Water Logic Provides RO Plants In Pakistan At Reasonable Prices

Household water treatment systems can operate in one or more stages and thus meet different individual water filtration requirements.

Other multi-stage systems include Aqua Fidelo filtration systems for domestic and well water. Any filtration system from one to four stages can be connected as standard. Possible filters for this type of domestic water filtration system include sediment filters, activated carbon filters for bacteria and contaminants, anti-limescale filters (which combine lime into crystals) and iron filters. With the separate AquaKalko limescale protection, it is also possible to install a separate chemical-free limescale protection for the whole house at the water inlet pipe.

The Line Guard domestic water treatment system works in one step and can filter large volumes of water and is widely used not only in private households (multi-family) but also in healthcare, sports facilities, restaurants and industry. The filtration system has two membranes that work alternately to stop bacteria, viruses and parasites, i.e. all types of pathogens. In this context, it is worth noting that legionella bacteria are becoming increasingly common in public buildings. With Line Guard, any legionella infection can be eliminated economically and efficiently, as there is no need to renovate the building’s pipes. Subsequent costs are minimal as the filters are flushed independently.

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Our water softening systems are also installed in domestic water connections and reduce the lime content of the water to protect all pipes and appliances in the home. Descaling is done with an ion exchange resin that is continuously regenerated with salt. Soft water also has a positive effect on the taste of drinks, for example by removing impurities after discharge from a water dehumidifier, by using a filter under the sink or a table water filter in the kitchen.

Filtration systems for well water

Suitable well water filtration systems include all filtration systems and limescale reduction systems or a combination of these systems, as well as domestic water filtration systems.

Particular filtration of iron and manganese, the levels of which can have a particular impact on well water quality, can be achieved by means of an oxidiser (next), which can be selected for different water flows. In addition to iron and manganese, hydrogen sulphide, which would otherwise cause an unpleasant taste and odour in the water, is removed at the same time.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis is a special type of water filtration and is usually installed in the kitchen near the drinking water tap. The water is forced through a very fine membrane and only small water molecules pass through, keeping out suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, chemicals and minerals. Reverse osmosis also removes limescale and softens the water. Water logic offers the best RO Plant Price in Pakistan.

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Clean drinking and cooking water is stored in a tank on one side of the membrane, while unwanted substances are collected on the other side and regularly flushed down the drain to clean the membrane again.

Our AquaAvanti Osmo reverse osmosis system differs slightly from conventional systems in that it does not require electricity to operate. A sediment filter and an activated carbon filter purify the water before it enters the third filter’s fine reverse osmosis membrane. After purification, the water passes through a further activated carbon filter which further enhances the taste and contains special ceramics to improve the taste. The water from reverse osmosis has a slightly acidic pH due to the filtering out of minerals.

Filters for outdoor use and travel

Long hikes and physically demanding adventure trips in the desert make it unavoidable to transport drinking water. Those who know that water from ponds, lakes, streams or rivers will be on the way can save ballast by simply taking along a lightweight Grayl outdoor filter that safely filters out particles, protozoa, bacteria, viruses and most chemicals. Even in times and places where drinking water supply is not guaranteed (crisis or contamination of drinking water by water suppliers), you should always carry Grayl.

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