What is reverse boosting in Call of Duty & Warzone?

It’s no secret that Call of Duty features an intense skill-based matchmaking system, but what you might not know is that players have discovered ways to cheat around the rules in a process called reverse boosting. 

Some people will do anything to dodge the vice-grip of SBMM – from blowing themselves up with grenades to standing placid and purposefully letting the foe kill them, there are a few different ways to cheat the game into bringing you down the skill ladder .
While this might sound like a adept idea at first, it is immediately against the developers ’ rules as it lowers the competitive integrity of the entire system.


The punishment for reverse boost can range from temp suspensions all the way to permanent wave bans from the game. There international relations and security network ’ thymine one specific way to reverse boost, but a few methods are more coarse than others .

What is reverse boosting in Call of Duty Warzone?

Warzone updates with Season 6 patch notes.
For Call of Duty ’ s struggle royale fans, reverse hike is pretty easy to explain. A player merely needs to join a game, allow themselves to get killed, and then do it one more prison term in the gulag before moving on to the future game .
The more times you die without landing shots or getting kills, the lower your kill-to-death proportion and other stats will drop, which increases the likelihood that you run into players who are similarly struggling. ad

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Doing this for an prolong period of time will put you in the game ’ s lowest-ranked lobbies, normally filled with beginners or those who don ’ t take the game badly. While this sounds harmless, there are ways it can in truth affect the game .
Ghost operator Warzone
In competitive play, for exemplar, playing in easy lobbies increases your chances to have a massive game. Most Warzone tournaments are based on your team collecting the highest count of kills possible quite than winning the game. By lowering the timbre of toy, these players are directly shifting the odds in their favor.

That ’ s not to mention that for founder players, it can be overwhelming to land into the game and mechanically be playing against veteran players who have exploited their means down the leaderboards. ad

While this trick works for Warzone, invert promote takes batch of other forms elsewhere in the franchise .

What is reverse boosting in Multiplayer?

The process is a batch more involved when it comes to Call of Duty ’ s traditional arena-style multiplayer. While the finish is inactive the lapp – lowering your KDR, score-per-minute, and any other metric the game judges you by – players typically have to work hard to make it happen .
In past years we ’ ve seen players blowing themselves up with rockets, jumping from senior high school places and dying, or evening having a supporter fink onto the enemy team thus that one musician could cheat their way up. ad

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The problem with reverse promote is that it is harder to recognize than person who is actively using cheats to improve their performance in the game, meaning more players are likely to get away with it .
While a calculator might be able to detect the influence of away software, it largely takes homo evaluation to determine if a person is intentionally abusing the rules, or if they ’ re just having a string of bad games.

While we don ’ metric ton know for sure, this could be something that is being addressed in Call of Duty ’ s new anti-cheat system that is arriving with Vanguard this year. ad

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