Why BBQ RUBS is the Best Seasoning for your Grilled Meals

Barbeques are the favorite way to spend the holidays or weekends. These backyard feasts are the most enjoyable time, which becomes amazing via great food. A rub boosts the flavor of fish, meat, poultry, and vegetables. It takes the barbeque parties to the next level and brings a great flavor to the food.

BBQ rub is a spice blend that does not take long to prepare and is made with what you already have in the kitchen pantry. It healthily brings great flavor. Rubbing it on the outer surface of your meat, fish, or poultry before cooking makes your food taste heavenly. It is a traditional blend of salt and sweet ingredients that gives the best flavor and an amazing outer crust.

How BBQ RUBS work

The quantity of the rub plays a crucial role in how your barbeque tastes. You cannot put more than two tablespoons of rub in one pound of meat. Even if you have some rub after using it, you can put it into an airtight container to use in the next barbeque. Rubs can be dry and wet, but dry is more versatile and better used when the purpose is to cook slowly and low in a griller or smoker. Rubs usually burn on high heat, so it is better to use rubs when you intend to cook on low flame and slow. It would be best to use a conventional oven or a slow cooker for rubs. One more option is to slather on a wet rub, a cross between a dry and wet rub. You can make BBQ rub from spices, oil, vinegar, or citrus acid.

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It is commonly said that barbeque rubs should not be used as the key flavor, but it is a flavor enhancer. Usually there is a confusion between barbeque seasoning and barbeque rubs. The most important difference is their use. Rubs are used before cooking, while seasoning is sprinkled after the meat is cooked. Unlike marinades, barbeque rubs do not need extra time to flavor the meat before putting it on the grill. It means it saves time. Dry rubs are better than wet ones because they give a crisp exterior. At the same time, wet rubs can soften the exterior of the meat. The crispy exterior is the hallmark of a delicious barbeque. A dry rub is the best thing to season the meat.

What Works Best With Rubs

Chicken goes great with rubs since it is neutral and has a mild flavor adjusting well to rubs. A good rub for chicken starts with salt, pepper, onion powder, paprika, and garlic powder. For extra flavor, you can add a herb named rubbed sage, just a tiny amount is enough. There is no hard and fast rule about the measurements, and you should rather consider your personal preferences.

After applying rub to the chicken, place the chicken on the grill instantly and cook at 275 degrees for around 1.5 hours. You then need to slather the chicken with a finishing ketchup, sugar, and apple cider vinegar sauce and cook for another 20 minutes. Certain meats go better without rubs. If you go for steak, it is better to use salt and pepper since meat already has plenty of flavors. There is no need for extra flavors. However, chicken is mild; rubs enhance its flavor.

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Pro Tips

Generally, the cut of meat matters a lot when it comes to applying rubs. It is better to take the meat out of the refrigerator 20-30 minutes before cooking, to convert it into room temperature. It allows even cooking, so the meat stays juicy. If the meat is cut tough, apply the rub 12-24 hours before grilling so that it absorbs the flavor. If you are using a slow or regular cooker, the meat can be pan seared already coated with a rub. Cover the meat with oil first, sprinkle on the spice, and rub it in. Cooking the meat on high heat absorbs the flavor and gives it a nice texture.

For vegetables, you should toss them in a bowl, add oil, add the rub, and toss more to coat the vegetables with rub. Also, you can add the rub to your favorite barbeque sauce to enhance its flavor. Rubs are also suitable for the fish. It has a delicate flavor which makes it more delicious. On any type of fish, you can apply the rub on the filet with melted butter and apply the rub gently. Covering the fish and resting it for 30 minutes before grilling enhances the flavor. Seasonings are just enhancements to the flavor, while smoke and fire provide great flavor, so one should not overdo the seasonings.

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Rubs have a long life. You can make a rub and put it in an air-tight container for 6 months, and it won’t lose flavor. It is an easy and flavorful way of making your grills more scrumptious. One must be careful with its quantity because there is no need to overdo it. It is just a flavor enhancement.

Last Words

You do not have to wait for barbeque parties to use BBQ rubs. You can use it in vegetables, as mentioned above. You can enjoy the flavor anytime with anything, whether it is fish, chicken, meat, or vegetables. BBQ rubs are the best thing to add to your grilled food to enhance its flavor. It goes better with poultry because of its mild flavor, while salt and pepper are enough for meat. One can use Rubs for a long time. The storing time of the BBQ rubs is 6 months. You do not have to prepare a new BBQ Rub every time. Dry rubs are better than wet ones, and they are even easier to carry to camps, picnics, etc., compared to wet ones.

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