. AI can allot the works based on its programming but it cannot ensure accuracy, timely completion, etc. Therefore Managers need to be human.
  • Customer service – Lately customer service has become one of the most important business functions contributing to the company’s growth. Companies like Mercedes, Amazon, etc. rely on customer service to provide extraordinary customer experience. To properly connect with customers, human involvement is necessary. When it comes to handling grievances, humans will always be superior to AI.

We understand that AI is self-learning. But the thing is it can gain only knowledge and not emotions. If you aran e Avenger fan, you know Ultron. They can learn everything, they can plan everything, but they are not complete. Therefore AI cannot replace all the jobs. Above 5 are just a few, there are many other jobs on the list like a judge, customized designers, hospitality managers, etc. We hope you must have got a brief idea about the jobs meant only for humans. So be it Law, AI, Acting, or whatever course you want to pursue abroad, we can help get you the transcripts you require. Contact now.

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