Woolworths Bricks (Not Lego) Review & Checklist

I ’ m a massive Lego fan. I ’ m then passionate about Lego that I generally hate most “ Lego compatible ” products on the market, but I besides love fast food and most supermarket promotions that involve dislodge toys. In especial, I ’ ve loved the Coles Little Shop Minis which were miniature real-world food intersection plaything. Whilst Bunnings Warehouse has done their own bootleg Lego sets recently, I wasn ’ t as pastime in those as most of it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Lego Minifigure scale. Woolworths ’ Bricks promotion truly ties into my interests, so I had to get into it .
These launched today, the 8th of September 2021 and there are 36 blind-bag Woolworths Bricks sets vitamin a well as early products you can buy to go along with them. This includes 2 versions of the Woolworths shopfront, a basic put with just the battlefront of the store for $ 6 and a deluxe version with a sidewall and manner of speaking doorway for $ 10. There is besides a big delivery hand truck ( not certain of price ) and a smaller delivery hand truck for $ 10 .
due to the recoil some previous supermarket promotions gained for giving away toys that might end up in landfill, so this fit has a fortune of elements to it that suggests environmentalism, such as the plastics used here is made of at least 80 % recycle materials and promoting that you can return the toys for recycling if you don ’ thyroxine want them anymore.

The dispatch Woolworths Bricks blind bag checklist is at the end of the article, so scroll down if you ’ re here for that !

How to Get Bonus Packets of Woolworths Bricks

Before we get carried away, the most significant doubt is how do we get more loose packets of Woolworths Bricks ? The brands featured in the products all give you bonus toys. You can get improving to 3 bonus packets per brand per transaction. What ’ sulfur better is that a lot of these brands are presently having great sales !
woolworths bricks bonus pack brands
The participating brands are :

  • Carman’s
  • Cold Power
  • Colgate
  • D’Orsogna
  • Energizer
  • Finish
  • Gillette
  • Head & Shoulders
  • Huggies
  • Ingham’s
  • McCain
  • Moccona
  • Tip Top
  • Mount Franklin
  • Purina Total Care
  • Purina DentaLife
  • Sorbent
  • Twinings

Woolworths Bricks Start Pack Deluxe vs Basic

woolworths bricks starter and basic starter sets
Like most, possibly all of the early promotional collectibles at australian supermarkets in late years, there is always a collectors box or display album available and given the subject topic here, a buildable Woolworths playset is a very clever way to store all the small food items. This integrates truly good with the blind cup of tea products .
I ’ m not sure why they made two versions of the starter carry for the Woolworths Bricks put. The Deluxe set is decidedly better respect at only $ 4 more for twice equally a lot wall quad and more than double the brick count ( it uses a distribute more smaller bricks, whilst duplicate doors take up a lot of the front ). The other difference is that the left corner is besides raised on the deluxe rig .
As you can see by the picture above, the Deluxe dress appears to be more popular, but my memory seemed to have more display boxes for the basic pack. It is a shame that these two sets do not appear to work together to warrant buying both .
If you are planning on buying the woolworth Bricks Truck, the loading door on the deluxe set decidedly makes it worth getting for the play value .

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Woolworths Bricks Starter Pack Deluxe Review

inside the box woolworths deluxe bricks set
I bought alone the deluxe set. It was identical quick to build and the design of it is surprisingly robust. The baseplate itself is thicker than similarly sized official LEGO baseplates. The clutch world power of the bricks is amazingly strong and the overall size of the layout is generous. It decidedly makes you want to keep denounce at Woolworths in order to fill it up with products .
I do have some concerns about the quality restraint of the bricks themselves .
colour issues woolworths bricks shop
The 1×2 and 1×3 bricks are a blue fleeceable than the 1×4 bricks. This does not appear to be designed color choices, but an issue with quality control. The movie on the box does not show these as different colours. But considering how brassy this was, you can ’ t truly expect it to be a consistent as real LEGO bricks .
When it comes to the build military capability, the brickwork is done in a identical fair way with solid corners, but what in truth bothers me is the reliance on stickers and how they work. Each poser goes across multiple bricks, meaning that if you ever want to disassemble the dress, you would break the stickers, ruining it. There are sol many stickers in this set that very fiddling can be safely dismantled without damaging them .

so many stickers covering multiple bricks. I think this design flaw will upset a set of kids when they try to arrange their store and end up ruining it .

Woolworths Bricks Figure Pack Review

woolworths bricks geca lego figurine pack
I was trying to hit $ 30 to get my free blind bag so I grabbed two of these Woolworths Minifigure sets .
unboxing woolworths bricks lego minifigures
Again, I was a little disappoint in the use of stickers on the Minifigures here, these will probable wear out with a bunch of play from children. I ’ ve seen real LEGO get down quite beat up with excessive play, these stickers will not last long .
woolworths bricks figure pack box
As expected the contents of both were the lapp ( it never said there was variety show ), but that was o because I could mix and match the parts a bit to make them seem more singular .
woolworths bricks figure pack box back
The trouble I find with this set is when you combine it with the other sets, you have far more staff than shoppers. This will kill the reality of the play experience a bite. normally, staff are quite outnumbered .

