The Queen’s Game, Graphic Creations, and Original Visuals

The Queen’s Game Graphic, a TV series by Scott Frank and Allan Scott, released in 2020 on Netflix. Has won international success and given a tailor-made role to actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

At Malevolent Mouse Productions. We also devoured the series, which made us want to list our favorites among the many graphic creations and original visuals that have flourished on the web.

SPOILER ALERT This article contains possible spoilers regarding the plot and outcome of the series.

Animated creations in motion design

Artists’ achievements

Let’s start with the animation that caught our eye the most, that of the artist Fran RC.

We see here a desire to represent all the determination of Beth, the main character, in an assertive graphic style specific to the artist. This assured and ruthless gaze brings us back to the character when he deals a fatal blow to his opponent during a game of chess. Fran RC has chosen to highlight the pills that will play an important role in her psychological development throughout the series. In a few seconds of GIF, the artist gives us a magnificent representation of the temperament of the character, and the stakes of the series.

A very nice idea to represent little Elizabeth during her learning of chess. The artist succeeded in perfectly transcribing the character’s nature and the situation at this key moment in the plot. This shy, grumpy, disillusioned young orphan will cross by chance the path of a chess enthusiast.

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Our achievements

Our video agency specializing in motion design also lent itself to the game. By imagining unique visuals on the universe of the hit series.


Aymeric Brun chose to focus solely on the game of chess for his GIF. The tray and the different pieces, as well as the gradients, were made in Illustrator using the pen tool. For the sake of tradition, our one of the best video companies near me wanted to keep brown. Cream shades reminiscent of the wood of period games. He then adapted the positioning and perspective of the pieces according to their location on the chessboard via After Effects. Finally, it brings the board to life by simulating a game in progress. Then, he inserts smoke which he uses to make elements appear and disappear thanks to luminance layers. To approximate the style of the official “The Queen’s Gambit” posters Graphic. It uses serif typography, which gives a vintage look to the whole.


In a completely different style, Garance a walk, and a production company near me, presents her version of Beth Harmon. It is based on the image of the woman of the 60s. And particularly on her place in a masculine environment such as chess. The contrast of shapes and colors here evokes the two facets of the character: the woman and the “Grand Master”. The artist favors pastel and colored tones, typical of the vintage universe of the series. The colors used for the character’s hair and clothing further accentuate his presence. The position, three-quarters turned over, evokes here a part of the mystery in the character. The author subtly mixes passion and addiction in this checkerboard background.

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Finally, our motion designer, Pierre Jacquemin, offers us a simple animation of the heroine facing a chessboard. He performs a forward and backward traveling with a revelation effect on the game board which is initially off-screen. Inspired by the official poster of the series. It offers us a close-up “face” of Beth which leaves room for the game board while moving away. This choice of movement gives us the impression of weaving between the rooms. This perspective effect was worked on After Effect.

The vintage approach that reflects the universe of the series

It achieves a very beautiful mise-en-abime of the title of the series. By associating a retro graphic style with the visual of a tarot deck card. The colors used, the gradation of greens, aim to highlight Miss Harmon’s flamboyant hair.

A very beautiful vintage poster inspired by the covers of horror comics from the 1970s and 1980s. This meticulous illustrator goes so far as to reproduce the folds. And traces of wear on the comic book cover to accentuate the vintage and almost “collector” side of the work Graphic. Like the plot of the series, the young prodigy is surrounded by her demons. They seem to have taken over his view of the world. The author of this work voluntarily loaded the image to transcribe the heavy atmosphere in. Which the main character finds himself. Chess pieces and psychedelic pills dominate the character and impose themselves on all levels of this scene.

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The artist has chosen to highlight the determined look of the character. White and black are ubiquitous, like the vintage colors of the eighties, with a pastel pencil-style coating. The only color hues standing out from the portrait are the representations of the pills and Beth’s addiction. We also note a singular work of shadows that accentuates the relief and gives depth to the image.


The character has a perky look, a more open stance, and a more assertive smile than in previous representations. This choice is more interesting in that it contrasts completely with the atmosphere. And the dark hues of the decor and the clothing. A beautiful metaphor for the inner demons that are eating away at an angelic-looking character. The black and white penciled style depicts the heroine seated in front of a chess game. She is in a confident position and looks cold and confident Graphic. One can easily imagine him scrutinizing his future adversary. A nice way to pay tribute to the chess champion.

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