Zygor Guides Coupon Codes 2022 (50% discount) – May Promo Codes

Zygor Savings Tricks

  • Look for Zygor coupons whenever World of Warcraft makes a major announcement. Some codes only provide you with a $5 discount on Scroll guides, but other codes give you 50% off any guide in stock.
  • You can save up to 17% off of Zygor’s monthly membership fee by purchasing an annual subscription to Zygor Elite. Near the footer on Zygor’s homepage, there are two orange boxes with each membership option. If you click the box on the right, then you’ll be taken to the Zygor Elite sign-up page. You can use your Facebook account, your Google+ account, or your regular email address to sign up and save.
  • To complement their annual subscription option, Zygor also offers a 6-month membership plan for around 10% less than the regular monthly price of Zygor Elite.
  • Click the “Free Trial” link in the footer menu to access the Zygor Basic membership tier for no charge. Zygor’s free Basic membership plan gets you up to 300 Profession guides, up to 10 Starter Zone guides, a bunch of Dungeon guides, and access to the Zygor Discord server.
  • Visit Zygor’s Facebook page regularly to check for social media giveaways.
  • Look for discount announcements on Zygor’s Twitter page.
  • Zygor’s Discord channel is often the best place to learn about upcoming sales and new membership tiers. Even if you haven’t signed up for a free Basic membership plan yet, you can still join the Discord channel.
  • Take a look at the “Announcements” page on Zygor’s free forum once every few weeks. Zygor’s staff regularly posts updates about new products and flash sales on this page.
  • One membership plan can be used by multiple people, so you can get a group of friends together to share a Zygor Elite subscription.
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What’s Zygor’s Return Policy?

Zygor has a 30-day release test policy alternatively of a standard return policy. You can sign up for a qualify translation of Zygor Elite without paying any membership fees for one month. The spare test gives you access to samples from most of Zygor ‘s professional guides. If you decide to cancel, then you can do so in less than two minutes by sending a request to support from inside of your Zygor user report.

How Can You Contact Zygor Support?

To reach out to Zygor customer support about canceling your exempt trial, upgrading your membership, or joining the Discord server, click the “ Support Ticket ” connect on the FAQ page. For alive support, click the old world chat bubble at the bottomland of the contact page .

Redeeming a Zygor Coupon

If you do n’t have an active agent Zygor membership, then click the orange “ Join ” release to get started. Keep clicking “ Continue ” until you reach the registration foliate. After you confirm your e-mail address, you ‘ll be directed to the payment page. The box to enter your Zygor coupon should be directly below your decree sum.

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About Zygor

Zygor offers professional guides to good World of Warcraft experts and novices who are equitable learning how to play the game. Their bestselling guides cover Dungeons, Leveling, Professions, Dailies, and much more. The Zygor team is always adding fresh guides to help WoW players level up their skills, and Zygor ‘s Elite membership grade gives you access to all of these new guides a soon as they get published. Every guide comes complete with interactional instructions, video demonstrations, and markers that help you track your advancement.

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