Benefits Of Soundproof Windows That Can Change Your Life

The exposure to excessive or long-lasting noise has been proven to be a cause of a range of health issues, including anxiety, fatigue, lack of concentration as well as fatigue due to lack of sleep which can lead to a decline in productivity at work and other anxiety-inducing issues.

The research has also found that noise can cause more serious problems like cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, and the condition known as tinnitus.

Nothing here should be surprising to us at all. Any worker who is working in noisy machines should wear earplugs. Motorcycle couriers put their ears in. Rock concerts carry warnings about health.

Home Facts

More people than ever before are opting to live and work in urban areas. However, urban living comes with a myriad of sounds, from constant garbage collection, delivery vehicles , to commuter traffic, and jets taking off and landing.

It is logical, therefore, that the space in which we spend the bulk of our time – in our homes – should be as peaceful as possible.

The whines, rumbles, and hums of an unintentionally enthusiastic neighbour about their new leaf blower may soon become not just annoying, but also harmful for health.

Research conducted by the double glazing and home improvement firm, Everest in the year 2018 show that, while we all appreciate the benefits of a restful night’s sleep, we’re typically awake for a few hours a week by disturbances or noise from outside.

The Science Behind Sound

Researchers have discovered that stress events trigger the amygdala, the brain region that is responsible for emotional processing in distress, to send distress signals to a different area, the hypothalamus.

This then triggers adrenal glands to release adrenaline into the bloodstream which is an evolutionary response to respond quickly in life-threatening situations.

Adrenalin as well as another stress hormone known as cortisol can cause a range of physiological reactions, including an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. The physiological response eventually begins to affect mental health.

Acoustic Glass – Why, What, And When?

Rapid urbanisation across the country has had huge impacts upon India’s Indian economy. But, it has also led to the pollution of noise, insufficient infrastructure, and a high density of people as well as others.

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The levels of sound in metros and mini-metros range all the way to 79 decibels. This is a lot more than the noise-approved, government-approved levels (55 decibels during daytime and 45 decibels for night).

With alarmingly high levels of sound pollution, urban dwellers want an environment that is peaceful and serene. The absence of noise plays a vital part in reducing fatigue.

The use of soundproof glass (or the acoustic window) noise-reducing windows frames in apartment buildings could reduce noise pollution that is not warranted by the owner at low levels. If used in commercial buildings, windows that are soundproof can boost the efficiency of residents.

This blog will look at the basic features of acoustic windows and the ways that acoustic glass windows can aid in maintaining peace in office spaces and households.

What Is The Best Way To Do It?

Everest’s Acoustic triple and double glazing features a specially-designed layer of polymer sandwiched between the panes of CUIN.Glass that are specifically designed to block the sound waves and reduce noise pollution.

Laminated glass with different thicknesses cut down on vibrations and noise, which means that less gets through the glass.

As tested, the best window glass to reduce noise can reduce the sound level by as much as 40dB. This would reduce the loud 80dB sound of roads down to a calm 40dB noise. That’s similar to the sound of a person speaking in the library.

Everest triple-glazed windows come with the additional advantage of efficiency in energy use. It’s evaluated at A+, which is the highest possible rating for windows, and has been approved by the Energy Saving Trust.

How Can Soundproofing Windows Be Effective?

To cut down sound, it is necessary to build an obstacle between the ear and sound that encapsulates sound. Homeowners do this with walls or roofs and windows that stop sounds from entering.

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To enhance a window’s capacity to block noise and to increase the STC rating the window’s manufacturer must:

  • Incorporate the mass (make the glass more dense)
  • Incorporate the airspace (increase your distance from windows)
  • Make use of acoustic glass, which is a glass-plastic-glass sandwich that reduces the transmission of noise

What Exactly Is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass can provide a high quality of sound insulation. Window and door soundproofing solutions can cut down on sound intrusion by as much as 42 decibels.

With these high levels in sound isolation, noise will gradually become obsolete for you. What can make soundproof glass or acoustic glasses different from regular glass that is used for the majority of windows?

The main difference is the process of making acoustic glass in which two glass layers are joined by an exclusive Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer between them.

acoustic glass

The PVB layer is what holds the glass panes together and acts as a protective shield which prevents the sound and vibrations of sound to travel through onto the other side.

The single-pane look of the Acoustic Glass is because of its PVB layer. It is not apparent how the glass that is soundproof is actually a glass sandwiched between two glasses. naked eyes.

Based on the level of soundproofing the acoustic glass needs to be installed with different sizes, thicknesses and also in various types of glazing.

Are Soundproofing Windows Also Energy Efficient?

You’d think it’s so but you’re wrong.

Energy efficient windows are primarily based on high-E-coatings, as well as the gas in thermal panes to limit heat transfer and improve efficiency of energy.

Windows that block sound, on the contrary, typically make use of laminated and thicker glass, as well as big air gap between panes in order to reduce the sound.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Acoustic Glass?

Once we’ve explained the basics in acoustic glass windows let’s explore the ‘why’ of acoustic glasses? Windows and doors made from Acoustic glass provide a broad variety of advantages:

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More Security

As compared to tempered and annealed glass, the best windows for soundproofing are more secure for those who use them. Because acoustic glass has an outer PVB layer, the glass is very difficult to break.

If the acoustic glass breaks due to a reason the glass pieces will not break off because of PVB. PVB layer.

New Security Levels

Since the window made of Acoustic glass is very resistant to breaking and therefore provides better security for the building’s inhabitants. This is among the main advantages of acoustic windows over traditional glass windows.

Health Benefits From A Variety Of Sources

Windows and doors made from Acoustical Glass help keep the temperature within the space (i.e., home and office) at the optimal levels.

Efficiency in energy is among the major advantages of soundproof glass doors and windows. The reason for this is that the rooms are not able to fluctuate in temperature as much, which will increase the efficiency of all the equipment that is used.

Acoustic glass doesn’t block natural light, but it is able to block or reflect harmful UltraViolet (UV) & Infra-Red (IR) Rays which can improve the health of the people who live there.

When Should You Make Use Of Acoustic Glass?

In general, acoustic- sound reducing windows and glass doors are utilise in situations in which you require the most effective option for reducing noise.

The extremely thick acoustic glass doors and windows are best use when a sound-proofing environment is need.

They are frequently employ in recording studios, in which a high degree of noise suppression is need. However they are comparatively less soundproof windows and doors can be use in residential and commercial structures.

Soundproof window solutions by Windows comprise soundproof window frames that are double-seal and fusion-weld to the glass using top-quality silicon materials.


Acoustic Glass or soundproof glass windows are extremely beneficial in order to block out outside sound.

Windows and doors constructed with acoustic soundproof glass help improve the air quality inside, improving the general health.

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