Zaful Review: Read BEFORE You Shop! 2022

Zaful: another one of those clothing companies you credibly see all over Instagram in either ads or worn by your favorite influencers .
But is Zaful legit? Like, do they actually make good clothes or are people just paid to say indeed ? And, can they fit more than merely one consistency type ? I spent $200 on Zaful to test them yourself and give you an honest review with photos. Keep reading to learn if you should spend your money hera or shop somewhere else .

> > This review is function of my Saw It On Social series where I test out and review all those Insta-famous brands you see to bring you the verdict : is it worth it or is it overhyped ?

Honest Zaful Review 2021 – After $200 In Orders (With Photos!)

I ’ ll be honest. -I didn ’ thyroxine want to do a Zaful review but I kept getting asked over and all over again to write one up. I good knew in my heart Zaful would be a bunch like Shein or Romwe, both fast fashion companies that I hate with a ardent love .
But I finally orderd a bunch together of farce and I was a bit surpised by the results .
What I ordered from Zaful:
Shop My Zaful Pieces

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Items go on sale all the time so I think I paid full price for some of these that are immediately cheaper .
But, how did they fit ? I tired everything on when I first got the pieces and then I wore a few them out out ~in the real world~ to very put them to the examination. And here ’ s how it went :

Zaful Swimsuit Reviews

I got two bathing suits. I ’ m a true swimsuit addict over here. I got a blue bikini and a green one-piece. And, holy overawe you guys I can’t even show you a photo of me in the blue bikini because my girls literally can’t fit into them. And I don ’ thyroxine even have big breast, I wear a 36C. This bikini top is so ill made it can ’ thymine be worn .
This is specially disappoint since this is technically a plus-size swimsuit ( I got the XL ) and broadly, us curvy and plus-size gals have large brassiere sizes. Making the top excessively small to even cover the gals up is just severe .
The green swimsuit was a moment better. It ’ s a small on the shoulder area and doesn ’ t have adjustable straps so I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate loosen them up. But the suit does cover the girls, so that ’ s a gain ! The bottom area doesn ’ triiodothyronine in truth cover deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as me as I would like, so I think it will be worn as a bodysuit vs a swimsuit .

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Zaful Jewelry Review

When I initially tried everything one I was like “ well, looks like the lone good thing that came from my Zaful orderliness was this necklace place ! ” HAHAHA wow I was so wrong. I packed it on a weekend trip with the girls and by Sunday ( 2 days of wear ) the gold necklace had wholly tarnished into a crude brassy color .
Worst of all, the necklace gave me a huge rash on my neck. So, the moral of the story is to not buy jewelry from Zaful. 

Zaful Clothing Reivew 2021

As expected, most of the things I orderd just do not fit curvy bodies like mine. Many of them are so big of fails i can ’ t even show you them on since I would flash excessively much of myself. And this international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine from a lack of feat, I always sized up on the clothes knowing they would probably run small and that didn’t help. 
I did find a few pieces I liked. Like the Dalmatian Print Tied Smocked Puff Sleeve Shorts Set. It ’ s so cute to wear around the house ! ! I ’ meter always looking for a good loungewear set for WFH days. But, the elastic on the peak dampen on my 2nd wear. wholly unaffixed and makes it unwearable as my left drop the ball just fall properly out .
That ’ s the thing about Zaful — the pieces may hold up for one wear, but don’t expect them to last much longer. This is a awful direction to make clothes. This international relations and security network ’ t even fast fashion, it ’ s the disposable hyper-fast fashion which is even worse. This is the opposite of ethical fashion.