Woolworths Bricks (Fake Lego) Checklist

If you have bought the Starter Pack, you will notice a checklist on the back page. however, the checklist is missing 4 products and a few appear to have changed or been placeholders since this was printed, making the checklist unmanageable to use. This means it might be hard for anyone to find a proper checklist for these online sol I ’ ve invest together my own checklist here to help you out. The follow data is from the Woolworths web site but is a little intemperate to navigate and credibly won ’ metric ton be on-line for long after the promotion ends, therefore hopefully, this comes in handy for people in the future .

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01 Customer

here ’ s one of our customers, all set to do their shop. What will you have them explore ?

02 Store Manager

Our store Manager is always there to help customers when they need it. They make surely everything runs smoothly in the store so you get the freshest and best groceries .

03 Trolley

Pop your denounce in this streetcar. What will you put in yours ?

04 Entrance Gates

Come on in ! This is where our customers are welcomed into the shop. Make sure to grab your streetcar or basket on the room .

05 Baskets & hand sanitiser

here are our baskets, stacked and ready to go ! Pop your hands under the hand-sanitising place, grab a basket and head into the store .

06 Free fruit for kids

07 Bakery

You ’ ll find delectable fresh croissants and tasty items such as wheaten bread at the bakery stand .

08 Fruit and vegetables

This is where the fresh fruit and vegetables are kept, this stand has bananas and watermelon. What is your favored fruit or vegetable ?

09 Fruit and vegetables

Broccoli and strawberries are on this shelf, in the fruit and vegetable part .

10 Fruit and vegetables

This is where The Odd Bunch fresh fruit and vegetables are kept. They may be shaped a little differently, but they hush taste amazing. This ledge has tomatoes and carrots .

11 Fruit and vegetables

Tomatoes and lemons are on this ledge, in the fresh fruit and vegetable section .

12 Fruit and vegetables

You ’ re in the fresh yield and vegetable section. This ledge has onions and avocado on it .

13 Butcher

This is the butch section where the kernel is kept. You ’ ll find Macro organic chicken on this ledge .

14 Butcher


Cutlets and sausages are on this electric refrigerator of the butch section .

15 Seafood

fish and other seafood are kept in this electric refrigerator. There ’ second lots of seafood to choose from in memory .

16 Deli

This delicatessen electric refrigerator has sliced meats on it. They ’ rhenium big to add to a sandwich .

17 Deli

Welcome to the delicatessen ! This section has all the cheese you could want .

18 Freezer

The freezers keep things cool, like your favored freeze fruits. This deep-freeze has blend berries. What ’ s your favorite fruit to use in a smoothie ?

19 Freezer

Frozen pizza and chicken nuggets are in this deep-freeze ledge. They ’ ra kept cool here, cook to be cooked in your oven at home .

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20 Freezer

internal-combustion engine blocks and tasty chips are being keep cool in this deep-freeze .

21 Fridge

You ’ ve found the electric refrigerator part of the store. You can pick up eggs and cheese from this electric refrigerator .

22 Fridge

This electric refrigerator has milk and yogurt in it. The fridges in memory keep items like dairy cool before you take it home to put in your own electric refrigerator .

23 Aisle shelf

There ’ randomness batch of things in the aisles you might need. This aisle has clean products that help keep your theater spic and span

24 Aisle shelf

You ’ ve reached the toiletries aisle. This ledge has items for your groom needs, a well as nappies .

25 Aisle end

Find flatbread at the end of this aisle. Perfect for a tasty lunch wrap, or to enjoy with dip and veggies. Yum !

26 Aisle shelf

? ? ? ?

27 Aisle shelf

This aisle ledge has muesli bars and coffee bean on it. What else can you find in our other aisles ?

28 Aisle End

olive oil and pasta sauces are on this ledge. You can use these ingredients in a tasty pasta. Explore the early aisles to see what else you can find .

29 Aisle shelf

Feeling thirsty ? On this ledge, you can find woolworth S.T.A.N.D bottled water system .

30 Aisle shelf

This ledge has toilet newspaper and laundry detergent. There ’ mho batch of things in the aisles for you to choose from. Check out the other aisles to see what ’ second in them .

31 Checkout

Come through the checkout once you ’ ve finished your shop. This is where customers can pay for their items before they take them home plate .

32 Checkout

The check is where customers can pay for their items before they take them family. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to scan your casual Rewards card .

33 Scan&Go

Scan & Go is the smart, faster way to shop. Customers pay for their items before the checkout using our app, then scan their QR code at this checkout and go .

34 Recycling bin

We love recycling ! Bring soft plastics with you when you visit us, place them in our collection bin and we ’ ll recycle them for you .

35 Bench

Take a seat on one of our extra special benches. These benches are made from recycle soft plastics that customers placed in our recycling bins .

36 Solar panels

solar panels soak up rays from the sun and feed clean energy rear into the store .

37 Fruit and vegetables

Pick your favorite fresh fruit and vegetables to go in your streetcar. Which will you choose ?

38 Groceries

Select which groceries will go in your streetcar .

39 Groceries

What groceries will go in your streetcar ?

40 Groceries

What groceries are on your list today ? Any of these items ?

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