Wellborn SUD customers receive high water bills, question accuracy

WELLBORN, Texas ( KBTX ) – Customers of the Wellborn Special Utility District reached out to KBTX with concerns over high urine bills. Residents from several neighborhoods, including Saddle Creek and Bentwood, say their water bills are much higher than previous bill cycles. A Saddle Creek resident had a $ 558.70 placard and had a statement for 86,600 gallons of water. former bills had been under $ 100. That customer, John Tabler told us it ’ s impossible for him and his family to have used that much water at their house. He hopes Wellborn SUD will resolve the charge issue that he believes is a mistake. While they do have a pool and a healthy lawn, their latest water bill doesn ’ metric ton add up. “ closely $ 600 placard when our average is $ 70 and there ’ s equitable no means we used the quantity of urine that they claimed that we used. So I first thought possibly it was an alteration, but on Facebook and the region pages locally, there ’ s a lot of people seeing this, ” Tabler said. Wellborn SUD says they will follow up with customers who have concerns. Wellborn SUD General Manager Stephen Cast wasn ’ thymine available for an in-person interview but said they believe bills are correct and people may be using more body of water due to late weather conditions. September has been the third dry on record for the local area, with only 0.24 inches of rain recorded at Easterwood Airport this month.

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Reading: Wellborn SUD customers receive high water bills, question accuracy

Another Saddle Creek resident told us her bill was six times higher than the previous calendar month. Tami Hons lives in the Bentwood vicinity and says although her husband has been watering the yard more the increase in their water bill doesn ’ t add up. “ Our latest water bill was over $ 200 which is not distinctive. Our average bill is right around $ 80 to $ 90, ” said Hons. But she ’ s surprised it climbed that much.

“ I can ’ triiodothyronine imagine it ’ s double the amount, actually it was more than double the measure so when I looked at historic records we paid that possibly two years ago, ” said Hons “ I was told they are going to send person out. They are going to check the daily logs and tell us what happened, ” said Tabler. He said he ’ s unsure what happened in his case. “ Somewhere between their meters and their accounting and their bill person made a mistake, ” he said.

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Wellborn SUD has around 9,000 customers .

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