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suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Werribee is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 32 km southwest of Melbourne ‘s Central Business District, located within the City of Wyndham local politics area. Werribee recorded a population of 40,345 at the 2016 census. Werribee is situated on the Werribee River, approximately halfway between Melbourne and Geelong, on the Princes Highway. It is the administrative center of the City of Wyndham Local Government Area and is the City ‘s most populous center. Werribee is separate of the Greater Melbourne metropolitan area and is included in the capital ‘s population statistical division. [ 2 ]

Since the 1990s, the suburb has experienced rapid suburban increase into surrounding greenfield nation, becoming a commuter township in the Melbourne–Geelong emergence corridor. due to this urban sprawl, Wyndham and its suburbs have merged into the Melbourne conurbation. It was established as an agrarian colonization in the 1850s, primitively named Wyndham and by and by renamed Werribee ( derived from the Aboriginal name meaning “ backbone ” or “ spine ” ) in 1904. The suburb is best known for its major tourist attractions, which include the former estate of affluent pastoralist Thomas Chirnside, known as Werribee Park, the Victoria State Rose Garden, the Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre, and the Werribee Open Range Zoo .

history [edit ]

Werribee River, near Riverbend Historic Park The identify “ Werribee ” originated from the victorian Aboriginal name for the Werribee River, Wirribi-yaluk in Wathawurrung and Boonwurrung, wirribi meaning “ backbone ” or “ spur ”. [ 3 ] early lease of pastures was led by members of John Batman ‘s Port Phillip Association. A rural township began in the early 1850s. This village was named Wyndham ( the name of the local anesthetic Municipality today ). The identify derived from a suggestion by the owner of a local village hostel, Elliott Armstrong, who sought to honour scottish soldier Sir Henry Wyndham. The Post Office opened on 12 January 1858 as Wyndham and was renamed Werribee in 1904. [ 4 ] however, its adjacent river was called the Werribee River, and the town ‘s name was late changed to Werribee in 1884, and the Shire Council at that time was besides renamed Werribee in 1909. [ 5 ] Werribee at this prison term was very popular for exploitation. Thomas Chirnside, a person celebrated in this area even today, was attracted to the open homely ‘s suitability for agrarian uses. By 1863 he controlled more than 280 square kilometres around Werribee. Chirnside bought other smaller holdings of state at this clock. The town grew steadily, helped by a railway pipeline from Melbourne to Geelong, with a station at Werribee in 1857. [ 5 ] The Shire was huge, extending from the inner suburbs of Melbourne to Little River to the northbound township of Melton and covering 715 feather kilometres. Thomas Chirnside committed suicide in 1887. He was found dead in the laundry at Werribee Park with a shotgun lying beside him. His brother Andrew died three years former, and the property was now divided between Andrew ‘s two sons. A newly mansion was built, called “ The Manor ” ( not in the same place as the current suburb of Manor Lakes ) .
aeriform perspective of the K Road cliffs along the Werribee River In 1881 a quarter of the Shire ‘s population lived in the Werribee Township. [ citation needed ] There were hotels there, vitamin a good as amateur venues such as the Werribee Racecourse ( built in 1879 ) angstrom good as the Mechanics ‘ Institute ( built in 1883 ). From 1923 to 1973, Chirnside ‘s place was the site of Corpus Christi College, the seminary of the Catholic Church for Victoria and Tasmania. [ 6 ]

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Neighbouring suburbs [edit ]

Werribee ‘s central business zone is located along Watton Street ; the civic kernel ( council chambers ) being just 500 metres away besides makes it the administrative centre of the City of Wyndham. Werribee is surrounded by several by and large residential suburbs : Wyndham Vale to the northwest, Hoppers Crossing and Tarneit to the north, Truganina and Williams Landing to the northeast, and Point Cook to the east. The market gardens and well-known tourist precinct are found in Werribee South, on the other side of the Maltby Bypass. The area ‘s major regional denounce center, the Pacific Werribee Shopping Centre is actually located just across the suburb boundary in Hoppers Crossing .

transport [edit ]

road [edit ]

Werribee ‘s town center and its Civic Centre ( council offices ) are located adjacent to the Princes Highway, known locally as Synnot Street. Major local arterial roads Derrimut Road and Old Geelong Road ( as an extension of Morris Road ) connect the highway to the City of Wyndham ‘s north, as does Cherry Street. Ballan Road is the major arterial to Wyndham ‘s northwest. The CBD besides links with the Princes Freeway via Duncans Road to the southeast, and via Geelong Road ( the continuance of the Princes Highway ) to the south west. The Princes Freeway circumvents the township via a section, known as the Maltby Bypass, which opened in June 1961. [ 7 ] [ 8 ]

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Public transmit [edit ]

Werribee, facing the You Yangs to the west. take 2017.

There are two major railroad track stations in the area – Werribee railway station and Hoppers Crossing railroad track station to the northeast, both region of the Melbourne metropolitan network. Werribee Station is the terminal of the Werribee agate line. V/Line services to and from Geelong ceased in mid 2015 due to the completion of the Regional Rail Link which sees trains diverted out towards Wyndham Vale. A disused place exists on the line near Werribee Racecourse, which at times has had calls to be reopened. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] Additionally, tracks have been left spread apart for a future station near Derrimut Road. [ 11 ] Further suburban stations to the north and west have been constructed on a fresh line as separate of the Regional Rail Link to be joined with the regional railing network. [ 12 ] An across-the-board bus topology net [ 13 ] links Werribee with neighbouring suburbs, with major busbar interchanges at Werribee post, Wyndham Vale railway station, Tarneit railway station, Pacific Werribee and Hoppers Crossing station .

motorbike [edit ]

aeriform perspective of Eagle Stadium, Werribee Wyndham City Council is systematically one of the highest spend councils when it comes to bicycle infrastructure. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] Thus Werribee is well served with bicycle paths and bicycle lanes. major trails include :

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Health [edit ]

Werribee Mercy Hospital The City of Wyndham and surrounding areas are serviced by the Werribee Mercy Hospital, which opened in 1994 to replace the now defunct Werribee District Hospital. [ 16 ] It is a major supplier of mental health caution and pregnancy services for the local area. [ 17 ] A new multi disciplinary, purpose-built medical facility was recently built opposite the Mercy Hospital, to be known as Wyndham Private Medical Centre. It includes a general practice clinic, specialist suites, allied health, mental health and pathology services. [ 18 ] [ 19 ] Werribee Bears play rugby league in NRL Victoria .

education [edit ]

forward pass perspective of Thomas Chirnside School. Feb 2018. primary department of education is provided by numerous public, private and Catholic schools, some of which are combined with secondary coil education as one P-12 college ( denote c. ) .

  • Werribee Primary
  • St Andrews Primary
  • Corpus Christi Primary
  • Glen Devon Primary (now merged with Glen Orden)
  • Wyndham Park Primary (formerly Glen Orden)
  • Heathdale Christian College (c.)
  • Bethany Catholic Primary
  • Westgrove Primary
  • Manorvale Primary
  • Thomas Chirnside Primary
  • Cambridge Primary School
  • Westgrove Primary School

secondary education is provided by a range of public, private and catholic colleges, besides with some being combined with chief education as one P-12 college .
tertiary education is Provided by a number of university and TAFE campuses, which are all located in the Werribee Employment Precinct – a bombastic sphere between the Princes Highway and Freeway .

luminary residents [edit ]

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