Who dies in Outer Banks season 2? Does Sarah die?

Who dies in Outer Banks season 2? Does Sarah die?

A list of everyone who dies – and very closely about dies ! – in Outer Banks season 2 .
From the identical moment Outer Banks season 2 begins, the show does n’t even give us a moment to breathe before hitting us with some absolutely explosive moments. ( literally … if you know, you know 👀 )

With the conflict for the gold heating up and getting more and more dangerous, fans were already expecting this season to be acute based on the preview – and they were not incorrect ! With the madly Ward and Rafe Cameron calm walking detached, and new villains being introduced, Outer Banks season 2 saw a handful of on-screen deaths. In case you needed a retread, here are the characters that died – and very closely about die – in Outer Banks season 2. WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks season 2 – obviously! Don’t scroll ahead if you haven’t seen the full season!

Who dies in Outer Banks season 2?

Outer Banks: Who dies in season 2?

Outer Banks: Who dies in season 2?
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Which characters die in Outer Banks season 2?

Gavin In episode 1, the Pogues wangle to track down the pilot burner of Ward Cameron ‘s airplane that took off with the gold at the end of temper 1. Gavin contacts Ward and attempts to blackmail him because a ) people now know he was a witness, and barn ) he has the gun that Rafe used to kill Peterkin. In episode 2, Ward beats Gavin up in order to take the murder weapon and ends up shooting him in the march. Ward then gets rid of Gavin ‘s body, leaving no testify at the scenery of the murder. Renfield After managing to steal the Cross of Santo Domingo, Renfield and Rafe bring the care for to Limbrey in a warehouse. Limbrey then shoots and kills her stepbrother after he pushes her to the floor and attempts to take off with the half-a-billion dollar Cross .

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Does Renfield die in Outer Banks season 2?

Does Renfield die in Outer Banks season 2?
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Does Sarah die in Outer Banks season 2?

At the end of episode 2, Sarah Cameron is shot by her buddy Rafe after a draw in the Bahamas. In episode 3, John B brings her to a doctor of the church in Nassau, who attempts to stop the bleed and save her animation. however, Sarah ‘s condition quickly deteriorates. Sarah loses awareness concisely after arriving at the doctor of the church ‘s house. As she begins to flatline, John B gives her CPR in an attempt to bring her back but the doctor of the church says there ‘s nothing else he can do. The doctor of the church leaves John B alone, trying to revive Sarah ‘s lifeless body. But after a in truth truly acute few minutes, Sarah ‘s heartbeat returns and she finally wakes back up .

Does JJ die in Outer Banks season 2?

JJ manages to get himself in all kinds of dangerous situations in season 2, but things get serious in the final episode of the season. As the Pogues try to steal the Cross of Santo Domingo and escape from the cargo transport, JJ and Kie get into a fight with a gang member. In an attempt to save Kie from getting her head chopped off by a massive knife, JJ attacks the guy but ends up getting smacked in the face. He falls over the side of the boat, face down and unconscious, into the ocean. Kie jumps in immediately after him and keeps him adrift until the others come binding with the boat. They manage to drag him on dining table, where he remains unconscious with a huge injury to his head. After a few minutes, JJ finally comes back about, coughing up the water in his lungs .

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Does Ward Cameron die in Outer Banks season 2?

One of the big shockers in Outer Banks season 2 is all thanks to Ward Cameron. In episode 6, Ward realises there ‘s no manner to escape his crimes and decides to end it once and for all. After a guarantee for Ward ‘s apprehension is issued, he leads the patrol to Tannyhill where they find him out on him boat in the water. He admits to all of it, but before he can be arrested, Ward disappears into the gravy boat and blows it up in front of everyone on the dock – including Sarah .
Does Ward Cameron die in Outer Banks season 2?

Does Ward Cameron die in Outer Banks season 2?
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In episode 9, it is revealed that Ward faked his death to avoid arrest. He is on a cargo embark, aboard Rose, Rafe, Wheezie and Sarah ( who was drugged ), heading to an island off Guadeloupe with the amber in tow. It turns out that he had timed the plosion so that he could jump off the boat with his aqualung gear before it blew him up.

late in the episode, John B gets into a crusade with Ward, who ends up falling backwards and hitting his steer on the steel edge of the cargo embark. John B goes to throw Ward overboard to die, good as Ward did to John B ’ south founder, but he ultimately decides against it. Later in the episode, we find out that Ward is stable and is recovering from the injury .

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