Listening to Entrepreneurs: Meeting with a Passionate Guide

Contributing to the development of leaders, creating her own schedule, participating in the camaraderie with colleagues and feeling like she is making a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs Guide, this is what Caroline Fredette experiences on a daily basis.

Meeting with a passionate guide

From her first day, formerly the Group of Business Leaders, Caroline felt the warm welcome, the spirit of mutual aid and the desire to professionally support entrepreneurs in their progress. She understood that she could contribute to something bigger than herself by participating in the development of entrepreneurship in San Diego. And it is the passion of his colleagues that gives him wings. You need to get in touch with a business motivational speaker to get success to grow your business.

Her role as companion, she embraces it as a true-life mission. Organizing and preparing inspiring meetings by finding themes and guests, she loves it. She takes care of the needs of the clubs (groups of entrepreneurs) she accompanies and the individual needs of the members to create the space so that each entrepreneur feels free to approach their challenges and dare her vulnerability, without judgement.

Moreover, if someone has an urgent issue to discuss, she adjusts to the context to maximize mutual support. If a member brings up a need that cannot be met within the club, she connects him or her with a member or expert who can help. It can also organize a Creativity Boost meeting with other members of the network.

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“I love working with people who challenge themselves, who want to improve, manage growth and grow while taking care of their employees. Entrepreneurs are in the action, it’s on the move and they always want to become the best version of themselves. “, she explains. Thanks to her benevolent listening, she leads 5-hour meetings with a dozen entrepreneurs who discuss their issues in complete transparency.

She brings out the right questions and ensures that the climate remains positive, in an extraordinary spirit of mutual aid. Topics covered include vision, human resources, sales and marketing, finance, business continuity and leadership. The purpose of these exchanges is to allow entrepreneurs, in contact with other members, to develop their potential and their skills (knowledge, know-how, interpersonal skills) in order to create value in their role, their business and society.

The qualities of a guide

According to Caroline, it takes several qualities to be a professional guide. First of all, you have to love entrepreneurs, and be attracted to SMEs and the business world. Listening and sensitivity are also good assets to make the right intervention at the right time. But it also takes a lot of organization and preparation as well as a good ability to adapt. Coaches must also use their network to integrate new members to enrich their clubs. Moreover, a professional training over two years allows the accompanying person to fully master their role. He and she learn there, in particular. The methodology of meetings, support for the dynamics of the club and support for the progress of business leaders. Caroline is well surrounded. Monthly meetings with a coach and with other guides allow her to discuss her role and improve.

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Each coach has a life similar to that of a self-employed person. Everyone works from home, except for training and meetings. It is a context of freedom and responsibility that allows you to fully flourish. With remarkable coworkers, open and inspiring members, we grow in a climate of trust. There really is a way to have fun and be creative in managing your clubs. “, explains Caroline.

Despite everything, the work of the guide remains little known. It is a challenge perfectly suited for anyone with a professional background in executive coaching, organizational development, human resources or other related disciplines and experiences. As Caroline Fredette points out. There are few places where an entrepreneur benefits from such a benevolent. And reassuring welcome that he and she are comfortable discussing. A personal problem after only 5 minutes. Feeling that our quality of listening and our professionalism allow. The entrepreneur to open up and go further, it’s really gratifying.

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