What Episode Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Naruto Shippuden came as an improved version of Naruto because everything was on the following degree, including the fights. This is one thing that made the Naruto franchise base out because of the cooler fights that would occasionally happen. then we got to know a lot more about different types of Jutsu as the series developed. then came Sage Mode, which is even said to surpass anything we have seen at that clock. So we will take some fourth dimension here to look at what sequence does Naruto Learn Sage mode. If we look at how the events were planned out up until this point in the anime, then we will get to see the build-up to how Naruto got to learn Sage Mode. With Jiraiya having fought against Pain with his toads. They realized that Sage Mode was the only way to stop Pain. And that cipher else will be suited to learn it equally flying as was needed except for Naruto, who has traveled with Jiraiya for a hanker time.

so since Jiraiya was amongst the few who managed to learn Sage Mode to about perfection, then his teachings were not that different from how they would teach Naruto Sage mode. The issue was of urgency because the toads had predicted that after this, Pain would probable target the leaf greenwich village .
so without wasting any clock time, the toads moved to recruit Naruto from the Leaf so that he could start with his sage Mode train a soon as possible. Well, doing things in this way would do them better as a measure to stop pain from attacking the Leaf. Because all this was to pursue Naruto, who was the death while of the puzzle together with Bee, and all this ended up leading to the fourth capital shinobi world war .

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What Episode Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode?

Naruto started with his sage Mode trail in Naruto Shippuden Episode 154. This was after the sad news of Jiraiya passing away was delivered to the Leaf by Fukasaku, who was aboard Jiraiya in his battle against the Six Paths of Pain. The episode is titled “ Decryption, ” and Naruto ’ second Sage Mode coach is something that came as a bit of a storm because it seemed to be something that was unplanned .
This was because Naruto revealed something about Jiraiya that cipher else but him would have realized. Jiraiya sent a decode message to the Leaf, and they have been stuck trying to find out the meaning behind its message. So Naruto revealed to them that what appeared to be a count 9 was actually because Jiraiya had a compose quirk, and whenever he wanted to write “ tantalum, ” he would constantly write it as a 9.

After seeing this, Fukasaku requested to bring back Naruto with him to Mount Myoboku, where he would start with his sage Mode educate. Naruto then agreed as he wanted to avenge Jiraiya, and then Fukasau reversion summoned them to Mount Myoboku. Tsunade believed in the prophecy of the capital frog as it had predicted a farseeing fourth dimension ago that Jiraiya ’ sulfur novels would have an impact on the Shinobi universe .
so since it was one of Jiraiya ’ south novels that had helped decipher the code. Tsunade had no issues with Naruto going to learn Sage Mode. While at Mount Myoboku, Naruto found out that Gamakichi was the one who summoned him as he had a muster abridge with the frog. then after they had had Shima ’ sulfur meals, Fukasaku started to explain to Naruto the basics of Sage Mode, and Gamakichi simplified it for him .

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Naruto Starts Training

sage Mode was a complete mystery at the clock, but it was in this degree that we got to learn its fundamentals. It was all about harnessing the natural energy, and one would use it to enhance their techniques with bang-up improvements. But this came with risks because if one makes mistakes, they will end up turning into a stone, and that would be their end.

however, we have seen all that there is in the Naruto franchise now that it is the time for the adjacent Generations. But some would want to go back into the mani serial because that ’ s how good Naruto Shippuden was. particularly immediately that Boruto zanzibar copal is on a list of unending filler episodes. Also Read: Will Jigen Die In Boruto? All About Jigen From Boruto?

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