How to Fix Error Code 55 on Brother Printer?

If you’re having issues printing, make sure you check your Drum unit, ink or toner levels, or your Wi-Fi connection. These could all be the reason for error code 55. This article explains what you should do in the event that one of the causes of your printer not functioning properly and Brother printer says offline. We will also provide useful tips for resolving the printer’s issue. This article will aid you in fixing problems caused by your Brother printer.

Brother Printer Error code 55

If you’re experiencing error code 55 from the Brother printer it is time to look at a few options. The first is that the fuser unit may be the reason for this issue. In certain cases, it is possible that the fuser unit is malfunctioning and will not get warm enough. Try to fix this error for the Brother Printer by shutting it off, then turning it back on. If none of these methods work to work, contact Brother support to get assistance. Below are some useful brother printer troubleshooting techniques to fix the error 55 that appears on the Brother printer.

Make sure you check the cables. Sometimes, a damaged cable or EIO board on the printer could be the cause. If none of these functions, it could be a problem with the hardware. The best solution is to consult a tech. There are many solutions to this issue. If none of these solutions work you can try replacing the cable or try another port on your computer. If that doesn’t work it is possible to try the reset process to resolve the problem.

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Drum unit

It is possible that the issue “Brother printer drum unit is not functioning properly” can be caused by a variety of causes, and one of them could be a dirty corona wiring. Other causes could be the wrong installation of the drum cartridge or toner unit. If you’ve been struggling with this issue Here are some suggestions to try. We hope that you’ll be able to fix the issue yourself and stay clear of calling tech support.

To clean the corona cable to clean the corona wire, take off the covering of your Brother printer and move it up until you hear the click. Then, take this drum from your printer and replace it with an alternative one. Make sure not to touch all electrodes. Electrostatic electricity can harm the printer. If you have found one of these solutions to help, you can reset the counter of the drum in the printer by shifting it from one side to another.


If your printer isn’t connecting with your wireless network then you could be wondering what the issue might lie. One good place to start is to determine if your printer is connected to an identical wireless connection as your laptop. If you can answer yes then consider turning off your firewall and antivirus. Make sure your printer is set to the DMZ settings of your router. Sometimes, the printer might be in sleep mode and will not print anything until you unplug it and then reconnect.

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If you’ve tried all of these options but your printer cannot connect, verify that you have the correct wireless security information within your router. If you’re not sure of how to go about this, consult the manual for your printer. There are printers that have an outdated wireless profile that interferes with the wireless router. To solve this issue you can change the router’s SSID and network name according to the manufacturer’s preferred settings.

Toner or ink level

When your printer from Brother shows an error message that reads “Ink or Toner Level Low,” it is recommended to first determine the ink and toner levels. This error can occur when the printer is running out of toner or ink and is not printing in a clear manner. The printer could also start replacing one color with another one, like blue ink in black and black ink. Sometimes, it will stop printing and display the level of ink in the status bar.

If the level of ink or the toner on your Brother printer isn’t sufficient to trigger these issues You can check the alignment by hand. A lot of Brother printers come with the ability to align themselves. It adjusts itself, however, you must examine it manually. Another indicator of low levels of ink is a faded or blurred image. It is possible to check the level of ink visually by looking at the weights of the cartridges. If you notice a significant distinction between them it could be an ink cartridge that is low.

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USB cable

There could be problems in your Brother printer that is preventing users from printing with it. Windows won’t recognize the printer, and it’s not able to print or upgrade its firmware. The reason behind this isn’t clear. Brother is currently working on a solution however, there’s no timeline for the solution. These steps could help in your particular situation. Use these guidelines to correct the issue.

The first step is to ensure that your Printer’s USB connection is connected to your computer. If not, the cable could have been connected with the incorrect port. To correct this issue you must follow the steps below. If you’re unable to locate the model number of your printer within the devices list, verify whether you’ve installed the most recent version of the driver for your printer. If it’s not appearing You can download it directly from Brother Printer’s official website.

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