4 Useful Tips for Bathroom Furniture Care

Bathroom furniture provides the extra storage space necessary to keep your bathroom clutter-free. Congested bathrooms often have to cut short on storage fixtures because of limited floor space. They serve as a brilliant solution to your bathroom’s storage needs occupying no space on the floor. The growing needs for storage has increased the trend of installing various types of vanity units. Today, these are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials. However, bathrooms are such an environment where there is excessive humidity, the chance of water splashing on the nearby things. In the past, natural hardwood was most used for furniture. 

However, despite it being durable and of high quality, it may shrink and swell due to increased humidity. If you have a completely separate shower enclosure and ensure lower levels of humidity, then you may use solid wood furniture. Otherwise, it may not be a good option for you. Whatever type of bathroom furniture you may use, there will be a need for continuous look after and care.

Here are some useful tips you can practice protecting your vanity units against any disfigurement.

Why Caring for Bathroom Furniture Important?

I constructed most bathroom vanity furniture out of wood and melamine, making it prone to get damaged by water. This demands great care and attention to prevent any risk of damage. In order to take better care of them, we need to know what type of material we use in the vanity units and cabinets for the bathroom. We have already discussed why hardwood is not a suitable option for it. Plywood is a popular material for such purposes. It can withstand a humid environment to some extent. It does not easily degrade either. Another type of material is MDF is another type of bathroom storage furniture material that is economical and lightweight. It has a dense structure compared to plywood and is a suitable option for a humid environment. 

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Looking After Your Bathroom Furniture.

Without proper care and looking after, your bathroom furniture will not have a long life, nor will it look good. Whether you have plywood or MDF bathroom vanity units and cabinets, there are a few simple ways to maintain them in their original shape for the long term. 

  • Install Bathroom Storage Furniture at the Right Spots

No matter what type of bathroom it is, you need to be careful while planning the layout. It is important to choose the right spots when installing storage fixtures like vanity units, tall cabinets, side cabinets, and bath panels.

You don’t want to install floor-standing fixtures in the way of traffic flow as it might lead to the risk of unwanted contact. Frequent contact can damage the protective covering on the surface, exposing the furniture to steam and water.

  • Be Cautious Against Unnecessary Spillage

In a place like a bathroom, there are bound to be leaks and spillages. It can form these water puddles from almost anything like tap dripping or splashes during a shower. The important thing is to prevent them from damaging your bathroom furniture.

By simply keeping your bathroom dry after every bathing session can significantly drop the chances of potential furniture damage. If there is any spillage of toothpaste or shampoo, wipe it right after before it affects the furniture.

  • Beware of Any Internal Leakage
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With all the internal pipelines and faucets, the risk of having an internal leakage is always there. Internal bathroom leakage can cause serious damage not only to the furniture but also to the structure of the bathroom as well.

The worst thing about internal leakage is that they are hard to spot. You will only notice a leakage after it rots your bathroom cabinets. In case you spot an abnormal water puddle, it may be because of any leakage; start by identifying the source and get it fixed as soon as possible. Make sure that you tighten all the faucet rings.

  • Choose the Right Cleaning Supplies

Doesn’t matter how much you love grocery shopping; chances are you would pay the least amount of attention while selecting the bathroom cleaning supplies. Most supplies out there offer 99% of germs elimination and gleamy finish.

However, some of these cleaners contain chemicals that might also affect the furniture of your bathroom. It mainly focused on bathroom cleaners on ceramic surfaces as they are tough enough to survive the chemicals. Wooden cabinets can take serious damage from such chemicals. Therefore, it is important to choose furniture-friendly cleaning supplies.

Final Thoughts about Maintenance of Bathroom Furniture

Whether you have plywood or MDF bathroom furniture, if you follow the above tips, you can easily keep them clean and maintain them in their best form. It does not be an everyday routine. Once or twice a week should be enough to look after it. If you monitor any changes in their shapes, then it will be easier to repair it before the damage is too big. You can visit Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK in case you want the best quality vanity units and cabinets. 

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