What are the Benefits of Bird Cage Scaffolding Services?

Bird Cage Scaffolding is a type of suspended scaffolding that’s ideal for worksite projects with difficult access. It’s made up of a combination of a steel grid framework that’s supported above the ground, as well as a suspended, enclosed platform that’s used to scale a vertical or horizontal structure. This form of scaffolding, also referred to as a “bird cage scaffolding,” was once used in shipyards and factories to get workers to even the furthest areas.

Nowadays, bird cages are more frequently used in construction, an industry that favours flexibility and speed, which is why bird cage scaffold is such a great option for jobs where time is of the essence.

Benefits of Bird Cage Scaffolding

Speed and Efficiency

Bird cage scaffolding is a faster option for accessing hard-to-reach areas. It eliminates the need to build traditional scaffolding on-site from scratch, as the pre-prepared steel structure can be simply lowered from the roof of the building and connected to the frame. With its adaptability, bird cage scaffolding can be used on both external and internal projects outlines.


Bird cages are light in weight, making them easily transportable to different sites and locations. The frames come semi-assembled which makes them versatile and allows them to fit in narrow spaces, curves, and unique architectural structures.

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The pre-built bird cages are often installed with guardrails, toe boards and fall protection systems meaning workers are well protected while marching around the platform. Additional safety measures include steel or timber base plates, adjustable base jacks, mid rails or toepoints that are included in the pricing of the bird cage. This type of scaffolding also has integrated brakes that release automatically when the platform is suspended to the frame.

Durability and Longevity

Bird cage scaffolding is made of galvanized steel for longer life. Investing in bird cage scaffolding is worth the investment as maintain your bird cage is a relatively simple and hassle-free process. The galvanized steel used will protect against corrosion, allowing the steel to last throughout all kinds of weather.

Types of Bird Cage Scaffolding


Freestanding bird cage scaffolding is free-standing and perfect for jobs where access from the top of a building is unavailable. They are used for accessing areas such as hallways and open spaces where it is not possible to mount the scaffolding off a rooftop or parapet. As its name implies, this type of bird cage does not require a supporting structure as it is supported by its own steel framework.


Traversing bird cages help workers access difficult-to-reach parts of a structure without having to move the entire A&C scaffolding from one area to another. The versatile nature of this type of scaffolding makes it a must-have for most construction sites. Traversing bird cages are fitted with a fixed rail system that allows them to move along a certain path while remaining still attached to an external structure.

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Adjustable bird cages are perfect for situations where the level of height needed varies. This type of scaffolding has adjustable frames that can be quickly changed to accommodate different levels of access required on different projects. It also has large wheels which make it easy to move from one job to the next.

Uses of Bird Cage Scaffolding

Painting and Decorating

Bird cages are great for exterior and interior painting and decorating projects that require high levels of access. The adjustable frames and large platform give painters plenty of space to complete their work effectively and efficiently.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a dangerous job if done from the ground. However, when done using a bird cage, window cleaners have a safe and secure platform from which to work from, which will increase the lifespan of the windows, due to the reduced risk of falls and associated accidents.

High Level Construction Work

Bird cage scaffolding is perfect for accessing high levels for construction works that require a more hands-on approach. Due to the secure nature of the frames and the durability of the steel, this type of scaffolding is ideal for many construction projects both inner and outer.


Bird cages are the perfect solution for worksites that require speed and flexibility but also high levels of safety and support. Due to the secure nature of the frames and the durability of the steel, this type of scaffolding is ideal for many construction projects both inner and outer. The cost-effective yet sturdy design of birdcage scaffolding is perfect for a variety of worksite applications, allowing workers to access hard-to-reach parts of a structure safely and securely to complete their work efficiently.

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