Zaful Sizing Is Awful

And some of the early pieces fair plain out didn ’ metric ton burst my 12/14 body, even if I ordered a size forty or XXL. That’s because there is no universal way Zaful makes sizing. 
One of the first things I noticed when crop was that the size charts were all over the place. There is no one standard size chart from detail to item. A large may actually be a size 6 on one musical composition, but a size 10 on another. ( Sizing charts located underneath the list and it ’ s crucial to click here ot figure out what the letter-size actually means. )
This is really problematic for a lot of reasons. Beyond being confusing for the customer, it ’ sulfur fatphobic. Zaful claims to have a plus-size line, but I ’ ve been able to prove those sizes run literally 3-5 sizes excessively small. Sayin you have plus size but barely relabeling clothes is a company reinforcing the mind that any screen of fatness can ’ t possibly be associated with their stigmatize .
Oh, and to make matters worse there ’ s about no racial diversity in their models. I hated this so much I put Zaful in the center of my post all about how to spot racism and fatphobia while online shopping .

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How Is Zaful Shipping Times?

very well, personal rants aside, let ’ s look at some tactical company aspects. Zaful offers standard shipping and express shipping so there’s an option for all customers shipping needs. I got the standard ship and it took about 3 weeks to arrive. Most Zaful shipping reviews seem to report simialr things. Because it all comes from China so those shipping methods take a long time .
The box left a draw to be desired though I do appreciate all the orders being placed in one dispatch alternatively of multiple. When I shopped from Chicwish, they sent things at different times which was not lone confusing but very inconvenient .

How is Zaful customer service and returns?

They have terrible customer service. All those patronize teams from oversea companies have fiddling bad confirm centers that aren ’ thymine very helpful. They take forever to reply to you, and that ’ s if they flush acknowledge your orders. I couldn ’ triiodothyronine find a telephone wrinkle available or a live new world chat option which is even more unhelpful. They pretend to have a alive old world chat choice but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly – more about that below .
They do have a refund policy but you ’ ll have to jump through hoops to get a refund. They call it the Zaful Return Warranty Policy and they claim to accept returns after 30 days but that ’ s not actually the font .
In order to make a rejoinder you have to first create a Zaful account sol make sure to use your throw-away e-mail because I can attest they will bombard you with information about sales. then, to return something you have to file a support slate with the customer defend team before you have to jump through so many hoops with this confirm agent in order to be approved for a retort as they claim to have hard-and-fast quality checks on render items .
Check out the steps here – it ’ s badly sketchy and I ’ m not certain they always even approve returns. I bet they keep you going in circles until that 30 day period is up .
If you order from Zaful, do it with a credit card that has an policy policy program so you can get a refund. But largely, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate plan on returning things you order since I don ’ thyroxine think it would be easy or possible .

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What Is Zaful Better Business Bureau Rating?

Zaful is not accredited by the BBB, which is constantly something to look out for. You can inactive file claims and reports pubically on non-accredited companies. They have about 250 negative claims in the past 3 years. YIKES .

Final Verdict: IS Zaful Legit or Is Zaful A Scam?

NO. No no no. Please do not buy from this company. I don ’ thyroxine care if you ’ ve seen other Zaful clothing reviews from cheeseparing influencers who don ’ thyroxine even wear the clothes they are paid to promote. Zaful makes awful fast fashion clothing pieces that WILL fall apart after a couple of wears, if you can even wear them in the first place .
My jewelry tarnished correct away, the few pieces I could fit into break after a couple of wears and the rest were mislabeled in sizes and I couldn ’ thyroxine even wear. If you need low-cost clothing, patronize at Target or parsimony workshop. Or literally anything but denounce from this trash company .

If You Really Insist On Ordering From Zaful…

Look, you ’ re your own person. If you silent want to give Zaful a attempt, take some steps.

  1. Carefully at the past customer Zaful reviews on listings to see if others have ordered and hear their thoughts. 
  2. Don’t order pieces that have 0 reviews. 
  3. Use a credit card that has a great policy to help you recover any lost money from orders. 
  4. Don’t plan o returning anything as it probably won’t happen. 
  5. Use a throw-away email. 
  6. Skip the jewelry.
  7. Don’t shop here if you’re over the size of 8. 

Thinking about ordering from Zaful ? Don ’ thyroxine. share this with friends who need to read this excessively. Is Zaful authentic ? NO. Is Zaful dependable ? not for the customer, not for the environment and not for the factory workers. Skip it .
Have you ordered from here ? I would love to hear your reviews on Zaful. Drop a gossip below so everyone can see !

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