Car Tyre Inflators: An Ultimate Guide of Using That

Consider going on a road trip with your friends and experiencing a flat tyre with no mechanics in the area. Or perhaps you are off to work in the morning and discover a flat tyre even before you leave? It can be frustrating! Tyre inflator is one of the most important car accessories that can help you to save you time and provide you with a stable action in case you encounter any of the aforementioned scenarios.

In layman’s terms, these tyre air pump for car are the most important accessory to carry around for your car. When connected to a 12V plug, they are portable and effective. Some sophisticated inflators also have lighting and offer computerised measurements.

What are the perks of using a tyre inflator?

  • Time is saved.

It takes a lot less time to use a tyre inflator to add air while parked beneath your house than it does to go to a gas station or tyre store. You frequently have to stand in line, and this might take a few minutes.

  • Versatility

Without going to the shop, one may check the vehicle’s tires for pressure. Connect to the socket if the pressure is low and add air; if the pressure is excessive, let some of it out.

  • It is useful.
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The item is not too large to handle, takes up little room in your car’s trunk, and is easily accessible.

  • It’s safe to use a portable tyre inflator.

Consumers prioritise safety above everything else when making any kind of purchase. Additionally, certain new tyre inflators include safety measures that guarantee neither the car nor the user will be

  • Simpler on the wallet

Since this is a one-time purchase, you want to make the greatest choice possible. Most tyre inflators with a respectable air supply range cost between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 1500. Depending on your demands, you can pick between digital and analogue digital metres. Before purchasing a tyre inflator we advise you to review the specs and features to see whether they meet your needs. 

How to use a tyre inflator?

A portable electric tyre inflator is very simple to use and requires only a plug-and-play setup. Let’s go through how to use these handy rescue tools when you unknowingly encounter a flat tyre or discover an underinflated tyre, step by step.

The majority of air inflators come with an extension power wire so you may move it closer to certain wheels. Keep the car’s engine running as a safety precaution to prevent the compressor from completely draining the battery.

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Check the tire’s condition before beginning the process. A huge puncture on the tyre should alert you not to fill it since it won’t be able to hold the air. It would be advisable in this situation to replace it with a spare wheel or seek assistance.

It is safe to utilise an air inflator in the event of a gradual leak or when the tyres have some air left in them. Make sure the compressor’s nozzle is correctly attached to the tire’s valve stem before you begin to inflate it. Before starting the compressor pump, double-check the connections.

To let compressed air inside the tyre, turn on the air inflator. The inflator should be turned off and the nozzle and valve-stem connection should be properly tightened again if you hear any hissing noises throughout the procedure. A hissing sound indicates a bad connection, which will cause the system to lose air.

To avoid overinflation, periodically halt and check air pressure with the pressure gauge. Check the recommended air pressure for the model of your car as well. You can find it on a sticker on the driver’s door jamb or in the owner’s handbook for your automobile.

A slightly under-inflated tire may take around 40 to 50 seconds to gently inflate, but a totally flat tire may take two to three minutes. By turning it off first and then releasing the connections, you may safely discharge the compressor nozzle after you’re done using it.

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It’s not difficult to find a tyre inflator for a good price. You could expect to pay between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 for an effective and simple to use air compressor with an integrated pressure gauge. The rewards, however, will be substantial in exchange.


Purchasing a car tyre inflator might save your life in an emergency. Given that most vehicles on Indian roads use tubeless tyres, having a tyre plug kit and a portable tyre inflator might be quite helpful if you ever find yourself trapped with a flat tyre on an unfamiliar route.

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