What Handles For Kitchen Furniture?

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is also worth paying attention to the kitchen cupboard handles. Often when renovating or finishing a house or flat, the choice of handles is left to the carpenter making the kitchen furniture. This inconspicuous addition, however, is very important when arranging a kitchen.

First of all, they should be complementary and blend in perfectly with the style in which the kitchen is to be arranged. Internet and furniture stores as well as furniture fittings stores have an extremely wide range of handles.

When considering which handles for kitchen furniture will be the best fit, it is worth looking for inspiration in magazines, blogs and websites on interior design. It is also worth looking for photos of kitchens decorated in the chosen style in the web browser.

Thanks to their simplicity, they will work well in every kitchen. You can choose from handles of different lengths and colors, such as black, gray, silver, satin or brass. They can be easily adapted to many fronts. They look very interesting when they are combined in different lengths, for example, shorter handles will be attached in upper cabinets, and longer ones in drawers and lower cabinets. They can also be mounted vertically or horizontally without any problems, which is not possible with some models. Vertically mounted handles make it easier to open a built-in refrigerator or pull-out cargo baskets.

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The edge handles are more modern. They are usually available as profiles of approximately four meters. They can be easily cut and adapted to cabinets of various lengths, even non-standard ones. Usually they are studded on the upper edges of the front, thanks to which the fronts are smooth, devoid of protruding elements. Their advantage is undoubtedly a very discreet assembly. They fit into small, modern kitchens.

Porcelain handles will certainly give the kitchen furniture a unique character.

They fit perfectly into kitchens decorated in an English or Provencal style. They beautifully emphasize the milled fronts. These types of handles are also perfect for stylish furniture in the living room, bedroom or bathroom.

More and more often you can also find handles called shells. The appearance of the handles resembles a shell. They blend in very well with furniture made in modern, Norwegian, Provencal or English styles. They often have an imitation of rivets at their ends, which make them unique. They are usually available in black, gray and beige and white or silver.

Of course, kitchen furniture can also be completely handleless.

In order for the drawers and fronts to be opened without any problems, appropriate guides or fronts should be used. In the cabinets, most often there are also appropriate mechanisms that enable the closing of the cabinets. To open a cabinet or drawer, just press gently on its front. This solution will work in the kitchen with varnished, semi-matte or matte fronts. The only downside may be fingerprints appearing on the cabinets when opening and closing cabinets and drawers.

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For traditional kitchens, decorated in a country or classic style, it is worth choosing kitchen cupboard handles in the form of wooden knobs. They can also be painted in many vivid shades, such as green, red or blue, to liven up a traditional kitchen.

Leather handles can also be found more and more often. They are original and extremely original.

When choosing kitchen cupboard handles for your kitchen, be guided by their functionality, color and shape. To give the kitchen furniture character and uniqueness, it is worth choosing handles in a contrasting color. Black, gray or graphite handles work well with white and light fronts. In turn, for dark fronts, you can choose silver, satin or white kitchen cupboard handles.

The price of the handles, depending on the selected model and manufacturer, ranges from several to several dozen zlotys per piece.

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