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What are York University ‘s residency requirements ?
Some courses will only satisfy degree requirements if they are taken within a specific session. The dates following a course bespeak which sessions of a course will count towards satisfying the degree requirement. ( If there are no years listed, the course will constantly count towards that requirement. ) For exercise, AS/PSYC 3510D 3.00 [ 1999FW until 2001FW ] is a course which will satisfy the degree prerequisite entirely if you successfully completed the run at any prison term from the Fall/Winter 1999-2000 Session until the Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Session. If you took the course during the Fall/Winter 2001-2002 session it would not satisfy this degree necessity .
Note: Academic years run from September to August. sol, if you see a summer begin or end date, remember that it ‘s not the same as the calendar year. For exemplar, 2007SU actually means a course taken during the Summer 2008 academic school term .
What are pass/fail courses ?

If you are an undergraduate student who has passed 24 credits and you are in dear academic stand, you may be eligible to take a limited phone number of courses toward your degree on an ungraded footing. There are a numeral of extra Faculty-specific regulations that must be met for you to be eligible to take a course or courses on an ungraded basis. alternatively of a concluding grade, you will either receive a pass or a fail for the course, which will appear on both your grade report and your transcript. Neither the pass nor the fail is calculated into your grade point average. If you want to take a course on a pass/fail basis, you need to complete the Pass/Fail Option Application form during the first two weeks of classes for the course .
What is the difference between accumulative grade compass point average and overall class point average ?
accumulative grade point average and overall class charge average are the lapp thing. In the degree progress report it is called the overall accumulative grad luff average .
Are the grades showing in the degree advancement report official ?
The grades which are showing in the degree progress report are official final grades.

I repeated a course. How will that be reflected on my report ?
Students in most programs can repeat a passed or failed course twice for degree or certificate credit, to a maximum of three attempts per course. Although the previous attempts remain on your academic record, only the most recent attempt counts toward your credit totals and grade point averages. Any grade(s) awarded in prior attempt(s) will remain on your transcript designated as “No Credit Retained” (NCR).

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How do I know what courses are considered approved ?
If a necessity states that an approved run is needed, students must contact the allow department for a list of the approved courses .
What are general department of education courses ?
General education courses are courses which provide a broad interdisciplinary perspective, in addition to courses which focus on a specific subject. Students must consult with their staff for general education requirements that are specific to their faculty and degree. Please see the Glossary of Terms for a more detail description of cosmopolitan education courses .
What are courses outside the Major ( known as “ Electives ” anterior to FW12 ) ?
Credits outside the major ( known as “ electives ” prior to FW12 ) are courses which are intended to broaden the educational experience of students beyond their area of specialization. Credits outside the major include most courses which are not used to fulfill the general education requirements or major/minor requirements .
Courses not considered to be credits outside the major are :

  • Major/minor courses taken above the required number;
  • Non-major/minor courses taken within the major/minor subject;
  • Courses outside the major/minor taken to fulfill major/minor requirements;
  • Courses which are cross-listed or designated as course substitutes to courses offered by the major/minor program.

What is a foundations course ?
Foundations courses are 1000- and 2000-level nine-credit courses offered by the Division of Humanities and Division of Social Science in the staff of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. Foundations courses are part of the cosmopolitan education necessity .
What is the deviation between a satisfied, potentially satisfied or not however satisfied requirement ?
These are the combination of results that appear in the degree progress report .
When a scholar passes a course or a total of courses that are specifically required as depart of a particular degree, then the naturally or courses will show the final mark and are considered to be completed. When the course or all of the courses have been completed, the resultant role is that that detail necessity of the degree program has been fully satisfied.

(in progress)………………….Potentially Satisfied
If a scholar is presently enrolled in a class or courses that are separate of a degree prerequisite, the course or courses will show as in advance and the result will be that that requirement is potentially satisfy .
Still required……………………Not yet satisfied
If a student has not passed a run or courses that are separate of a degree requirement, or has not yet enrolled in the naturally or courses, they will show as however required and the leave will show that that prerequisite is not even satisfied .
What is meant by declared subjugate ?
Declared national 1 is the student ‘s major. Declared subject 2 is the scholar ‘s second gear major in a double major platform, or the child in a major/minor platform .
What grade point modal do I need to stay in an Honours program ?
Students who have completed less than 84 earned credits and are in year levels one, two or three, and whose overall accumulative grade distributor point average is below 5.00, may continue in an Honours degree program provided they meet the year tied progress requirements as follows :

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Year 1 0-23 earned credits Minimum cumulative grade point average 4.00
Year 2 24-53 earned credits Minimum cumulative grade point average 4.25
Year 3 54-83 earned credits Minimum cumulative grade point average 4.80
Year 4 84 earned credits or greater Minimum cumulative grade point average 5.00

Note: Some programs may require a higher minimum accumulative degree point average. Please check the Undergraduate Calendar for the requirements of the course of study you are in .
Why do some of my credits taken appear on the degree progress report more than once ?
When you look at the degree progress report, it may appear that you have successfully completed more credits than you actually have. This is because a completed course may fulfill more than one necessity of your degree. consequently, the same class may be shown twice as it fulfills two different degree requirements. however, when you are trying to determine the total of total credits you have taken, you can only count the credits for that course once .
In the report, when I look in the box of a silent required credit, why do some of the courses have dates following them ?
The execution of the degree build up report by broadcast and Faculty is being staged over clock time to allow for appropriate recapitulation and screen. If you change your degree or major and your raw major is not so far available on the report, please check bet on frequently to see if your newfangled degree program is to be implemented in the near future. a soon as it is available you will receive an electronic mail from your faculty .
At this time, the degree build up reputation is being implemented for single major degree studies entirely. other options such as double majors and major/minors may be considered in the future. If you have questions about your degree requirements, please visit your Faculty advising center .
I ‘ve changed my program ; why can I no longer see my degree advance report ?
The execution of the degree progress reputation by program and Faculty is being staged over clock to allow for appropriate review and test. If you change your degree or major and your newfangled major is not however available on the report, please check back frequently to see if your new degree program is to be implemented in the cheeseparing future. angstrom soon as it is available you will receive an e-mail from your faculty .
My program is listed as having a degree progress report available. Why ca n’t I see it ?
If your finical course of study is not available, you will receive a message when sign in to the creature. If your program is listed as available and you silent can not see your report, it may be due to one or more of the follow reasons :

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  • You may have entered the program in a year that has not yet been coded; note that because degree requirements may change from year to year, the coding may not have yet been completed for the year you started the program. This may be the case of you have just started in your program.
  • You are a new student and the report is not yet available; you must have enrolled in at least one course for your degree in order to receive a degree progress report or if you have recently changed programs, the program change may not have yet been fully completed in the student information system.
  • You have transfer credit and the Faculty has decided to suppress your report. Faculties and programs have the option of suppressing reports for students who have transfer credit if they believe that the report would be too incomplete to be useful. If this is the case, please make an appointment with your Faculty advising centre.

If you do not fall into one of the above groups and you believe you should be able to access your report, please e-mail degaud @ with your full name, scholar number and stream program of study .
I am having problems connecting to view my Degree Progress Report. What should I do ?
If you are experiencing a technical exit with the connection to the Degree Progress Report, please try again former or contact the UIT help desk by emailing ithelp @ or go to .

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